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        Blog by Joseph Rubino

        The restaurant business is full of unexpected expenses. Buried beneath making cheeseburgers or fine dining Italian food is a myriad of minor details that add up to a substantial amount of concerns and costs.

        If you are starting your first foray into the restaurant industry, these hidden expenses will likely come as a surprise, and many will be unique to your particular location, concept, and restaurant. If you have owned restaurants before, you know these costs will appear where you least expect it. However, a not so secret cost is buying restaurant equipment for your business. In fact, it is probably one of the bigger expenses you have built into your budget.

        But did you know that by saving money on your kitchen equipment you could be prepared for those other, less anticipated expenses? When you choose to save money upfront, by purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment and making other cost-effective decisions, you will have the liquid funds to handle emergencies, take opportunities, and build a better restaurant.

        What Are the Hidden Costs of Opening a Restaurant?
        From idea to opening, you are going to encounter some surprising expenses when you start a restaurant. While there isn’t a way to account for all of these costs, there are some common to all new restaurants, but rarely considered by new restaurateurs.

        First, construction costs are always higher than people anticipate. If there isn’t water damage above the ceiling there is mold behind a wall. If your counters fit perfectly in your new commercial kitchen, then the bar is going to be the wrong color. From floors to roofing, construction always holds some surprises. Of course, you can try to combat construction costs by doing a thorough inspection or buying a built-out space, but even these “safer” buildings will require some attention and funds.

        Second, permits and licensing require a lot of resources when opening a new restaurant or renovating an old one. Not only can the process be onerous, but filling and inspection fees can quickly add up. It helps significantly to have a good grasp on the permits and licenses you need to operate before you even begin the planning process or construction.

        Third, training staff, whether management, front of house, or back of house, is costly. Even when you hire hospitality professionals, your restaurant will have an atmosphere and style unlike anywhere else. This means retraining staff is necessary, and when you are up and running this cost continues. Every new employee will require some training, and it is an ongoing expense that you should account for each month, not ignore.

        Where You Can Find the Extra Funds
        With construction costs and training expenses looming in your future, in addition to the miscellaneous costs not considered, you probably need to come up with some extra cash to stay in your budget. One of the best ways to free up money is by purchasing used commercial kitchen equipment, in lieu of new equipment.

        Commercial kitchen equipment is extremely expensive when purchased in new condition. However, after it has been used just once, its value drops significantly. Therefore, it is possible to find used commercial kitchen equipment that was hardly ever used, but less than half what the same equipment would cost brand new. Those savings are substantial. As well, used equipment isn’t difficult to find, a slew of equipment can be found at Gator Chef online.

        Another way to save on costs opening a restaurant is looking at your expenses in the long-term. Eventually, utilities are going to be one of your major expenses. Therefore, where you can save money on electricity and other energy costs is a massive win. Look for LEED certified lighting and energy efficient appliances. As well, there are bathroom fixtures specifically designed to cut back water costs.

        Used Equipment Conundrum?
        If you are unsure where to purchase used commercial kitchen equipment, it is actually as easy as jumping online. Visit  to find the used equipment you need.

        • Joseph Rubino

          So, you want to purchase new pizza peels for your kitchen or restaurant? Whether you are just starting out in the hospitality industry, looking to change methods in your restaurant kitchen, or simply trying something new at home, you may need some direction on how to use your new restaurant tool.

          Pizza peels are simple kitchen devices in terms of look and construction. Even the basic use is straightforward. However, if it is your first time cooking with a brick or stone oven pizza, you might not find the proper techniques as easy to master. These basic tips can go a long way towards incorporating wooden, aluminum, or wood composite pizza peels into your kitchen or restaurant routine.

          Most Common Technique for Using This Tool
          In most modern day pizzerias and restaurants, the pizza is prepared on a cool, clean surface and a pizza peel is slid beneath the dough. Both the cool, solid surface and the cold aluminum pizza peel prevents the stretchy pizza dough from sticking to either surface. Sometimes, parchment paper or flour is used to help keep the dough separate from the pizza peel. When parchment paper is used, it is called the “baker’s technique.” Pizza bakers will move the dough across the peel with a small, swift motion. This prevents some of the sticking. A final, short slide forward frees the pizza into the brick oven.

