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A Good Day To Die Hard Movie Review-A Bad Day to Die Hard


Yippie-ki-yay, motherfucker” It has been 25 years since Bruce Willis first uttered this line in the first Die Hard film thereby endearing himself as John McClane which undoubtedly remains his most popular on screen character since then.

One of the best things about the Die hard franchise is that over the years, the franchise has been constantly revamped keeping in mind the changing times. Especially Die Hard 4 (A.K.A Live Free Or Die Hard) which was all about technological warfare and a fact which McClane claims to be totally unaware of, being the totally old school kick ass action hero that he is.

In recent times thanks to Stallone & good old Arnie , the old school bad ass action hero is very much in vogue. Hence, it made sense for another Die hard film to hit the screens.  But it seems like the law of averages has finally caught up with the franchise.

A Good Day To Die Hard is seemed to have been made just to cash in on the brand name of the Die Hard franchise with very little thought or energy being invested into making the film. This is why the latest Die Hard film comes across as yet another average actioner with all the weak spots and issues often found in an action fare – one dimensional characters, cheesy dialogues, lazy writing etc.

In the latest installment of the Die Hard franchise, John McClane embarks on a trip to Russia to meet his estranged son (An insipid Jai Courtney) and find out what he is up to. Like Father, like son – Turns out that McClane Jr. is actually an undercover CIA operative who is on a secretive mission to protect a state prisoner from some corrupt Government officials. And it doesn’t take much time, before the father and son duo join forces to fight the enemy amidst a combination of guns, bullets, mayhem and some cheesy one liners.

The film is fast paced, moves at a breakneck speed and jumps right into the action moments after it begins. However, you get a feeling that something is amiss even as you are served to some good action scenes, father son bonding, double-crossing etc.

The film hardly gives you any time to root for the characters, nor are you emotionally attached to characters to give two hoots whether they succeed in their mission or whether they live free or Die hard.

Sure the earlier installments of Die Hard didn’t have Oscar-winning scripts or characters, but they managed to create a sufficient amount of tension and excitement amongst the audiences. But the proceedings in this film seem dull, lifeless and monotonous. There is hardly any tension or excitement which the proceedings create. You know, in the end after fighting the enemies and despite getting hurt badly, the father and son duo will walk happily into the sunset with a swagger – the way it generally happens in the quintessential Hollywood blockbusters. Which is what less happens in the ending scene of this film.

The way John McClane and his son walk in and out of every dangerous situation with a very few injuries or troubles, makes you wonder what were the writers thinking when they were penning the script.

The kind of arrogance which Willis’ character is endowed is simply annoying. Here is a person who is supposedly on a mission to reunite with his estranged son. But is busy ramming vehicles into roads, buildings without giving a damn about the laws of the foreign land is annoying. For instance, in one scene Willis is busy jumping the traffic at a busy highway when he lands in front of car. When the driver angrily steps out of his car to ask an explanation, Willis simply punches him and drives away in his car. And this is the time when the audience is supposed to laugh at his McClane’s sheer contempt for laws of the land . This is the kind of sheer arrogance which Willis’ character is endowed and is visible now a days in many of the Hollywood blockbusters.  A lot of reviews have been blaming director John Moore for this fiasco of a film. However, the entire team behind this film is to be blamed. For if it was not approved by the Bruce Willis- the star in question and the rest of the team, this film wouldn’t have been made.

The supporting characters are also bland to say the least. Be it McClane’s son, the hot chick who is a part of the villain’s gang or the main villain who is a Russian terrorist speaking in fake Russian accent. They just fail to create an impression and I actually didn’t care whether they lived or died in the end.

Bruce Willis comes across as a silly stoic spoof and a bad caricature of the John McClane we knew from the previous Die Hard ventures. Moreover, he appears bored, stiff with a permanent pissed of expression for most part of the film. Sure , he is always supposed to be this quintessential American hero with a penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sadly, all this simply fails to create an impression in this film and I was simply exasperated and was waiting for the film to get over.  Funnily, in the climax before the final showdown, the villain is busy mouthing dialogues in English, while McClane and his son are standing with their guns and a swagger waiting for the bad guy to finish speaking (The way they appear in the posters of the film) so they can jump into the action. I don’t know what was caused me more of a displeasure – the high expectations I had from the film being a Die hard sequel or the bad projection at a supposedly plush single screen or the sheer laziness with which the film was written and made. However, this film ranks easily amongst the weakest of the Die Hard Franchise and can easily be skipped in theaters and watched when it arrives on DVD’s.

On a parting note, the previous part of Die Hard saw Willis reuniting with his daughter while this sees him reuniting with his son. I wonder what they will show in the next venture of Die hard – If it gets made. Perhaps McClane reuniting with his long lost twin brothers who were separated during a childhood trip to Disneyland (There is no Kumbh ka mela in foreign land you see :) )

By: Aditya Savnal
Posted: February 25, 2013, 1:30 pm


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