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    • If you are shopping for a memorable gift for the special woman in your life, you undoubtedly know the importance of a gift communicating a special meaning. Whether it is for a special occasion, like the birth of a new child, or simply as a token of appreciation and acknowledgement for the important role a mother plays in the life of her family members, considering a set of stacking rings with names is a creative and wise option. Stacking rings have entered vogue in recent years, and stacking rings with names are a unique type of ring designed especially for mothers.

      There are a number of reasons to consider selecting a set of stacking rings for the special mother in your life, but the first and foremost is the message they convey in their design. Stacking rings with names serve as a constant reminder of the togetherness of a family, and a reminder to both the wearer and the observer of the importance of family bonds. The rings sit together on the finger, illustrating artistically that familial togetherness, while the carefully engraved names monumentalize the bond between mother and children. Cast in precious metals, and often inset with gems, stacking rings utilize the legacy of value associated with jewelry to illustrate the incredible importance of motherhood.

      Another reason to choose stacking rings is their simple design. Because they are designed to be stacked together, stacking rings with names are able to convey meaning and appear attractive without being overly showy or bulky. They are perfect for both lovers of jewelry and those who do not usually enjoy the bulk or weight of other types of jewelry. In many ways, a minimalistic but beautiful design can be more memorable than more complicated designs.

      One of the unique benefits of stacking rings is the ability to mix-and-match precious metal types and metal colors. This allows for beautiful, creative patterns to be created with the rings that would not be possible with rings not designed for stacking. For example, a family of four could construct a set of rings that starts with silver for the youngest, white gold for the 2nd youngest, rose gold for the 2nd oldest, and yellow gold for the oldest. This would allow the special mother of your life to enjoy the beauty of a gradient of precious metals on her finger that will undoubtedly go unmatched by others’ jewelry.

      No one wants the same ring as someone else, and engraved stacking rings ensure that such a thing is truly not likely. In addition to being able to bear the names of the individuals of your family, the styling options with stacking rings are nearly endless, making for a wholly personalized style of jewelry. What could communicate your appreciation for that beloved mother in your life better than something made just for her, with her in mind?

      Do you want to further explore your customization options? We can help you! Call LovableKeepsakes today: 1-201-403-5194!

    • While Mother’s Day is an important date on the calendar each May, we all know that moms are deserving of gifts all year long. Moms are often the cornerstone of the family - the glue that holds everyone else together. They provide love, support, and strength, not just on one day of the year, but every single day. That is more than deserving of a small gesture from time to time.

      Sometimes, choosing a gift for mom that is “just because” is more difficult than planning for a big holiday. You want to give something thoughtful, but not over the top. For instance a new car could be overwhelming, but a birthstone bracelet for mom might be the perfect gift. It is hard to think of these gifts as “for no reason” because, let’s face it, a gift to mom represents all that she does, all the time.

      Here are a few gifts that are perfect to give mom all year long.

      Go With Something Personal
      Tapping into mom’s personal interests is always a good approach to picking the perfect gift. Whether she is into yoga, knitting, or both, you can’t go wrong by buying her something that is related to her hobbies. Not only do these gifts show a special consideration for mom, they also communicate that the family recognizes that mom has interests, dreams, and a whole identity outside being a parent.

      Get Something Pretty
      People often think of jewelry as a cliche gift for mom or significant others. However, mom receives far fewer pretty pieces of jewelry than she deserves. Plus, think about it: when was the last time you bought mom a pretty piece of jewelry? If it has been a long time, then it is likely she hasn’t received any piece of jewelry since.

      You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the perfect piece of jewelry for mom. Look for something that is personalized, such as a necklace, or get a simple birthstone bracelet for mom. These thoughtful and beautiful pieces are sure to delight her for months and years to come as she can wear them all the time.

      Simple Can be Meaningful
      Remember, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on mom to really make an impression. This isn’t to say that mom isn’t worth every dime you have. But most of the time, when it comes to picking a gift for mom, even she wants something that is thoughtful, instead of costly. Surprising mom on a random day of the week can be as easy as a bouquet of flowers or small house plant. Maybe you pick up her favorite brand of coffee or get her a personalized keychain.

