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How to Find Fantastic Deals on Commercial Kitchen Equipment

    Joseph Rubino
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    By Joseph Rubino

    The restaurant business is one of the fastest-paced and most competitive industries an entrepreneur can venture into.  As a result, every dollar counts.  When you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen, or equipping a kitchen in the first place, the investment is so large that it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity for savings you can get.  The great part about shopping online is that there are all kinds of ways to save money, which means more money goes back into making your business the best it can be.

    The easiest way to save money on commercial kitchen equipment online is to price shop sales.  Web stores almost always have some sort of sale going, and if you take the time to search, there is a good chance a store will have an active deal on the equipment you are looking for.  Because the internet gives access to so many stores, you’ll be able to explore an entire collection of different stores from all over the country who are all offering different sales.  In addition to the benefit of simply knowing which site has the better prices in general, shopping sales can often get you a deal you would have otherwise missed!

    Another great opportunity for savings is in the form of free shipping deals.  Free shipping seems like something small, since so many online stores offer it for things like clothing, books, and movies.  With commercial kitchen equipment, though, shipping prices can be astronomical.  Free shipping when dealing with kitchen equipment is a big deal!  A site offering free shipping can often be considered something like a discount because of how much it can save you on equipping your kitchen.  Many sites only offer such deals when purchasing a certain dollar amount of equipment, so its beneficial to consider all your kitchen’s needs when looking for this type of deal.

    Information is key in finding savings for your business, and a great way to keep on top of the latest and greatest in the restaurant industry is by subscribing to mailing lists and participating on forums.  Discussion forums are an often overlooked way to find incredible tips, tricks, and avenues to savings.  From possibly locating used replacement parts (like burner knobs,) to simply getting insight on special offers you would have otherwise missed, forums communities of fellow restaurateurs can really help your business get the upper hand in the local market.  Mailing lists, whether from a manufacturer, third-party news source, or an individual store, get the newest information delivered right to your mailbox.  Mailing lists can help you identify when it is the right time to upgrade or replace an aging piece of equipment.  Imagine waking up and finding out that refrigerator you were looking at yesterday is now hundreds of dollars cheaper because of a sale!

    Finally, the best way to save money online is to settle in with a trusted store.  Building a relationship with a commercial kitchen equipment company online has all of the benefits of any business relationship.  Finding a store you trust and getting to know them on a business to business level can be incredibly rewarding, both in the form of potential contract deals, and from simply understanding that store’s style of operation.  As an added bonus, you might get to know the leadership of the company over time, and that sort of connection can be two-fold beneficial for you and your company.

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