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Binoy Nazareth Goes On a Gator Trail in Florida

Binoy Nazareth Goes On a Gator Trail in Florida

Explore Exciting Encounters in Fantastic Florida


What could be more exciting than to journey through “the Sunshine State” where the brilliant light brightens your day and takes the taste buds on an adventurous mode? I planned my sunshine with great excitement to include Florida’s fantastic food and its perfect days filled with sunshine. Known as the “Land of Flowers” in Spanish, Florida in the United States of America evolves on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean with its borders ranging over the Gulf of Mexico and Alabama.


Sensational with sunny days filled to the brim with encounters of exciting days, I headed to the gorgeous shores of Daytona Beach, West Palm Beach, South Beach and the Panama City Beach. Rocking with life and exhilaration, my days were leveraged with awesome vibrant activities at Florida’s theme parks and water parks. Yes, Disney World was definitely on my itinerary including Sea World, Universal Studios, Wet and Wild, the Discovery Cove and the marvelous Islands of Adventure. Quenching my thirst with the famous Florida Margaritas, frozen yogurt, delicious ice creams and sweet teas, my hunger pangs were satiated with the mouth-watering Cubano (Cuban sandwich), innumerable types of seafood, barbeque, grits and Caribbean food. I indulged my taste buds with glorious Florida specialties which included Key lime pie, Strawberry shortcake, orange juice, Mojitos, Café Cubano and sun-filled trips to incredible wineries.


Each of my forays into Florida was filled with refreshing cultural offerings and a pasture for my quest to discover the craft of culinary cravings. I indulged in steaks, subs to Biscottis to going the whole “Hawg’ in Jacksonville or Jax besides lazing around on the beaches. I was amazed by the display of rich and awesome cuisines which included coffee to custard to the catch of the day.  To my surprise, I discovered that Florida has two time zones! Lounging around on white sandy beaches at Daytona while taking foodie breaks with Asian, Italian, Mexican and other culinary delights, I have never before enjoyed a unique two-time zone with such immense attractions.


Speaking of entertainment for both mind and body, I was completely fascinated with Orlando which boasted of over a dozen theme parks which I made it a point to visit. Driving down the ocean side highway (The Strip) at Fort Lauderdale was exhilarating and divine. I just loved chilling out in the bars and shopping at the famous boutiques besides visiting the popular attractions.


Discover a Gourmet Gator Trail


Every minute of my breath-taking holiday in Florida was topped to the utmost with hiking, backpacking, fishing and cruising around the calm waters.   Between sightseeing and shopping, I took off to discover my main reason for this vibrant break which is exploring all the restaurants which served alligator meat. I had heard so much about alligator meat that the chef and the intrepid adventurer in me simply had to taste, feel and ingest the essence of a gourmet trail.

This was going to be a tasteful adventure which I knew my taste buds would thoroughly enjoyed while anticipating the flavor of smoked, barbequed, marinated, spiced and oh so delicious delicate gator meat. Have you tasted the healthy, lean alligator meat high in protein and low in fat? I just loved it and relished the alligator meat dishes so much that I visited all the restaurants which specialized in this delectable culinary skill. I satiated the senses with all things alligator such as gator nuggets, sautéed alligator and blackened alligator, seasoned alligator meat ribs, barbecues and smoked alligator ribs. Served with barbecue sauce on the side and also served as an appetizer or even a meal, these amazing dishes hold memories which take the palate on a delectable sojourn.

Celebrate the Spirit of a Delightful Journey

Punctuating my explorations through the Nature Coast Manatee Tours, the Everglades National Park and the Busch Gardens in Tampa, the gator meat dishes kept beckoning with inviting enticement. Florida opened out a virtual sea of entertainment with Lake Okeechobee, the Shark City, the inspiring Seminole or Miccosukee Indian reservations including myriad attractions and I stopped off to record all my experiences. I gave in to my gator cravings with Alligator Gumbo, Gator Pucker which is a burger with gator meat and pork, Shrimp and Chicken & Alligator Combo and Gator Tail a la Fud which I not only relished but made sure that I took photos of these memorable dishes. I particularly enjoyed the Gator Ribs which was accompanied by hushpuppies, coleslaw and French fries, the zingy Cajun Fried Gator Tail and the Alligator sausage blended with pork or turkey.

Lounging on the beach as I took a break between my gator trails with intoxicating cocktails and mojitos, I marveled at the amazing southern Florida wildlife and landscape. Of course, I did make time to attend the incredible music festivals that Florida offers to keep the mind on a ethereal journey and to celebrate the spirit of talent. But I vowed to come back to Florida to pursue, enjoy and relish the gator dishes which would whisk my taste buds on a divine tour of all things tasteful and thrilling.

Binoy Nazareth Invites the Brave Hearts to Indulge in a Gator Food Adventure


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