      Sometimes these simple gifts are the most meaningful to moms.

      It’s the Thought That Counts
      Ultimately, when it comes to gifts for mom there is one thing you can be certain of - in mom’s eyes it is the thought that counts. Whether you decide on a personalized necklace, new color of yarn, or birthstone bracelet for mom, she will know that you appreciate her every day of the year.

      If you are looking for the perfect gift for mom, no matter what the time of year, visit Lovable Keepsake Gifts today!

      • Annie Reh

        Every Mother is unique, and so she deserves a unique gift for Mother’s day! Whether your Mom wants a beautiful piece of jewelry to commemorate her children, or she wants something useful or decorative for her home or person, we have exactly the right gift for her!

        Jewelry for Mother’s Day
        The love a mother has for her children never fades away, which is why we created our “A Mother’s Love is Infinite” keepsake necklace as a unique gift for Mother’s Day. This beautiful and unique gift is a sterling silver chain with a sterling silver mom charm, a Swarovski crystal tear drop pendant, a sterling silver heart charm, a crystal pearl, and you can choose to add your mother’s initial to it as well! If you want to celebrate the important role your Mom has in your family life, our circular family tree photos is a unique gift for Mother’s Day that will remind your Mom every day how much you love her. If you want to celebrate your grandmother on Mother’s Day, we have a variety of necklaces designed for the grandmother in your life!

        Is your mother your biggest role model? A unique gift for Mother’s Day is our personalized necklaces that tell you Mother exactly how you feel, that “All I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.” If you and your Mom are best friends, show her how you feel by giving her our gold peas in a pod necklace to demonstrate how close you are.

        Unique Home Gifts For Mother’s Day
        There are plenty of Mom’s who would appreciate a gift for their home or personal use that isn’t just jewelry! Our personalized burlap tote bags are the perfect gift for your Mom to have or for you both to share. They have internal and external zippers for your convenience and vegan leather straps, and are perfect for travel, school, or the beach! If your Mom is the protective type, celebrate it with our Mama Bear tote bag, with the accompanied Baby bear tote bag.

        If you have the type of Mom who wants to add to her wall art for Mother’s Day, we have a variety of personalized burlap prints that can be framed for the perfect rustic wall decor. Our “My Greatest Blessings” wall print can be personalized for your Mother or Grandmother, with the names and date of births of either their children or grandchildren. Or you can choose our “Mom, Our Whole World” sign with the print of a branch of a family tree along with the names of her children.

        At Lovable Keepsake Gifts we have a collection of handcrafted and stamped jewelry that is designed to help you celebrate your life’s moments. Our inspirational necklaces, mommy necklaces, and tree of life necklaces are all a beautiful and unique gift to give for Mother’s Day. We can guarantee that what you choose will be a unique gift because every piece of our jewelry is handcrafted and customized for your loved one’s preferences to make sure that no piece is exactly alike, just like no family, and no mother, is exactly alike! Have any questions about our unique gifts for Mother’s Day or any of our other products? Contact us today and let us help you choose the perfect unique gift for Mother’s Day!

        • Annie Reh

          Moms put up with a lot from their families. There are the dirty dishes and messy basements. There is the tendency to discard shoes and socks all over the house, even with adult children. There are stressed out phone calls, break up phone calls, and excited, congratulatory phone calls. Sometimes there are even months without any phone calls, in which mom is left to worry. Even those are something to put up with.

          Throughout all of this, from childhood to adulthood, mom is accepting of these small shortcomings and the need for loving attention. It is sometimes the best part of motherhood, but how often do children actually repay mom for everything she does in a year?

          You send a card on her birthday, show up with yet another scarf on Christmas, and give her the same bouquet of flowers on Mother’s Day. It is time to make this year different. 2018 is the year to think about Christmas, birthdays, and Mother’s Day unique gifts, instead of the same old, same old.

