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Why a Diamond Twig Engagement Ring Stands Out for Your Fiancée

    Olivia Ewing Jewelry
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    By Olivia Ewing Jewelry

    diamond twig engagement ring

    A proposal is the first step in forging the incredible bonds of a lifelong marriage. Every proposal is unique; no two love stories are the same. Maybe he was your high school sweetheart, or maybe she was your colleague in art. Regardless of the humble beginnings of love, if you are ready to take the step closer to marriage, you’ll likely begin by researching a ring. In recent years, there has been a great rise in the popularity of new styles of rings that are challenging the somewhat rigid designs of traditional engagement rings. One of the most beautiful of these is called a diamond twig engagement ring, and it is a truly beautiful option for your beloved fiancée.

    A diamond twig engagement ring is a spectacularly unique ring style. The band is formed by casting an actual twig of your chosen tree in a covering of precious metal. This method produces a very natural, unrefined appearance while still communicating the grace of precious metals. Twig rings can be cast in quite a number of precious metals, meaning color and composition is flexible.

    Twig rings have a slim appearance that hearkens to the natural beauty of the forest, and the simple grace of the natural world. With a ring that is minimalistic and distilled in design, it is easy to focus the ring around communicating meaning. These attractive engagement rings can be customized to communicate a love of nature, or an appreciation for the simple characteristics of love. A change in the type of metal, for example, that your twig ring will be cast in can indicate a subtle message through design; gold is warm, inviting, and regal while platinum is graceful, calm, and serene. White gold, silver, and even different thicknesses and forms of gold can all communicate something unique in the form of a ring. A ring, remember, is ultimately a symbol of something much more important: the love you share with your partner.

    As is indicated in the name, a diamond twig engagement ring specifically combines the twig ring slim design with a carefully crafted cradle of branches in which to insert a diamond. In addition to the powerful imagery combining natural diamonds with real harvested twigs, the appearance is striking and unforgettable. Traditional ring insets are often designed to appear geometric and angular; twig rings go the opposite direction, creating an inset that settles gently around the cut of the diamond, as if the diamond had sprouted from the twig itself.

    To further expand on this design, many twig ring designers offer uncut diamonds as an inset option. A twig ring with an uncut diamond doubles down on the spirit of naturality that is already present in the twig ring design. The inset, instead of clashing with the geometric perfection of a cut diamond, instead wraps around the diamond’s natural shape, communicating a deep appreciation for our world’s ability to shape beauty without use of harsh machinery, calculated mathematics, and controlled design.

    Choosing a diamond twig engagement ring is a unique way to begin the formal profession of lifelong love that is marriage. With such a ring, you can communicate an appreciation for your partner’s natural, internal and external beauty, while simultaneously letting your partner have a ring that is truly worthy of showing off. The twig ring is eye-catching, unique, and rare to see. In a world of traditional engagement rings, choosing something so natural and carefully crafted is a minor form of revolutionary expression.

    Want help designing or selecting a unique and natural ring for your fiancée? Call us right away at 1-800-386-0103!


    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)