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Why You Need Shopify Designers for Your Store

    Dan Kogan
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    By Dan Kogan

    When setting up a Shopify store, the first question that comes to mind is whether to go for a free template or go for a bespoke design. Free templates are great since they are free so if you are on a budget, they can do the job. Unfortunately, they can also be quite limiting. As your business grows, you will find yourself outgrowing these templates. On top of that, you can’t really create a unique brand when you have hundreds of other websites that look exactly like yours. The risk of getting lost in the mix is real. Hiring a Shopify designer becomes a necessity.

    Your other option would be to start off with a custom design. Yes, it would cost you more. But you get a website that looks and functions like you’ve always envisioned. You can target your niche customers. You can start building your brand. And most importantly, your website design will be scalable. In short, your website is good to go for the foreseeable future.


    Custom Design Create Brand Identity


    The thing about free templates is that they aren’t built with a specific niche in mind. Selling does not work that way. Every business has its own set of requirements. Customers looking for shoes have different expectations than those looking for cleaning supplies. Some niches require emphasis on the aesthetics and visuals of products, while others need a focus on technical details. Your website can only hold its own if it addresses the needs of your target customers.

    It’s about creating a brand that people can identify with and trust. Having an identifiable brand is half the battle and you need Shopify designers for that.


    Enhance User-Experience


    The thing that turns off buyers the most is coming to your website and then having trouble navigating it. This could be anything from going through a painstakingly slow product browsing experience, being unable to enlarge product images to get a good look at specifications, or dealing with complex checkout process. Once this happens, they’ll associate these problems with your brand and you’ll lose your customers for good. A Shopify designer can help you deal with these issues.

    Selling online is all about capturing the attention of your target audience. It is about providing them with a smooth, hassle free shopping experience. You want them to enjoy themselves. A good user experience leads to increased conversions.


    Shopify Designers Keep an Eye Out for You


    Shopify Designers

    The biggest disadvantage of a free template is that you get no real time support. Yes, there might be updates and bug fixes every once in awhile. But these are meant for general use and will not really address your specific problems. You might have to wait a long time before a performance feature you want becomes available.

    By going with 1 Digital Agency, you get our team of Shopify design partners working with a single-minded focus to make sure that your website reaches its full potential. You get round-the-clock support for your website. Whether you want to break new ground by creating a noteworthy brand or improve the browsing experience for users to increase conversions, we are here for you. Our Shopify designers know the Shopify platform backwards and forwards and can give your website the boost it needs to make a bang in the market. Call us on 888.982.8269 or contact us to get started.


    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)