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Why Your Philadelphia Office Needs Indoor Plants

    Michele Sokoloff
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    By Michele Sokoloff

    Plantscapes USA

    Indoor plants offer more than natural beauty and interior design benefits to your office in Philadelphia. Their advantages to your health and overall well-being in themselves make them worth investing in.

    As more and more people are engaged in office jobs, their connection to the outdoors has become minimal. The long working hours coupled with the stressful work environment is taking a toll on your body. You can combat this by injecting some indoor plants into your office space. All it takes is getting close to nature and you should be feeling fresher and more energetic in no time.

    Plants Improve Productivity

    Nature and plants are known to provide a calming visual presence. There is a reason that a walk in the woods can provide you with peace of mind like nothing else. They are especially useful for offsetting the high-stress environment of your Philadelphia office. Punctuate your office with lively indoor plants and you’ll notice how their positive vibes spread through the place like wildfire.

    It’s a scientifically proven fact that plants have the ability to reduce stress. They are known to help people stay calm, keep their blood pressure in check and help them to focus. Stress is a major hindrance to productivity. By managing stress levels, your office staff will feel happier and be more productive in the long run.

    On top of this, indoor plants make a great impression on visitors to your office and enhance the appeal of your space.

    Effects on the Work Environment

    An office environment is one that is usually sealed off from the rest of the world. Windows are firmly shut, air is conditioned and temperature is regulated at a constant level throughout the year. This may make the air seem stale and unhealthy. Air pollutants from dust, mold or chemicals could be further reducing the air quality. Sick building syndrome is a real thing. Indoor plants can get rid of most toxins from the air and improve air quality many times over. You get a supply of fresh oxygen right there in your office.

    If your office is situated in any one of the busy areas of Philadelphia, noise pollution could be a problem.  Noise seriously hampers concentration levels and therefore productivity. Did you know that indoor plants have the ability to alter a room’s acoustics by absorbing sounds? Put them on a hard floor near a window, and they will help dissipate the noises coming from outside.

    Indoor Plants for Your Office in Philadelphia

    When you are looking for ways to enhance the look and feel of your office in Philadelphia, getting indoor plants should be a priority. There are so many benefits that come with adding a touch of greenery to your workspace that everyone will benefit. Employee mood, productivity and motivation are bound to improve.

    At Plantscapes USA, you can get a wide variety of plants for your office. Our staff goes out of its way to help you decide which plant would suit you according to your requirements and space. Looking for a majestic plant for your meeting room? Maybe you want an indoor plant that can raise morale? Get in touch at 610.329.3935 or contact us and let us serve you.



    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)