          Once the pizza is placed inside the brick oven, you will need to use the pizza peel to turn the pizza and ensure it heats evenly. In larger brick ovens, like those found in restaurants, you might cook more than one pizza at a time, but the oven doesn’t always heat evenly. Using pizza peels to shift and rotate pizzas will ensure proper cooking.

          Using a Pizza Peel in Your Home
          Many restaurant supply stores also sell a smaller version of the peel that can be used at home or for individual pizza pies. Often these peels are wooden, which are excellent for preparing smaller, family-sized pizzas.

          However, these wooden versions are best used for preparing the pizza not placing pizza in your home oven or removing them. First, you never want to use a pizza peel that is too small for the size of your pizza. If the dough droops over the edge, it becomes much harder to remove. Also, wooden peels are more difficult to maneuver in a home oven. If you are up for a challenge, though, it is the most traditional way to make a pizza in your own home.

          Alternatives to the Modern Aluminum Pizza Peel
          The latest and greatest pizza making tools are constructed of aluminum and even have perforation along its flat surface. This perforation helps to prevent the dough from sticking when you place the pizza in an oven. The traditional pizza peel was wooden, however. Larger, wooden peels are very heavy to use, particularly when carrying a pizza. Unfortunately, pizza dough is also more likely to stick to a wooden surface.

          In traditional kitchens, a sprinkling of flour and chilling of the peel would alleviate some of this problem. Today, restaurants that want have the best of both worlds, without the inconvenience, use peels that are made of a wood composite.

          Where to Buy a Pizza Peel?
          If you are still looking for the perfect pizza peel or set of pizza peels for your restaurant or home, look no further than Gator Chef Restaurant Supply. A range of these kitchen tools, and other pizza supplies can be found in our online store.

        • Every aspect of a restaurant needs to run smoothly for the business to be successful. A restaurant, in order to secure efficient operation, regardless of size or formality, needs to get a few basic building blocks in place before success follows. Believe it or not, one of the basics is supplying your kitchen with high-quality, useful, and safe restaurant supplies. Here’s why:

          Improve the Food in Your Kitchen
          The two things that matter most for any restaurant are customer service and quality of food. While great customer service is a combination of friendly, knowledgeable servers, great decor, ambiance, music, scents, and atmosphere, great food obviously comes from the back of house.

          Most chefs can tell you that quality of food begins with quality of ingredients. However, just as fantastic customer service includes a variety of factors, so does preparation of great food. One way that you can ensure your chefs are sending out excellent food is by buying the right restaurant supplies.

          If chefs and other back of house staff are given access to the appropriate supplies, preparation is faster, cooking is more consistent and overall presentation easier to carry out. Without high-quality tools, your staff is left to improvise or scramble in preparation of a dish. Of course, the resulting meal will be less than your staff is capable of at their highest potential. Therefore, high-quality restaurant supplies will affect your guests in a positive way.

          Build a Better Menu
          Your menu can improve when you take the time to search online for “restaurant supply near me.” If it doesn’t seem like these two things are related, think again. When you have the right supplies in your kitchen, your staff is able to be more creative with food options, flavors, seasonal menu choices, and more. The right supplies can also empower your chef. Armed with the best commercial kitchen cookware, food pans, knives, preparation tools, and utensils, a chef is able to attempt new dishes and combinations.

          Not into more experimental innovation in your kitchen? The best restaurant supplies still help you improve your menu. Chefs are able to create a better experience in terms of proper preparation and plating. The complicated menu items become less of a burden and won’t drain your kitchen staff. Therefore, you can offer a tricky recipe or dish with longer prep time with confidence.

          Increase Satisfaction Among Staff
          Lastly, when your chef is able to work with the right tools and supplies, it will greatly improve morale and the mood in your kitchen. A frustrated or angry chef only makes for an upset staff. Instead, give one of your most important employees the tools he or she needs to be successful.

          You might even see an improvement in retention and quality in other parts of the restaurant, all because of a simple change to bring in the right restaurant supplies.

          Where to Find the Best Supplies?
          If you are scouring the Internet and endlessly searching for “restaurant supply near me” It’s time to stop. Gator Chef Restaurant Supply has the best restaurant supplies right at your fingertips. Whatever you need to improve the quality and morale of your kitchen is just a few clicks from delivery at your restaurant. Check out the website today!