          Where to Shop for Unique Gifts?
          The world of eCommerce and online shopping has made it so much easier to find an interesting and unique gift for mom. You are no longer confined by geography or shopkeepers’ imagination. Instead, you can go online and search for anything and everything. In fact, there are so many options that it can actually become overwhelming to locate a unique gift.

          Therefore, it is best to approach the Internet with an idea of what you want. Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelry? Start with an online store such as Lovable Keepsake Gifts. A store of this caliber will carry a wide range of jewelry that you can’t find in traditional jewelers and would otherwise spend hours searching for in a brick-and-mortar department store.

          Online shopping is also fantastic if you have an idea of what you want, but are uncertain where to find it. You may only have an idea of what Mother’s Day unique gifts should entail, but not certain the exact item you want or need. Searching the web is a great way to find a better idea, and where to shop at the same time.

          Do Unique Gifts Matter to Mom?
          Many people argue that it isn’t necessary to think of a unique gift for mom because moms love every gift from their children. However, this is all the more reason to invest time, money, and some thought into getting mom something great. Often, gift giving is about meeting someone’s expectations, but the best gifts are those that surpass expectations.

          This year is your chance to exceed mom’s expectations and give something that is truly unique, wonderful, and unexpected. Not only is this likely to get an out-of-this-world reaction from mom, but she will be particularly touched by the gesture and careful thought you gave to her gift.

          At Lovable Keepsake Gifts, we think each present you give mom should be special. To help you find unique gifts for Mother’s Day or any other special day, we carry a huge selection of beautiful jewelry. Find your perfect piece today!

        • hand stamped mommy necklace

          There is hardly a better way to commemorate motherhood than with a customized and hand stamped mommy necklace. Motherhood is a miracle, and carefully choosing a beautiful necklace as a gift to celebrate motherhood can let the mother in your life feel wonderful, beautiful, and appreciated for many years. If you have never shopped for a customized necklace before, the options can be overwhelming. We’ve created this guide to help you select a necklace that will prove to be an unforgettable gift for that special mother you hope to celebrate.

          To begin your shopping process, you’ll want to consider what sort of message, if any at all, you will want on your hand stamped mommy necklace. Knowing the message that will be stamped on will affect much about the final design of your necklace. If you only plan on stamping on a symbol, such as a heart or something similar, this process will be a bit quicker, but, in many cases, having a written message can be very impactful. Make sure that your message is as compact as possible while still delivering the desired message. Keep in mind that the more words you have in your message, the smaller the text will have to be when it is finally stamped. You want to keep your message readable, so don’t overdo it! This is especially important if you plan to combine a written message with a symbol. For example, a popular design is a stamped message of the name of a child next to a miniature imprint of that child’s footprint. In this design, there might not be enough room for much more than the name without making it difficult to read or cramped in appearance.

          Once you’ve determined your desired message, you should start to think about the actual design of the necklace. Do you want something slim, simple, and minimalistic? If so, choose a design that focuses on a smaller pendant piece. As you can see, a smaller pendant might not be possible or ideal if you have a larger message to stamp, so that first step is quite important. Other considerations to take while choosing a design are things such as gems, coloration, and form. If you are adding gems to your hand stamped mommy necklace, choose relevant gems like birthstones. When thinking about coloration, make sure that your chain and your pendant match and fit well with the recipient mother’s style. The same goes for form. Try to avoid choosing a design with a form that doesn’t match the recipient’s style. For example, a large, colorful pendant might not be a good match for someone who prefers more modest dress.

          Finally, you’ll want to carefully consider which metal you’d like your hand stamped mommy necklace to be made out of. While precious metals can cost more, they also come with a number of added benefits. First and foremost, they last. Precious metals have earned their standing in our culture because of the fantastic ways in which they keep their shine and luster. Additionally, they look the most attractive. Gold and silver, for example, are immediately recognizable and mesh well with many pendant options and gems. Finally, precious metals, especially gold and platinum, are very friendly to the skin. This is an especially important factor for new mothers, whose skin is likely to be extra sensitive in the months following their new child.

