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NSF to PST Tool to Extract data from Lotus Notes Database to Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

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    By Jody

    Introduction: NSF to PST Converter

    In today’s era, number of users who are making use of Lotus Notes email client are in need to upgrade the desktop platform from Lotus Notes to Outlook and want to manage all Lotus Notes emails in MS Outlook as it is. After this, the basic question which could strike in their mind is how to extract data from Lotus Notes Database to Outlook of all editions? The above discussed scenario is a common issue facing by number of users nowadays. Many users are migrating from IBM Notes to Outlook. Why it is so? You will find all the answers by reading the following article. 

    Why extract data from Lotus Notes Database?

    Lotus Notes is a desktop based email application which is very much strong and provides the strict security to users. With this, other similar emails clients came up with less expensive and powerful features due to which the demand of Lotus Notes decreased. Moreover, number of organizations are switching to MS Outlook as it is not complicated to operate and can be easily affordable by anyone. It is also a very popular email application that includes contacts, emails, calendars and etc. as compared to other email clients. Both are completely different from each other in terms of file formats. Lotus Notes is an email client that uses NSF format to store its mails, whereas Outlook is an email client developed by Microsoft and also consider as a part of Microsoft Office suite use PST format to save mailbox files. 

    How to extract data from Lotus Notes database into Outlook?

    Sometimes, users face the problem in migrating emails from one platform into another, and there are various queries asked by users on forum about how to convert Lotus Notes to Outlook. As both file formats are different from each other as user will not be able to open NSF file in Outlook. So, compatibility issue will arise and user need to perform NSF Export to PST either manually or by taking help from professional developed third party application.

    In order to extract data from Lotus Notes database into Outlook manually, follow the steps below

    1. Open Lotus Notes application, select required NSF files for export
    2. Go to File menu >> Click on Export option >> Export window will appear
    3. Name the file and save it using Structure Text file type in the desired location that you want.
    4. Continue with Export button
    5. Fill the displayed dialogue box
    6. Press OK to finish. All the selected file will get exported to the defined location.
    7. After done with export process, now convert the resultant file into CSV (Comma Separated Value) format or tab Separated Value format since Outlook is compatible with Structured Text Format.

    Import data from Lotus Notes to Outlook

    1. Open MS Outlook.
    2. Go to File menu >> Click on Open >> Select Import.
    3. Click on Import and Export Wizard >> Choose Select Import from another program or file.
    4. Choose the file type, click on either Comma Separated Value or Tab Separated Value.
    5. Browse the exported file to import.
    6. Continue with process until it’s done. 

    The above discussed process is easy to implement but a time consuming when you need to import large size NSF files into PST format. Moreover, this could lead to severe loss of data. The manual conversion procedure is lengthy and cannot be operated by non-technical. So, keeping all such situations in mind, professionals comes up with precise, reliable and cost effective application i.e. Lotus Notes to Outlook Converter aka NSF to PST Converter.

    Quick Way Out – NSF to PST Converter

    NSF to PST Converter is an efficient application which is filled with advance features and contains friendly interface. The application is not only built for technical, novice users can also easily perform NSF file to Outlook conversion without any loss of content or properties


    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)