        • Are you opening your first restaurant soon? If so, pay close attention to this article! There’s no doubt that in your research you’ve begun to compile a list of restaurant kitchen supplies you’ll need to get your kitchen up and running. What you might not know is how to ensure that you get the best deal on those supplies without relying on the first restaurant sales person to approach you. Starting a restaurant is not easy, and getting a financial lead is a huge advantage that many people underestimate. Follow the following three tips to ensure that you get exactly what you need for your new restaurant’s success!

          1. Don’t Fall for Polished Sales Techniques
          There are whole businesses built around targeting new, inexperienced restaurateurs and hoping to set them up with long term financing plans more designed to make them money than you. Don’t let salespeople impress you with polish or flair alone. If a restaurant kitchen supplies company has what you need, they’ll be able to offer it at affordable rates with straightforward financing options, not long-term schemes that will hurt your bottom line in the long run. Don’t be afraid to take notes and come back later after shopping other options. The first option isn’t always the best option, especially if they come looking for you.

          Take your time to research, price shop, and compare features and offerings. Buying supplies should be simple, straightforward, and easy for you to build into your accounting. If it’s not straightforward, you don’t need it burdening your growing business, even if it seems like a good deal at first glance. Pitches like that are designed to hook you in; make sure they’re offering a price and product selection that you want before agreeing to anything.

          2. Buy Your Supplies Online
          Buying online is a way to allow you the control over discussions with sales departments. When you buy online, you get to choose when you contact them, not the other way around. Many new restaurateurs overlook online shopping because of fears of large shipping costs, but in truth many online shops designed to work with new restaurants offer heavily discounted or even free shipping, meaning you can get all the benefits of online shopping with none of the drawbacks. Online shopping gives you access to much greater stocks, instant price comparisons, and lets you work without the pressure of orbiting brick-and-mortar salespeople or customer service agents who want you to make a purchase right away.

          Online stores also tend to offer much more flexible sales and discounts, meaning you can let online stores compete for prices and choose the one that fits your budget and restaurant needs the most.

          3. Consider Buying Used Supplies
          Depending on what restaurant kitchen supplies you need, used might be the right answer for you. Stainless steel kitchen supplies, like griddles, large storage bowls, and storage containers, and cleanly and durable. When bought used they are likely to be nearly identical to newer pieces, but often enormous percentages cheaper! Buying used means getting the best for less, and that’s what you want when you’re starting out your first restaurant.

          The competition present in the food service industry means that every dollar saved is an advantage that puts your restaurant closer and closer to long term success. Follow these tips and keep your eyes peeled for excellent savings on supplies for your restaurant.

          When you’re ready to browse an incredible, guaranteed stock of premium quality restaurant supplies, come visit us at !

        • commercial kitchen supplies

          Equipping a commercial kitchen is a distinct challenge from loading out any other type of kitchen. Scale is the name of the game in commercial kitchens, and that means there are unique challenges present in the job of buying commercial kitchen supplies when compared to buying kitchen supplies for smaller restaurants or personal kitchens. Understanding these challenges will help you to approach them with confidence and, therefore, walk away from the task having saved money and equipped your kitchen with the tools it needs for success. This blog will help you be prepared for the job.

          The most important factor to consider in buying commercial kitchen supplies is their cleanliness. Cleanliness at scale is incredibly important in the heat of a busy kitchen, since the food industry so greatly relies on health and sanitary work conditions. When approaching the purchase of commercial kitchen supplies always put the safety and health of your customers and staff first, and that means closely inspecting the quality of your purchases. Ensure that the supplies that you purchase use certified materials and come from a source that is trustworthy.

          In addition to cleanliness, and often contributing to it, is considering the durability of the products you purchase. For many pieces of kitchen equipment, quality stainless steel is a must. Stainless steel is clean, durable, and resists tarnish and rust, making it an ideal material. However, even stainless steel is subject to questionable craftsmanship. Ensure that you are purchasing trusted brands for your commercial kitchen. There’s no need to gamble when equipping your kitchen. Oftentimes, buying a used piece from a trustworthy brand is considerably better than buying a new piece from an unknown brand whose quality may not be easily verified.

          As stated above, cleanliness and safety at scale is incredibly important. Because the quality of materials used in your kitchen supplies has an effect on safety and cleanliness, it is a remarkably impactful consideration when purchasing for your kitchen. Low quality materials that are not durable enough to handle the scale of a restaurant kitchen can leech, leak, or become damaged, which can significantly impact your ability to serve food.

