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Ecommerce SEO Tips for Your Product Pages

    Dan Kogan
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    By Dan Kogan

    SEO is the engine behind your eCommerce machine. You can have the best looking website, but it won’t ever perform if you don’t use eCommerce SEO best practices. As an online seller, your product pages are the most important part of your website. These are the pages you want to pop up on search results since this is where a sale is most likely to happen. If your products rank for your target keywords, you know you are in business.

    Ecommerce SEO

    Start by making sure that your website’s structure and sitemap are optimized. Search engines value user experience over anything else. A clearly defined structure makes your website easier to navigate. Your product pages should be carefully categorized. The rule of thumb is that it shouldn’t take users more than 3-4 clicks to find any product from the homepage. You can only do that by creating a horizontal structure.

    Product Descriptions

    Your product pages should be optimized for your target keyword. Make sure that the keyword appears in the URLs, Meta titles, Meta descriptions, and the product description. Additionally, all your product image titles and their alternative text fields should be optimized. While using keywords, always make sure that they come across organically. Search engines will penalize your site if they detect spamming. As far as eCommerce SEO is concerned, this is a big no-no and can set you back big time.

    One of the primary concepts of eCommerce SEO is that search engines like content. They judge a page’s authority by the amount of useful content it contains. What this means is that longer product descriptions have a better chance of ranking than shorter ones. Quality and relevance matter too, so only write longer product descriptions where they make sense.

    Try to aim for at least 300-500 word descriptions. In some rare cases, where you have enough material to go longer, do that. But in most cases, meeting even this word count might be a stretch. For instance, it is almost impossible to write a 500-word description about something as simple as a plain white T-shirt.

    Using Additional Keywords

    Targeting a main keyword is par for the course, but additional keywords can prove to be equally useful. Make sure you use these keywords throughout your product pages. You might not rank for your main keyword, but using the additional keywords could open up a whole new avenue of traffic for your site. Add them to your page titles and URLs where possible. Once again, the trick is to make them come across as organic.

    Another useful eCommerce SEO tip for product pages is to use common search terms in title tags and Meta descriptions. Terms like discount, cheap, free, sale, used, etc are all trigger words that will give you a chance to rank for long-tailed keywords.

    Take Help From eCommerce SEO Experts

    The biggest eCommerce SEO tip we can give you is to not go it alone. SEO is tough. It is complex and will take up all of your time. Even the most basic eCommerce site has over a hundred products. If you spend time working on the SEO of every single one of them, you won’t be able to do anything else.

    1 Digital Agency has a team of eCommerce SEO experts who live and breathe SEO. They are at their happiest when they are helping business owners realize their dreams. Want your product pages to rank? Call us at 888-982-8269 or contact us for information.


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    0/5 (0 votes)