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High School Teacher Vacancy Overseas


Tasks, Activities, Expectations:
1. Teaching upto 30 students with a variety of strengths and weaknesses in a self-contained classroom.
2. Assessing how each child learns best and then planning and developing creative teaching and learning activities using the modified Ontario curriculum and the supporting resources.
3. Preparing weekly lesson plans in a timely manner, submitting unit plans before each quarter and long term plans in September to the Academic Coordinator/Vice-Principal.
4. Records Management: A detailed pupil working file is kept for each student. The file includes copies of interim, progress and end of term pupil reports, medical reports and educational assessments. Information of student attendance, behavior and marks are to be posted on the school Information System (RenWeb).
5. Use of Technology: Develop and update teaching resources on Curriculum trakand effective deliverance through Smart boards.
6. Maintaining professional competence through in-service professional development activities provided by the school.
7. It is mandatory to attend all the academic meetings as scheduled by the Principal.
8. Maintaining high standard of classroom and corridor displays which reflects the work of the students.
9. Supporting other members of the faculty during short leaves of absence.
10. Administering tests and Assessments as per the academic program.
11. Communicating with parents and school on pupil progress regularly (atleast once a month).

Extra-Curricular Activities:
1. Submitting plans for field trips two weeks prior to the trip.
2. Participating in one mandatory afterschool extracurricular activity which develops the after school program and helps to develop school teams that participate competitively at various levels representing the school.It is mandatory to attend scheduled meetings for extra-curricular activities
3. Teachers are also expected to participate in atleast one committee, after school parental workshops as well as weekly school assemblies and all school events.

Department Goals:
1. Abiding by the weekly plans.
2. Meeting the curriculum and developmental goals outlined for the year.

Individual Goals:
1. Be ambassadors in promoting the school.
2. Implementing the weekly plans, unit plans and long range plans effectively in the classroom.
3. Maintaining a high standard of classroom discipline, student manners and behavior both inside and Kindergarten teacher vacancy outside the classroom.

1. Daily lesson plansto be submitted on every Wednesday on curriculum Trak.
2. Unit plans – 6 unit plans a year.
3. Year at a glance/Long range plans for the next academic year – End of the academic year (May).
4. Progress reports and report cards as per schedule.
5. Submitting students working files to the Principal at the end of each academic year.


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