          Finally, though less important than cleanliness and durability, is the convenience and ease of use of your kitchen equipment. When dealing with a heavy load of hungry customers, every bit of complication can be felt by everyone in the kitchen. Reducing pointless complication in the kitchen means less chance of accident, faster delivery of meals, and more satisfied customers. What better pathway to success could there be than satisfied customers and staff with high morale? Ensuring that your kitchen supplies take convenience and ease of use in mind will make sure that kitchen morale stays high.

          If you think you’re ready to begin shopping for new commercial kitchen supplies, come visit us at Our kitchen experts can help you get set up with the supplies that will ensure your restaurant’s success!

        • restaurant equipment store

          Outfitting a new restaurant, or even just upgrading the equipment in your already successful restaurant, is a huge undertaking. With the large number of tools necessary to create a working kitchen, it can be a huge hassle to visit restaurant equipment stores and deal with salespeople who are trying to upgrade you into the priciest models. Because any restaurateur should be able to spend time doing what they love – running their restaurant – many are looking to buy equipment online. Finding a great restaurant equipment store, though, can be a challenge of its own right. The good news is that there are just a few key things to keep in mind while choosing a store in order to find one that is a match for you.

          1. Check Their Reviews
          While reviews aren’t always the ideal barometer of a restaurant equipment store, especially online, third party reviews of a site can certainly be a good first step. Looking out for quality, detailed reviews from verified accounts is a great way to get a general feeling for customer’s experience with a specific store. Reviews aren’t everything, but overwhelmingly positive and overwhelmingly negative reviews can be a good warning if a store is particularly good or bad, respectively.

          2. Look Out for Accreditation and Partnerships
          If a business is quality enough to establish a partnership with major payment handlers or business auditing organizations, like the Better Business Bureau, for example, it’s likely that they are running a tight ship. Websites with third parties willing to vouch for them tend to have quality payment security, good customer service, and quality product offerings, which is just what you want in a restaurant equipment store. Additionally, third party accreditation often means that there will be professional reviews of service and more, which are more informative and reliable than public internet reviews.

          3. Contact Them
          Speaking to a representative of an online store is not only easier than going to a brick-and-mortar branch, but faster too. Calling an online store’s customer service line and asking questions relevant to your needs is low-pressure, and lets you command the direction of the conversation. Instead of being pressured into sales pitches, you can ask what you need and then get back to your business. You’ll get a great feel for the company’s culture and customer service offerings without having to deal with the usual downsides of going into a show-floor or warehouse environment.

          4. Pricing and Shipping
          Don’t be afraid to compare stores. One of the best things about shopping online is how quickly you can find the cheapest option. While shopping, keep out for other cost-saving options. Some sites, for example, might have slightly more expensive restaurant equipment, but with a tradeoff of offering free shipping. Free shipping might end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the extent and size of the equipment you are purchasing, so you can see why looking out for such offerings might be a major cost-saving behavior!

          5. Look for Good Sales, and Don’t Fear Mailing Lists
          While some companies certainly send out lots of empty email, many companies use their client mailing lists for good ends! While brick-and-mortar sales are limited by your geography, online you can access any sales promotions offered across many sites. Even better, most companies can email you when they are having a sale. If you’re looking for an upgrade, you might be able to score a serious savings by taking advantage of online sales.

          Want help deciding on a piece of equipment? Call us now at 1-888-994-2867!

        • The restaurant business is one of the fastest-paced and most competitive industries an entrepreneur can venture into.  As a result, every dollar counts.  When you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen, or equipping a kitchen in the first place, the investment is so large that it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity for savings you can get.  The great part about shopping online is that there are all kinds of ways to save money, which means more money goes back into making your business the best it can be.

          The easiest way to save money on commercial kitchen equipment online is to price shop sales.  Web stores almost always have some sort of sale going, and if you take the time to search, there is a good chance a store will have an active deal on the equipment you are looking for.  Because the internet gives access to so many stores, you’ll be able to explore an entire collection of different stores from all over the country who are all offering different sales.  In addition to the benefit of simply knowing which site has the better prices in general, shopping sales can often get you a deal you would have otherwise missed!

