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Kunkle Safety Valves For Manufacturing

    Eric Gadin
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    By Eric Gadin

    The Kunkle safety valves have a variety of applications in both industrial and commercial applications, and are exceptional for their quality and low cost of operation. Safety valves are required as fail-safe in a variety of manufacturing processes; it works by relieving excessive pressure, primarily in a boiler but also in other vessels or systems. This article explains how the Kunkle safety valve may be used, and it shows how these valves will improve safety in the building.

    #1: Why Are Safety Valves Needed?
    The building code will require some safety valves to be placed around the building, and they must be installed using the local building code parameters that have been set. They give manufacturing companies and business owners a sense of security; high quality safety valves can keep the building and employees safe. Kunkle safety valves have code certifications that meet a variety of global standards, and have exceptional quality.

    #2: How Are The Valves Rated?
    Safety valves are quite important, as they must be rated for certain fluids or gases. Kunkle Valves can be used on a variety of different substances, pressures, and temperatures. Whether you have a cryogenic system or a high temperature and vacuum system through high-pressure steam, air, gas, or liquid applications, Kunkle Safety Valves can be used in a variety of applications.

    #3: How Are The Valves Measured?
    Many valves may be measured for the pipes that they fit, and someone who wishes to use the valves must ensure that the will fit each pipe. The pipes in the factory will last much longer because they are guarded by the safety valves, and they will release pressure in the system that has built up. The valves will not rupture under immense pressure, and they will ensure that the building is safe if there is a fault in the system.

    Kunkle Safety Valves
    There are a variety of different uses for safety valves, depending on the model you are using. Any safety valve from Kunkle Valves is suitable and up-to-code for use; specific safety valves can be used on anything from steam boilers and generators (reciprocating or rotary), to stationary compressors, and intercoolers and after- coolers. Kunkle safety valves can also be used on pressure reducing systems as well as pressure valves that contain steam, air, or non-hazardous gas. A smaller model may be used for small to medium size air compressors or air tanks and pressurized equipment, while another model may be more applicable to use on oil/gas separators and lines.

    A commercial or industrial business or building that uses chemicals and fluids must have safety valves in every section of the plumbing system. It’s also vital that these safety valves be up to code to ensure maximum safety and security within any commercial or industrial setting. When you use a Kunkle safety valve, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality for your business.

    To find Kunkle safety valves, contact us today!


    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)