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Duracable is the Best Option for Camera Reel Repair

    Lori Troyer
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    By Lori Troyer

    To save money, some might consider not even using a camera reel – but what’s the point of working on a line without knowing what is causing the issue or where the issue is first? If you don’t know the problem, there’s a chance you could actually make it worse. Without a locator or and transmitter when digging, you might not know where the pipes are until after you’ve hit them. To avoid damage to the job and your wallet, invest in a Ridgid® camera, locator and transmitter to save time and money.


    No matter the quality of the equipment, there’s always a risk that your camera reel could get damaged from time to time. The issue could be faulty picture quality, broken connections, or just general damage. Using the camera correctly and carefully can prevent a lot of damage to the equipment, but it isn’t a guarantee. When it comes down to it, broken equipment is just a fact of the trade.

    You can’t afford to go weeks or months without a functioning camera reel. Duracable knows how important your camera reel is to your business. That’s why we only allow factory trained and certified technicians to touch your camera. When you need a professional fix quickly, you can rely on Duracable’s camera reel repair services.

    So What Can Duracable Ridgid Camera Repair Do For You?

    Duracable invites you to send your camera to our Ridgid Camera Repair/Camera Reel Repair Center in West Des Moines, IA, and learn what makes our quality service a worthwhile investment. We are authorized to repair Ridgid cameras, monitors, locators, and transmitters. We don’t just want to service your camera equipment – we want you to be satisfied with the outcome and the fair prices. When you need camera reel repair and turn to Duracable, our knowledgeable and hard-working employees will strive to get your camera fixed as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

    Any type of Ridgid camera can be sent to us, including nanoReel, microReel, microDrain, and standard SeeSnake reels. We will diagnose the problem and work to repair or replace any damaged parts, such as the push cable or camera head. We also fix Ridgid monitors, locators and transmitters at our facility.

    When you come to us, we offer flat rate price for most repairs. You can count on quality service and a quick turnaround. Duracable Camera Repair Service is only available in the 48 contiguous United States along with Alaska and Hawaii. We look forward to helping you, our customer, with any repairs that you may need!


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