          Another great opportunity for savings is in the form of free shipping deals.  Free shipping seems like something small, since so many online stores offer it for things like clothing, books, and movies.  With commercial kitchen equipment, though, shipping prices can be astronomical.  Free shipping when dealing with kitchen equipment is a big deal!  A site offering free shipping can often be considered something like a discount because of how much it can save you on equipping your kitchen.  Many sites only offer such deals when purchasing a certain dollar amount of equipment, so its beneficial to consider all your kitchen’s needs when looking for this type of deal.

          Information is key in finding savings for your business, and a great way to keep on top of the latest and greatest in the restaurant industry is by subscribing to mailing lists and participating on forums.  Discussion forums are an often overlooked way to find incredible tips, tricks, and avenues to savings.  From possibly locating used replacement parts (like burner knobs,) to simply getting insight on special offers you would have otherwise missed, forums communities of fellow restaurateurs can really help your business get the upper hand in the local market.  Mailing lists, whether from a manufacturer, third-party news source, or an individual store, get the newest information delivered right to your mailbox.  Mailing lists can help you identify when it is the right time to upgrade or replace an aging piece of equipment.  Imagine waking up and finding out that refrigerator you were looking at yesterday is now hundreds of dollars cheaper because of a sale!

          Finally, the best way to save money online is to settle in with a trusted store.  Building a relationship with a commercial kitchen equipment company online has all of the benefits of any business relationship.  Finding a store you trust and getting to know them on a business to business level can be incredibly rewarding, both in the form of potential contract deals, and from simply understanding that store’s style of operation.  As an added bonus, you might get to know the leadership of the company over time, and that sort of connection can be two-fold beneficial for you and your company.

          Looking for some guidance in choosing equipment for your restaurant?  Don’t hesitate to email us right away at!



          • Joseph Rubino
            Joseph Rubino published a blog post What Are Hotel Pans?

            When you check into a hotel room, you should expect to see an ice bucket and television set, but you don’t plan on finding hotel pans. However, as the name indicates, these sturdy, rectangular pans certainly have their origins in the hospitality industry. They got their start in the kitchens of the restaurants that were essential to hotels well into the twentieth century. Also known as steam table pans, counter pans, or service pans, if you've eaten buffet style or helped yourself from a salad bar, you've used a hotel pan. These pans are rectangular in shape, constructed of stainless steel, and come in a variety of sizes. This type of pan usually has a fairly prominent lip so that it can be placed in and removed from service table openings.

            The "Authentic" Hotel Pans
            These pans were originally all constructed from metal, because of their primary function in keeping already cooked foods warm until consumed. The first pans of this type were placed in chafing dishes. As 19th century and early twentieth-century hotel guests were often served at large tables in single sittings, guests were probably served directly from these pans to help keep entrees and side dishes warm. These pans were also later adapted for use in steam tables. The standard size for this type of pan is two and a half inches deep which fits most chafing dishes, but these pans also come in depths of four, six, and eight inches. Those purchasing these pans from supply companies will sometimes find their depths identified as "hundredths," such as "200", "400", etc.

            Restaurant employees often refer to a commonly used hotel pan as a "400 pan". The double zero is simply an older stocking method indicating the pan's depth in inches. Regarding overall size, the pans are categorized as full, half, third, sixth and ninth. A "full"-sized 400 pan is 12"x20" in all over diameter and four inches deep. A "half"-sized 400 pan is 12"x10", etc. Depending upon your hotel pan needs, you can also find them in half, quarter, and even smaller sizes. "Authentic" pans of this type continue to be constructed primarily of stainless steel, but they are increasingly constructed from other materials as well, primarily plastic.

            Uses, Care of and Prices Of Hotel Pans
            Metal pans of this type can be used to both keep foods warm, hot or cold, as well as for deep frying and other types of cooking. Pans made from other materials are used for food storage. Care depends on the materials used to make the pans. Non-stainless steel pans may be affected by temperature and discoloration. Stainless steel pans usually require only pre-soaking and washing in warm, soapy water. Scrubbing with steel wool isn't recommended for stains, but applying a baking soda paste and wiping it off often works well. Prices vary depending upon size and material type, and range between $5-$30.

            To learn more about our products and what we have to offer, contact us today!

