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Upgrading RV's And Travel Trailers With New Rugs

    Bill Rowell
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    By Bill Rowell

    Camping can be one of the most relaxing ways to enjoy the outdoors and forests all while enjoying the amenities of a resort. Today, it is estimated that nearly 14% of Americans for a total of 44.5 million people camp annually in America at over 16,300 campground facilities. In fact, for the past ten years, individuals who have camping as a part of their annual vacationing lifestyle have averaged well over 42 million Americans. So, it’s no surprise to companies that cater to the needs of campers that their base is a beautiful sustainable group of people who have a great passion for outdoors vacationing.

    Today, there are so many wonderful ways to decorate, upgrade and improve the comforts of travel trailers and RV’s so that campers can enjoy the beauty and recreation of the outdoors by means that also afford them many of the comforts of their home. In fact, most campgrounds today include Wi-Fi at campsites and some even offer cable television along with a host of other campground amenities.

    Certainly much has changed in the vacationing style of people who enjoy camping with RV’s and travel trailers in the past few decades. This is particularly the case as so many of them have expanded in size and added features. Most travel trailers and RV’s have become increasingly recreational vehicles built for comfort, longevity, and style with a host of luxury upgrades. These have included: central air conditioning, high-quality appliances, and upgraded furniture. But as with all types of camping, there are always needs for new upgrades and replacements in equipment for that special outdoor vacation lifestyle.

    Beautifying The Inside

    As with any home, one of the areas that can often use an upgrade in a camper is the replacement and upgrading of RV Camping Rugs. Today, many campers have several rooms in them, and that is an incredible change and upgrade to the RV and camper trailer lifestyle. Because of this there are plenty of reasons to upgrade and change Camping Rugs whether for wear and tear, for remodeling or simple beautification. Also, because campers often track in dirt, sand, and pebbles from the campsites the need for throw rugs and unique Camping Rugs at the entryway can be an important way to maintain the rest of the rugs throughout the RV or travel trailer.

    Beautifying The Outside With Recreation Rugs

    In addition to the RV Camping Rugs that beautify, remodel and upgrade RV’s and travel trailers, there has been an increasing trend of people who use outdoor camping rugs when they go camping. These are often used inside screened tents for outside dining areas and in outside recreation and dining areas that are not in screened-in areas. Most often people look to create this dining and entertainment space when they are camping in a campground for more than a few days. Outside RV Camping Rugs allow people just to relax a bit outdoors and not worry about stepping on rocks, twigs, roots or other outside debris while relaxing outdoors. It also allows a great area for kids to play without getting their clothes dirty. Additionally, outdoor RV Camping Rugs keep away the bugs and pests that can invade dining and recreation areas.

    When looking to purchase a good camping rug for a travel trailer or an RV, it is important to ensure that measurements that are used for the inside of the camper are accurate. Because many travel trailers and RV’s today also have pulled out sliders, it is important to consider how getting a new rug will affect the space once the slider is in the inside position if the rug is to be placed in the slider area. Rugs that are too thick can get snagged or pulled from the slider if caution is not taken. Contact us at RV Upgrades to find out more!


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