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The Five Most Popular Wholesale RDA Models

    Ben Oesterling
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    By Ben Oesterling

    wholesale RDA

    An RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) offers its user a number of benefits, most notably a very increased flavor experience. RDAs are popular amongst vapers, but there are countless different models and styles that you can offer to your customers. Below are some of the most popular wholesale RDA models available for purchase.

    1. 528 Customs Goon RDA
    The 528 Customs Goon RDA is perhaps the most popular RDA available for wholesale. This model is offered in black, stainless steel, and brass. The Goon goes down into fine detail to make sure it is one of the best possible designs, as it includes gold-plated features on the deck that make it more conductive and aesthetically pleasing. It includes an extra half inch tip that is thicker and shorter than the standard tip and has a 24 mm base.

    2. Alliance V2 & V2 Big Boy RDAs
    The Alliance V2 RDA is also a very popular option. It has a unipost deck design with square base t-post / quad posts and square insulators. It features a removable condensing chamber, which allows its user to create larger clouds and cooler vape with no spit back. Additional benefits include a quieter airflow design, making this a great option for any vape customer you may encounter. There is also a larger version of the V2, called the V2 Big Boy. This bigger model offers a 30mm base, much larger than the 22mm design of the standard v2. This larger RDA may be more wanted by your customers. It is also available in crazy color options including purple with green splatter.

    3. iJoy Limitless Plus RDTA
    The iJoy Limitless Plus model of RDTA is also a great option. This device is a different spin on the traditional RDA. The ‘T’ in RDTA stand for ‘Tank, the Limitless is an RDA that wicks from the bottom with a large eliquid tank below. Additionally, its 2-post gold plated deck offers a stylish look to this RDA.

    4. Geekvape Peerless RDA
    The Geekvape Peerless RDA is offered in blue, gold, black, and red colorways, offering a variety of style options for you to sell to your customers. Besides the beautiful color options, this RDA also offers benefits such as supporting both standard and complex coil builds, making this model quite versatile. Further, its special split bridge post design creates an open liquid chamber for additional wicking surface area.

    Shop RDA Wholesale Today
    Now that you are aware of the best RDA models and their various benefits, you can now put in an order for wholesale RDA products that you can sell at your vape store with confidence. All of these RDA models, from the 528 Customs Goon to the Geekvape Peerless, are available for purchase at wholesale from Kingdom Vapor. Visit to find great deals on the best wholesale RDA models!


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