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Contra Video Game (PC version windows)

this is the pc version of contra, super c, castlevania, castlevania 2, castlevania 3
First game in the series. Many of the series' convention such as power-ups, two-player cooperative gameplay and the character's light mobility (including somersaults) were already present in this game. The game is composed of traditional side-view stages that scroll either vertically or horizontally, as well as "3D view" stages in which the player moves towards the backgrounds
Super Contra replaced the "3D view" stages from the original with "top-view" stages.Features unique to the arcade version includes upgradeable weapons and the ability to control the character's jumping height
The first game made specifically for a portable platform. Featuring gameplay similar to the NES version of Super C, Operation C also first introduced the "homing gun" power-up.


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