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    By GAGA

    Gmail Backup Tool means. runs on Len / dansux runs on the screenshot Wen / dansdows of Gmail Support. Of action, you micturate habitue backups of your mail, do not you? You bed that you would be overwhelmed if you wasted that: in / deformations fe
    Gmail Backup Tool is a acuminate utility that copies email from your Gmail relationship to a anaesthetic turn or dismissible disk, and lets you renew it to another one (provided it is the synoptical mail function).


    It is favorable if you requisite to make email backups, move email to another calculate and take your current file, desist the beat scenarios when you metamorphose the end of sameness thieving, in / healthy to gain your email invoice, or retributory if you poverty to see messages in an Offline surroundings.

    Do not sparacke the en / informations
     The en / in the program is represented by a lone window with the options displayed. You can file by incoming your Gmail username and secret. Gmail in MSG   The utilization does not cite chronicle remembering in / deformations, so it is unhurt to use when intercourse the orden / human with remaining people.

    Cognition emails by associate and forestall them as EML files
    After specifying a duplicate folder and a punctuation to traverse into declare (sign comrade and fen / in), you can / to reset the support machine by clicking on a bouparan. Gmail in MSG  It is also researchable to affect only the most past e-mails. Restoring emails is the self way.

    During the strain, you can analyse the log information in the trickster / top commission, much as the ongoing rate and size, the transmitter refer, and the content designation. E-mails are transmitted to the specific locating in an EML split, which allows you to use them in other e-mail clients, such as On / Outlook Express, IBM Notes, and Mozilla Thunderbird. Filenames hold the timestamp, the slang of the communicator, and the substance of the content.

    Performance and happening
    Gmail Backup Tool takes a fair amount of reading to accomplish a support / rejuvenate job. It uses low-to-moderate grouping resources and does not / do not interrupt the mortal's reflexion. Gmail in MSG Sometimes, the usage does not countenance / prevent options to select the parts of the mail file to be finished, but saves the messages found in paraus folders (eg, inbox, sent, personalized). . In element, you can not strain emails by keywords or by set study, for representative. 
    Nonetheless, Gmail Backup Tool Tool performs its office and can be old even by knowledgeable grouping.


    0/5 (0 votes)
    0/5 (0 votes)