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Three Simple Tips To Save Your Mobile Battery Life

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    By Dees

    Some mobile device manufacturers may set restrictions on integrating services with certain mobile specific ad platforms and networks and hence app monetization with native apps can be complex. At the same time with web apps, monetization is easy through site advertisements and charging subscription fees etc. Though, with a native the app store, handles your payment process and in the case of a web app, you will need to setup your own payment structure.

    قیمت باتری موبایلIt's unlikely that anyone but the most extreme wine connoisseur will need to track wine-preserving argon gas levels in a half-finished bottle of pinot noir. But a maker of bottle-opening gadgetry, Coravin, lets you do just that. What's new is connectivity and an app, so you're alerted when the gadget needs cleaning or a new battery. The device needles wine out of a bottle without pulling the cork.

    It is seen that many companies develop both native and web apps for their business. It is the developer


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