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Detailed Information related to M. Com College in North East India

    Shristi Sharma
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    By Shristi Sharma
    Detailed Information related to M. Com College in North East India

    M.Com is another step to get the best opportunity for the management students. Because it is Master Degree course and gives the better job to the students. In different states of India, including Northeast India there are wide range of colleges those are offering the M. Com program for the students. This program delivers the advanced knowledge to the students related to their field.

    M.Com is designed to enhance the students practical, managerial and also helps to enhance the business decision making ability. This program also helps to students to develop their work skills. Students can get the knowledge from different projects and presentation. They can also get the practical knowledge through online projects also.

    Basic eligibility criteria for M. Com

    M.Com is a package taken after completing graduation with minimum 50% marks and deliver the maximum aids later on in the future. If the scholars finished their Bachelor degree from North East India, after completing the Bachelor degree he or she easily takes the admission in M. Com College in North East India.

    Career options after M. Com Degree

    There are lots of options are waiting for M. Com students. They can easily get the job in different organizations as:

    • Can get work as Assistant manager
    • Also get the job as Company Law Assistant
    • Works as Relationship Manager
    • As a Sales Officer (Accounts)
    • As Budget Analyst
    • Works as financial Analyst
    • Also get the job in Insurance Sector

    Candidates can also apply for jobs in Government sector also like they can apply in banks, Railway Department, Ministry, and Finance Department etc. In Government sector, they will also get best opportunities in future also.

    M.Com College in North East India

    There are reputed M. Com colleges are existing in North India as well. The Arunachal University of Studies in North East India is the one best university that offers. Com course to students. The course duration is minimum two years, and students can get the admission in this course after finishing their bachelor degree program. All the program of this university is recognized by UGC.

    The way of the program classes is given by advanced methods. For the help of students, there are lots of seminars and presentation arranged by experienced professors. University also provides the internship to the best students, so that they can get the idea about the work.


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