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Import NSF From PST Outlook files Free Software

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    By john

    Lotus Notes is IBM's trademarked email consumer. It supports NSF (Notes Storage File) formatting. There are galore features in Notes equivalent emails, instant messaging, calendars, meetings, remedy utilization, etc. Whereas Outlook is Microsoft's well-known telecommunicate guest who supports the PST file split. Both email clients are utilized widely across countries. But due to complexity release in Lotus Notes, some users are overrun with the ask, "how to read Lotus Notes NSF files in Outlook". They require migrating their data items suchlike contacts and calendars along with emails from Notes emails to Outlook. The migration of emails from Notes to Outlook capital NSF to PST conversion. But whatever fill May judge this chore short serious. So, this article is codified to solve the issues of the individual suchlike:

    Reasons to Lotus Notes to Outlook


    There could be more reasons for the users to show Lotus Notes telecommunicate in Outlook. Several of the reasons for this switchover are as follows:


    • Interface: The Someone Interface of the Lotus Notes mail computer is daedal as compared to Outlook as its program is quite uncomplicated.
    • Maintenance value: The purchase and fixture value of Outlook is rattling little as compared to Notes. There are many integral utilities that can easily better vitiated PST files in Outlook.
    • Access by Streetwise Converter: Emails in Outlook can be accessed in intelligent converter similar Peregrine phones, tabs, etc. But Lotus Notes is a desktop utilization that can exclusive be accessed from the method. With the help of MS Outlook curative, you can also vista Lotus Notes email in Outlook.
    • Technical Help: It is tall for any father to create with Lotus Notes due to its Gordian functions. But if it comes to Outlook, there is no impoverishment of any subject resource required to use it.
    • Multiple Statement right: A human cannot admittance quaternary accounts at the corresponding quantify. He can hit only one invoice in Lotus Notes.

    Manual Operation to exterior Lotus Notes email in Outlook

    If a human wishes to goods emails, contacts, and calendar from Lotus Notes to Outlook, then this transmute can be realized in 2 steps. Arise these two steps:

    Export Lotus Notes NSF file

    1. To move Notes email files, yield IBM Lotus Notes email application.
    2. After that, sound on Transfer tab. Go to file option appearing in the docket bar.
    3. After that, dawn on the Import alternative.
    4. In Commodity Wizard leave signal. Opt the file arrange required to commodity from Notes.
    5. Then, opt Tabular Text/Structured Book (supernatant by MS Outlook telecommunicate computer).
    6. Then, sound on Continue for effort finished the delivery of goods
    7. Now, move on Export to end the wizard and all your files are exported to the instruction position.
    8. Now persuade the Notes NSF file to CSV (Nymph lid Separated Values)/ TSV(Tab Separated Values) and then speak to close maneuver.

    Open Lotus Notes NSF Files in Outlook

    1. Open MS Outlook email usage. Then, go to file menu.
    2. After that occlusive on Implication & Export deciding.
    3. Now in Foreigner & Export wizard, superior Goods from another info or file and then travel by clicking on Next switch.
    4. Choose the initialize to survey Lotus Notes email in Outlook. One can either superior CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) (Windows) or (Tab-Separated-Values) (Windows)
    5. Again, dawn on Incoming switch. Then, talk with the Commodity wizard.
    6. Select & graze the file that has been exported from IBM Notes email consumer. Then emit on Windup. i
    7. Lotus Notes files get migrated to MS Outlook

    Third-Party Solvent

    If any user wants to abstain protracted and time-consuming steps of the drill outgrowth to read Lotus Notes email in Outlook, then he/she could possibly significance IBM Notes files to Outlook file with the work of little moneymaking solution to convert Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST. Specified jock tools can better users to enforce the conversion touch of Notes mailbox items in a leisurely and handy way. It also ensures mail security at the same dimension.


    Sometimes, Notes to Outlook conversion becomes the necessity of any single somebody or file rises. In those situations, one can either go for recitation structure or move to scene Lotus Notes mail in Outlook. Drill constructions are undoubtedly unconstrained, but they are protracted and time-consuming and impersonate the threat of data death too. Athlete solutions, on the different crewman, are light, intelligent, data-safe and highly-secure.



    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)