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What are My Options for Diaphragm Pumps?

    Eric Gadin
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    By Eric Gadin

    A diaphragm pump, sometimes known as a membrane pump, is what is known as a “positive displacement pump.” These pumps use the reciprocating action of a rubber diaphragm and a pair of valves to pump a fluid through a system. There are a ton of interesting characteristics of diaphragm pumps you might not know about that could color your opinion when shopping for industrial pumps. For instance, diaphragm pumps are suitable up to one-thousand two-hundred bars for discharge pressure, meaning they can handle a lot of pressure before getting to any sort of danger zone. This kind of pump can be up to ninety-seven percent efficient, so that you aren’t wasting precious resources or time. Diaphragm pumps can also uniquely handle viscous liquids with ease, giving you a wider variety of options when pumping. Finally, diaphragm pumps as a class of pump have a ton of interesting applications. They have been used in everything from the creation of artificial hearts to the care of pet fish habitats.

    Now, once you know that a diaphragm pump fits your needs, you might be left searching for a manufacturer. Wilden diaphragm pumps come from a company that has been around for over sixty years and are the original inventors of the AODD pump. Wilden serves over one-hundred and sixty countries and are partnered with over one-hundred and eighty distributors worldwide. Wilden is a definitive force for innovation within the industry. Besides inventing the AODD pump, they also invented the first ball-valve pumps, groundable plastic pumps, PTFE diaphragms, and equalizer surge dampeners. Wilden is a company dedicated to pushing innovation and delivering quality products. It is no surprise that Wilden diaphragm pumps are a great option when searching for a pump that will handle the challenges of your system well.

    Knowing that Wilden is a reputable manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, you might find yourself wondering about where the best place to purchase them is for your business. Here at IndustrialZone, we have a wide variety of Wilden diaphragm pumps available on our easy-to-navigate website. We have many different models available from SANIFLO hygienic pumps to PX2000 advanced metal pumps. Each entry on our website also has an easy-to-read specification sheet, so that there is no guesswork when trying to find out what sort of pump fits your needs. Our website also features a user review system so that you know you are getting a quality product with no guesswork involved. The product pages at feature a helpful legend to show you how each pump stands up to other brands and models when it comes to efficiency.

    IndustrialZone is a supplier known for ease-of-purchase and professionalism. We are a leading supplier in Wilden diaphragm pumps and make ordering the exact pump you need as painless as possible. We have a great presence on social media where you can take part in a lively and friendly community of industrial sellers and buyers and we have endeavored to make purchasing industrial equipment as easy as possible for years. At IndustrialZone, we offer free international shipping on orders over three-hundred dollars, and frequently offer steep sales to help ease the pain in your wallet. You can reach us on our website using an incredibly convenient messaging system at ( or by phone at (713-395-1508). Talk to one of our expert representatives today to learn about how you can save on the components you need to get your workplace working safely and efficiently. Take the guesswork out of ordering industrial supplies online by ordering through IndustrialZone today!


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