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Women Writers Week 2018: Table of Contents

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    This week, all of our content on the site is written by women. We'll update this table of contents page with links to new pieces as they go up.


    Welcome to Women Writers Week 2018 by Chaz Ebert 

    Let the River Run: On the 30th Anniversary of "Working Girl" by Christy Lemire, Sheila O'Malley and Susan Wloszczyna 

    Walking a Tightrope: A Defense of "The Greatest Showman" by Elena Lazic 

    Return of "Roseanne" Marked by Notable Highs and Lows by Allison Shoemaker 

    The C-Section in American Movies by Violet LeVoit 

    How to Create Sex Scene that Women Will Enjoy as Much as Men by Olivia Collette 

    How ABC's "The Good Doctor" is Changing Television by Jana Monji

    FX's "The Americans" Keeps with Series' Strengths in Final Season by Allison Shoemaker

    It Takes an Army by Carrie Rickey 

    Against the Odds: Netflix Brings "Lost in Space" to WonderCon by Jana Monji 

    Disability Theater Access in 2018 by Kristen Lopez 

    Phantom Thread, Jane Eyre and the Power Dynamics of Hetero Romance by Shelley Farmer 

    The Life of a Woman, Directed by Women by Emma Piper-Burket 

    How "Night of the Living Dead" Destroyed Hammer Films by Jessica Ritchey

    For Women in Film, 2017 Produced a Bloom of Optimism on the Horizon by Jennifer Merin

    Looking Back at Searching for Debra Winger Through the #MeToo Lens by Olivia Collette 


    "Ready Player One" by Christy Lemire 

    By: The Editors
    Posted: March 28, 2018, 3:16 pm


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