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  • India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has certified ExecuJet MRO Services in Dubai to carry out line and heavy maintenance on various types of Indian-registered Dassault Falcon business jets.

    ExecuJet MRO expands line and heavy maintenance for Indian registered Falcon jets with DGCA approval
  • Embraer recently signed a multi-year agreement with Alliance Airlines which will provide materials support for the carrier’s fleet of E190s. Through Embraer’s Services & Support portfolio of solutions, the agreement covers more than 300 repairable components and includes both materials and technical administration services supported from Embraer Asia Pacific’s facility in Singapore.

    Embraer to provide material support for Alliance Airlines E190 fleet
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      McColloch’s RV - DesignNominees

      McColloch's RV is a leading and top-rated shop in California. We provide services for recreational vehicles like collision repair, battery repair, gla

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        Billund Airport to digitise operations with CHAMP’s Cargospot Handling

        CHAMP’s Cargospot Handling is a cargo operations and terminal management system that is straightforward and efficient for ground handlers and terminal operators to use, allowing for easy training with minimal training time required.

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        • Jet Aviation’s maintenance facility in Singapore has been awarded with Aerospace Standards (AS/EN) EN 9110 certification in recognition of its quality management system. AS/EN certifications are based on ISO 9001 quality standards adapted for the aviation, space and defence (ASD) industry. Following Basel’s certification in January 2018, this is Jet Aviation’s second MRO site to achieve this internationally recognized industry standard.

          Jet Aviation’s Singapore facility awarded with Aerospace Standards EN 9110 certification
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          Tips To Maximize Recovering Your Data On The First Attempt!
        • Boeing is all set to build the Navy’s newest carrier-based aircraft at their new high-tech facility in Illinois. This 300,000 square-foot facility at St. Louis Airport is scheduled for completion in 2024. This facility will initially employ approximately 150 mechanics, engineers and support staff who will build the MQ-25 Stingray for the US Navy. It will be the US navy’s first operational, carrier-based unmanned aircraft. The facility will bring together the benefits of digital aircraft design and production to the Navy and up to 300 advanced manufacturing jobs.

          Boeing’s state-of-art 300,000 square foot Illinois facility to build MQ-25 Stingray for US Navy
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            SpiceXpress valued at INR 2,556 cr; SpiceJet shareholders approve spinoff


            The transfer of the logistics business will result in a one-time gain of INR 2555.77 crore for SpiceJet wiping out a substantial portion of the company’s negative net worth. SpiceJet had a negative net worth of INR 3300 crore as on June 30, 2021.

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              ANA Cargo joins Pharma.Aero for end-to-end air transportation of pharma cargo


              The aim is to achieve reliable end-to-end air transportation of pharma cargo by expanding its global network and inviting more stakeholders across the pharma air supply chain in our collaborative projects.

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                GEODIS to start service between Europe and Asia


                From October, GEODIS’ APAC customers will have access to almost 80 percent of European destinations within 24 hours. This new investment underscores the company’s enhanced focus on the APAC region and its commitment to serve a greater range of...


                Right from acquiring the Rolls Royce facility at Hucknall in spite of pandemic challenges, ITP Aero has steadily grown to be the ninth largest aircraft engine and component companies of the world.

                ‘ITP Aero’ enroute to changing the classic approach
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                Medical Advocacy and Guidance | PaladinMDs


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              • Car battery is one of those replacement parts for most of vehicle owners dread replace. These car batteries are not only heavy but they provide a modern electrical system along with hard to access battery locations that make it difficult for many people to replace. As we have seen the expansion of mobile mechanic service that simplifies this installation process the first and basic step is to choose the best car and Motorbike Battery in Christchurch for a specific vehicle. In today days most fuel power vehicle uses similar kind of an AGM, lead-acid and factory cell batteries. But like any other replacement part many car owners question about who make the car batteries. Below is the information that would help you to make and choose what is the best battery to purchase and where it regards.

