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Interesting Products You Will Always Love

    Logo It
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    By Logo It

    A growler koozie is that beautiful sleeve worn by growlers. Growlers are used for transporting beer and other beverages. They look bare without koozies on. Therefore those interesting and colorful growler koozies make the growlers look attractive and easy to handle. Here are several interesting facts about growler koozies you will love to know.


    The choice of materials
    Growlers come in a variety of materials. The ultimate purpose of the growler koozies is to provide a colorful look to the growlers. In addition, they also add more color to the growlers and facilitate a good grip under your fingers when you lift and move the growlers. With the cushion effect provided by the koozies under your fingers, you are less likely to drop the growlers down. When it comes to the material of growlers, you have a plethora of choice. The material used for the growlers should be flexible so that the koozies can be easily slipped on to the growlers. The flexibility of the koozies should also be able to support slipping them on to growlers of slightly different circumferences. Once they are on the growlers they must stick to them with a fine grip so that they do not slip down. To achieve all these purposes, they need to be made in the material that will suit these objectives. Therefore the best choice of material for a koozie is neoprene. However, you have a few other choices too. Therefore you can customize growler koozies as per your taste and budget.

    Printing options
    Koozies can be easily printed in different ways. In the first place, neoprene made growlers can be made in different colors. If you have an idea to print them with the information about your company and products, then the best approach is to decide on the suitable color of the koozies. Go for some good colors that will let the printed matter come out so attractive against the fitting background they provide. The color choice should also take into account the color of your log, the color of the contents you like to print on them. Once you do that, you can discuss with the supplier to customize the color of the growlers you will order. It is very easy to print on the growlers since their flexible material like neoprene can support good quality print. This is one reason why you will find them the best option as promotional materials for giving away during product promotion campaigns.

    Highly loved products
    People love growler koozies so much. They are very useful to people. You find growler koozies in most restaurants, bars, public places, households and others. People love to adorn their growlers in those attractive koozies for achieving great looks and also fine grip under their fingers. Some people deem koozies as collectibles and so collect a lot of them. Since people carry growler koozies with them on the move, they can keep promoting your company and product information easily across masses. Therefore you are going to make your product promotion campaign a successful one when you depend on growler koozies.


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