          Once you’ve chosen a metal, you’re ready to go forward with your design!

          Need help navigating your jewelry options? Don’t wait, call us now at 1-201-403-5194!

          • Annie Reh

            Unique Mothers Rings

            Jewelry is one of the greatest gifts for mothers, and there are choices to fit every pocket. Jewelry is innovative and is one gift that is always accepted with joy. This present is also easy to wrap. Here are some jewelry ideas that your mother will love!

            1.Pins and Brooches.
            These are coming back in style, and there are beautiful pins available for every interest. These are a wonderful ornament for a jacket or a coat and when other jewelry cannot be worn. They are sold in sets of matching earrings. Mothers love pins with hearts, animals, flowers, and many colors.

            2.Unique Mothers Rings.
            The ring styles today are varied. If you can, find out what type of gems and metals your mother favors. Then, find a ring that matches. If you do not know exactly what to buy, multi-ring sets are a good idea. This way, your mother can use all or just one of the rings. If your mother does not have a mother's ring, this is always a great idea. Other ideas for rings include turquoise and silver, colored diamonds, birthstones or gems with your mother's favorite color.

            This is another class of jewelry that is sometimes overlooked. A pendant can set off any wardrobe item beautifully. One with a unique design will draw attention to mom all day long, giving her a chance to say repeatedly who gave it to her. Colorful pendants with flowing designs such as a teardrop, wave, heart or swirl are available at most jewelry counters. This is a great gift when matched with a pair of earrings.

            This is the most common type of jewelry gift, and the selection is vast. There are great pieces of jewelry with polished stones and beads. Gold and silver chains with gemstone highlights are well-received gifts. Some kits allow you to make your mother a necklace. This adds a nice touch to your present. If you want to give a necklace with precious stones, and your wallet is a little light, consider mother-of-pearl. These look a bit like pearls, will increase in value, and can be worn with just about any outfit.

            Bracelets are an often-overlooked piece of jewelry and can be quite wonderful to receive. Charm bracelets are especially nice for this holiday. Most jewelers allow the giver to personalize the charms, and you can add to the bracelet year after year. Bracelets also come in unique designs and patterns that will delight any mother. There are also watches that come with bands that are bracelets and make great gifts for this holiday.

            Earrings are another lovely gift. You have to know what type of earrings your mother wears, either pierced or Snap-on. In a pinch, you can buy Snap-on earrings. If you are not buying these as part of a set, buying silver or gold earrings is best because they will match other jewelry. If you want to add gems, buy either a diamond that will also match most combinations or a stone in a color that your mother favors. Consider if your mother likes long dangling, earrings or ones that simply cover the ear lobe. Size should also be considered; large, bold earrings are not for everyone.

            We couldn't be who we are without our moms. That is why they are extraordinary. The right gift for her can help you express your love for mom. Shopping online can help you find the best jewelry gifts for mothers.

            • Annie Reh
              Annie Reh published a blog post Birthstone Necklace For Mom

              Moms are one in a million. Most people only get one of these amazing women in their lifetime so it's important to spoil her from time to time! So many people buy generic gifts for occasions like Birthdays, Christmas and Mother's day. Getting something personalized and unique for your mother however really shows that you care. Let's take a look at some amazing jewelry gifts for mothers so that you can make her smile.

              Stay away from generic gifts
              Whenever mother's day is coming up, you see SO many people buying their mom flowers and/or chocolates. I'm sure she would appreciate the sentiment of anything that you get her but they are such boring gift ideas. Your mom is likely bored of receiving the same kind of gifts every year, even if she doesn't show it. Be a little out there with your choice, make her eyes widen and say "wow" when you get a birthstone necklace for mom.

              Why you should get a birthstone necklace for mom
              - It's something that she can keep with her for the rest of her life. Flowers die and chocolates are eaten but a necklace will last her forever and whenever she wears it, she will instantly think of you.

              - It's personal, a piece of jewelry with her birthstone on shows that you know her and think of her. She might be surprised that you actually REMEMBER her birthday so to get her something with that unique stone on is really something special.