                Why does a good auto battery matters?


                When we commute for longer period around the town or take some long road trips we need our vehicle to start with a strong battery. These batteries responsible to provide initial amperage to activate the vehicle starter while turning over the engine and give powering to ignition system. Once the car engine ignites the alternator take over to continue power the accessory and support the system.

                A good battery and defined that hold a single charge for an extended period during cold weather to start the weekend when it is required. Stop Start Batteries in Christchurch is also responsible for providing great hold. The average life of a vehicle battery range from 3 to 5 years. This average range of car ownership is five year so we have to replace the battery only for once. If we purchase a car that contain a good battery so it shouldn’t require frequent maintenance with the charger. A good battery is sealed and comes with a strong warranty including a free replacement period.

                How many types of automatic batteries are there?


                There are different types of groups that are designed for automotive batteries. We can replace a separate battery by its technology with the lead acid that is more conventional and affordable and lithium ion been more technically advance.


                Tips to choose the best car battery:


                If you have Honda, Nissan, Toyota or any other common production car buying a placement car battery comes more difficult. This is due to the technical specs with different groups and size of the battery that are unique for specific model. However, there are some important tips that will help you to save your time and purchase the correct Automotive Batteries in Canterbury can also save your money.

                • Understand important specs

                Car batteries are classified with few important specs first is knowing what specs does it include.


                • Group- The first number you will see at the store is the group number they are classified by the battery Council international and describe that mentioned, terminals locations and the type of battery for a specific year to make and model vehicles. This is the first item you should know to determine the correct AGM Batteries in Christchurch for your vehicle and you don’t need for a specific service department you can just contact the local dealership or can look it up in the owner’s manual.


                • Cold cranking amps (CCA)- The other important spec you should understand is cold cranking Amps, this is the number that refer the arms of the battery when the temperature fall down and become zero. This term is often associated with CCA reserve capacity however this is typically reverse for marine batteries or deep cycle batteries.


                • Battery application- The final spec you should know about the conventional battery is their application. Some battery designed for marine, heavy duty trucks, off-road and consumer car, trucks and SUVs. Make sure to verify this before the purchasing of the battery.


                • Verify the warranty

                The second tab in the list is to verify the battery and its warranty with your retailer. While there are many specific manufacture-based warranties that some retailer will tell you with some specific requirements of customer to honour the warranty. There are some Motorcycle Batteries in Christchurch retailers that offer free replacement of new battery while others will provide the refunds based on longer witty of battery. Just make sure to verify these items before you purchase.

                • Don’t choose the cheapest option

                When it comes to car batteries truly get what you pay for. The cheapest option is typically the one that is less reliable than the other competition. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars on a high-quality than low maintenance. Be careful when you purchase any replacement of 12 V battery because you might be tricked.


                Wrapping up


                These automatic batteries can be extremely tricky to install but for this you can contact to some manufacturers that have some specific standards and procedures were followed by them to reduce the potential of electrical or computer specific damage. The offers a quick convenient and affordable battery replacement service for your truck car SUV the process that they follow is very simple and verify before they replace the battery. Contact from the team of the professional car battery replacement to set up the quicker mobile car battery and schedule the time that is best for you. You just need to sit back and relax to find the certified master of mechanics who handle this job correctly.

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                  Gatwick's Northern Runway cargo volumes forecast to reach 350,000 tonnes by 2047


                  The increase in cargo is primarily driven by the expected growth in long-haul connectivity offered by the additional runway, with widebody aircraft to destinations in Asia and the Middle East seen as providing significant growth in cargo in the...

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                    American Airlines collaborate with Breakthrough Energy Catalyst


                    In becoming one of Breakthrough Energy Catalyst’s first anchor partners, American is backing up its ambitious climate commitments with concrete action to accelerate the development of pivotal emissions-reduction solutions like sustainable aviation...

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