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How to Select the Right Welding Cable for the Job

    Greg Anixter
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    By Greg Anixter
    How to Select the Right Welding Cable for the Job

    Electrical Wire & Cable Specialists

    Before you go on a search to determine the best welding cable for the job, you may need to know exactly what it is. A welding cable works as the electrical conductor for the current produced from the welding through a series of copper strands wrapped inside a non-conductive covering or jacket. Copper is a better choice as a conductor, like we use in our 6 gauge welding cable at EWCS, because it has higher tensile strength and higher conductivity than other products, such as aluminum. Not only is copper a better conductor than products like aluminum, but it also tends to be more resistant to corrosion. Our 6 gauge welding cable has approximately 259 strands of 100% copper that allows it to be the best conductor. Our largest gauge welding cable has over 2000 strands of 100% copper that makes it the best for its size. So when purchasing the right welding cable, make sure that it is made with copper, like our selection of welding cables.

    Choosing the Proper Size

    when determining the correct size or gauge of a welding cable, you have to determine the welding cable capacity or amperage rating, which describes how much electrical current a cable can handle. When you are purchasing a welding cable, it’s important to keep in mind that a maximum temperature is also added to the welding cable rating. For example, this welding cable is a 6 gauge welding cable made entirely of copper, and is rated 600 volts -50C + 105C and comes in various sizes with a nominal diameter of .320”. It gives you all the information you are looking for in terms of how many volts it can handle as well as its range of temperatures. The benefits of the 6 gauge welding cable, just like with many of our other welding cables, is that it is a premium extra flexible cable ensured for easiest use. It works best as a lead for motors, generators, and batteries. And our 6 gauge welding cable is held to the same quality as all of our products and all of it is made right here in the United States.

    How the Electrical Wire and Cable Specialists Can Help

    At EWCS, we are dedicated to getting you quality products like our 6 gauge welding cable quickly and within your own convenience. You can be sure of the quality of our products because they have all been listed by either UL or ETL testing laboratories. At our company, we can supply you with a comprehensive variety of all types of industrial and electronic wire and cable, all supplied in a number of convenient lengths. Do you have any questions about our products? Contact us today and get the best service with the Electric Wire and Cable Specialists.



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