            • Joseph Rubino

              If you’re planning on starting a restaurant or already own one, there’s a chance that you’re scratching your head wondering, “Where can I find restaurant equipment near me?” That’s perfectly okay, and there are plenty of sources that you can try to meet your needs and requirements for your business. You could go for new restaurant equipment if you prefer, but you might also try looking for some used equipment to keep your investment costs down.

              restaurant equipment near me

              The fact is that investing in used equipment may be a great idea because of the low costs and the fact that a lot of these items are built to last and haven’t been used much. Quite simply, used equipment is often the better option for many new restaurateurs.

              There’s no reason to spend a lot of money on new restaurant equipment when you don’t need to, though of course if you’re running a specialty restaurant this may be your only option for certain things. It’s true that things like tables and chairs are part of the decor in a restaurant and should go along with the general theme of the place, but you can always get them used because like other equipment they’re made to last.

              While of course, you should keep in mind the look that you’re going for in your restaurant, there’s no reason to not look into second-hand tables and chairs to save a bit of money. After all, the profit margins for the first few months in the restaurant industry can be a little iffy so it’s always good if you can save a bit of money where you can when you’re starting out. If you’re particular, you might not find anything, but then it’s a matter of achieving the right look versus minimizing your losses - so choose wisely.

              Commercial kitchen equipment can be expensive, but it’s made to last. You could always buy new equipment, but it might be better to either lease it or invest in used equipment when you’re starting out. Still, you have a few options here for getting the best deals - it’s always a good idea to sign up for a dealer’s mailing list so that you can get updates and even discounts on the equipment that you require. If you decide to go for used equipment, it’s best to go through a local dealer not only because of their means that you won’t have to pay to ship but also because you can go and inspect the equipment yourself to see if it suits your needs. It’s highly recommended that you ensure that everything is in working order before you start shelling out thousands of dollars on something that potentially won’t work. It’s equally important to ensure that everything has a proper warranty too because the last thing you need is finding yourself stuck with something that stopped working after a week or two of use and no options for replacement or repairs.

              It’s quite important to find an equipment dealer near you, which is a point that you probably already understand if you are a new restaurateur asking “where can I find used restaurant equipment near me?” This will ensure the best support and service possible as well as cut down on other costs like having everything shipped to you, and in the long run, could save you a lot of money if you choose a local dealer over having everything shipped from afar just because the prices are a bit lower. You’ll thank yourself in the long run. For the best kitchen equipment dealer near you, contact us today!

              • Joseph Rubino

                Having the right restaurant kitchen equipment offers many benefits to your business. The first major benefit is you will be able to prepare the food to perfection. If you have the wrong equipment, the meals you prepare could become overcooked or not cooked thoroughly. If the food is cooked anything but what you need it to be, this will create overhead expenses with waste and dissatisfied customers. Another major benefit to having the right kitchen equipment for your business is it will create more profits. Having a grill or stove that can cook several orders on it at the same time will get the orders out in a timely fashion and get the customers to return to your business on a regular basis. And another major benefit to having the right kitchen equipment for your business is it helps with the safety of your employees. If you have the wrong equipment, there is a chance it could overheat and cause a fire, or it could stop working entirely. Both situations could add up to more overhead costs than it would have been buying the right equipment in the beginning.

                Where To Purchase The Equipment
                You can buy the restaurant kitchen equipment in several different locations. The first location to buy the equipment from is directly from the wholesale dealer. If you purchase the equipment through the wholesaler, there is a better chance of a warranty or guarantee on the product. Another great place you can purchase your equipment from is online. In many cases, you can go to a company's website to purchase or look around at used equipment through different auction websites if you want to start with minimal overhead cost. And finally, you could purchase the equipment at estate sales or other auctions around town. In some cases when a local business is closing, they will sell off as much equipment as possible at a discount to recover the loss they are enduring.

                How Much The Equipment Will Cost
                The cost of the restaurant kitchen equipment depends on a few factors. The first factor is if you buy your product in bulk. In some cases, if you buy your product from a manufacturer or an auction, you will find the cost per unit is reduced compared to buying each piece of equipment individually. Another factor in the cost is if you buy it through a wholesale company. If you buy your equipment through a wholesale company, the cost might be more than buying secondhand. The wholesale company has a policy of offering technical support to assist with your equipment through the life of the product. If you wish to save on cost, you could buy secondhand equipment. If you buy secondhand equipment, you will take the chance of the product not lasting as long as a new product could. Another factor for the cost is if you are given a discount or get a promotional cost of the final product cost. To find the best restaurant kitchen equipment, contact us today!

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