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The Wonderful World of Integration - and Why It Matters for Your Business

    Dan Kogan
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    By Dan Kogan
    The Wonderful World of Integration - and Why It Matters for Your Business

    A few years ago, eCommerce platforms were satisfied to provide a specific bundle of services and technology to online sellers. Filling in the gaps between orders, inventory, and balance sheets were left to the merchant. As the eCommerce platforms become more sophisticated, and competitive with one another, strategic partnerships became the norm.


    These partnerships allow platforms, such as BigCommerce, to provide more robust front-end and back-end development without the complications of third-party integration systems and connectors. That leaves less for merchants to deal with and fewer technical issues for a BigCommerce developer.

    The Age of Integration & Partnership
    The decision to partner with other eCommerce SaaS has become so popular that BigCommerce has even named its preferred partners, Certified Technology Partners. This designation signals to a BigCommerce developer and vendor that using this particular SaaS with their BigCommerce site should be seamless.

    These Certified Technology Partners will share information, mutually, with BigCommerce and both pieces of software will include capabilities to accommodate the other. This can mean significant programming changes for a SaaS that wants to partner with BigCommerce. The advantage for a Certified Technology Partner is exposure to BigCommerce’s massive list of merchants.

    The other big winner is BigCommerce users. These merchants are given easier access to technology that can improve their sales, decrease congestion or delays on their website, and handle inventory issues, just to name of a few of the benefits offered by current Certified Technology Partners. A BigCommerce developer should be enthused by these integrated systems because it provides a simplified, and often cheaper, way to offer clients additional capability through their website.

    Look at the Latest Certified Technology Partner
    In mid-June, BigCommerce announced its latest Certified Technology Partner, Pulse Commerce. Pulse Commerce is an order and inventory management service (OMS) that connects with BigCommerce through back-end development. It’s technology is a solution for one of the biggest problems facing BigCommerce merchants, how to manage orders and inventory when selling on multiple channels.

    The largest eCommerce companies had a need for OMS technology long ago when selling on Amazon and became the norm for these retailers. Plus, many of the biggest eCommerce merchants were former brick and mortar stores that were accustomed to reconciling orders and inventory from multiple locations. Smaller merchants did not have this advantage.

    However, smaller BigCommerce merchants are now selling on multiple channels. This is great for exposure and building a customer base, but can be complicated and time consuming for a BigCommerce developer to ensure information is shared smoothly. BigCommerce and Pulse Commerce hope their partnership will solve this.

    Benefit of Great Back-End Development
    If you are struggling to organize orders, account for changes in inventory, reconcile the sales and returns across multiple channels, or manage your back-end development, an experienced BigCommerce developer can offer solutions.

    Knowledge of the latest Certified Technology Partners and their tools is just the beginning at 1Digital. Visit our website to learn how our team of eCommerce developers can ease everyday frustrations and improve your business.


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