              - They look absolutely stunning and what woman doesn't love jewelry? You bet your mom has an outfit this necklace will look great with and she won't be able to wait to show it off. The stones are a variety of colors and have different meanings, depending on the month she was born. There are so many designs of birthstone necklaces online so you are guaranteed to find something that suits her as an individual.

              - You can shop for a beautiful birthstone necklace for mom at cheap prices online. Just because you get her something that's high quality, doesn't mean it has to make a big dent in your bank balance. These kind of gifts often look more expensive than what they really are which is always a plus.

              Things to keep in mind
              Shop around, there are so many great deals to be had and your options are endless when shopping on the Internet. Try and get a type of necklace that she will prefer like gold or silver
              Always keep the receipt. Although she will likely love the necklace, women can be hard to buy for. Keeping the receipt will mean she has the option to change the item for something else if she really wants to.

              You have many options when buying her jewelry but a birthstone necklace for mom is really the best idea. They can suit a variety of occasions, although your mom's birthday would be an especially great day to give this gift because it is her birthstone after all! They look good, they are personalized and they show that some thought has gone into your gift for her. You can shop for some amazing birthstone necklace for mom online today.


              • Annie Reh

                Mother’s Day has passed now, but every day is Mother’s Day! There are thousands of thoughtful ways to show the moms in your life how much you care. Across the United States, and truly around the world, individuals perform big and small acts of love for the special women in their lives every day. However, few gifts communicate the essence of a mother’s love as beautifully as a Mother Charm Bracelet form Loveable Keepsake.

                Through craftsmanship, design, wearability, and durability the Mother Charm Bracelet becomes more than a present to open one Sunday morning. These bracelets are pretty keepsakes, and over time is a constant reminder of everything mom means to you.

                Show She Is Important
                Cheerleader, support system, listener, and warrior, for many people their mothers are all of these things, and so much more. Throughout life, the many roles that a mom successfully plays can be forgotten, taken for granted, or ignored. That is what makes gifts like the Mother Charm Bracelet so special. As a culture we dedicate a day to celebrate moms, and moms alone but that isn’t enough. The ways children and partners demonstrate that a mother is important on Mother’s Day, is an indication of her importance every day of the year.

                It is on this day, every year, that families recognize a pillar of their family unit. Moms are often the glue that brings siblings around the dinner table and relatives from far and wide. These essential roles in our individual lives and larger family context should be recognized. With a Mother Charm Bracelet, you provide a clear indication that your mother, grandmother, wife, or partner is the irreplaceable and essential center of your entire family.

                Express Your Love
                Each Mother Charm Bracelet from Lovable Keepsake is carefully designed. Talented designers considered all aspects of this jewelry, and it was made with the intention of these well-crafted gifts to express the love for mothers of all ages. The jewelry designers choose specific words, phrases, and charm shapes for these bracelets, all with this in mind.

                As you browse the collection, it becomes apparent that these bracelets say many of the words that you do not tell your mother or partner on a daily basis. All the words that you fail to say as work, commitments, and life in general take precedent over expressing love for a person who loves you unconditionally in return.  Therefore, without saying a thing, allow the Mother Charm Bracelet to tell a fantastic woman that she is cherished and loved.

                Show Unending Gratitude
                A Mother Charm Bracelet from Loveable Keepsake is a gift that lasts far longer than the day itself. Unlike breakfast in bed or restaurant dinner, which are short-lived and briefly whisked away (or left for clean up in the kitchen), these stainless steel bracelets can be worn every, single day. It can be a gift that your mother, grandmother, or partner keeps for a lifetime.

                As it shimmers from a mother’s wrist, the charm bracelet is a reminder that she is appreciated, even on the hardest and most frustrating day of the year. So, if this year, you are looking to give a gift that speaks louder than words and lasts longer than a single Sunday, head to the collection of charm bracelets from Lovable Keepsake made specifically with Mothers in mind.

                Not shopping for your Mother? You can shop our entire collection of jewelry key chains, and message cards to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

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