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CCTV Cameras and Preventing Employee Theft

    TriStar Commercial LLC
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    By TriStar Commercial LLC

    It is a sad fact that the employees of a company can steal from a company that gives them livelihood. Whether they do it to meet their need or greed, the loss is for the company to bear. In any form, stealing is wrong and every business must take this seriously and implement the right measures to check this behaviour in their employees to prevent losses. Here is a discussion on how to prevent employee theft by installing CCTV Austin in the workplace.

    Surveillance cameras are easy to use
    Every business owner has a lot of things to worry about. This is the most important reason why they should think of installing a surveillance system that is very easy to use. It is necessary that the CCTV system you buy is simple enough for you or your designated employee to configure. Go for a surveillance system that comes with a simple to navigate user interface. In the event of a concerning incident, you must be able to playback the footage easily and load it to a thumb drive.

    Useful installation information
    • The cash register is the most crucial area vulnerable to thefts. Usually the money is kept in this place and it is easy to steal from here when the employee might think they are not watched by anyone. When you install a security camera in a strategic location near the register, you can deter the employees from stealing. In case they do so, you will have a proof to support the accusation.

    • One of the most important purposes of a surveillance system is this. The very thought that they are watched 24 X 7 by the surveillance system warns the employees against any unwanted activities like stealing, misbehaving and whiling away their time. This situation will help you run the business smoothly and more efficiently.

    • The sophisticated technology around us had made it possible to integrate several devices. This is true with surveillance system also. If they are integrated with the registers in a way they record when a point of sale is ring up, you can clearly know where to locate on the log if the money was stolen by someone. If this happens, you can straight away fire the employee and use it as an example to warn other employees that they are being watched.

    • You can install the CCTV cameras in strategic points of the campus including the entry and exit points so that you can keep a watch if anything unapproved is moving inside and outside the building. In this way, you can use the surveillance system to tighten the security and ensure peace of mind.


    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)