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How to Start a Swimwear Line, That Lasts

    Bali Swim
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    By Bali Swim

    At Bali Swim we have worked with hundreds of designers and brands to kickstart their swimwear lines – or to develop them further. They have come in all shapes and sizes, targeting many different markets, and with very different styles.

    This wide range of experience, designers and brands has taught us a lot. But not only that. Watching them succeed and return to us (and unfortunately sometimes fail, and not return) has revealed so much – about what makes them last.

    There is a clear new wave of entrepreneurial swimwear businesses and independent designers that are turning the industry on it’s head. They start without the backing of huge investors/corporations. They build a following through creativity, and not with massive marketing budgets. They do so, and succeed.

    The points below are what we’ve learnt from just those businesses; what we know from our own operations – plus a few of the checklist kind.

    Understand Your Motivations

    This is potentially the most important factor.

    Did you notice a gap in the market? That’s great! Do you want to cater to a trend? This can certainly work.

    Did you notice a gap in the market? That’s great! Do you want to cater to a trend? This works.

    Did you want to create something for yourself? Or can it really be something that others can/will also want to share in?

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    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)