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This Season of love, BrewEstate Celebrates Valentines in a Unique Way!

    The BrewEstate
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    By The BrewEstate

    We Love You Back” is already trending around and creating a hype.
    Here’s a little sneak peek, about it – This February’19, we are spreading the sheer emotions of joy, happiness, and even success across the unprivileged sector and NGOs, during which we will be donating a certain percentage of our success to the mentioned section of society.
    As the quote says: “In necessary things, unity; in doubtful things, liberty; in all things, charity.
    That’s how, in the most literal terms “We Love You Back” came into existence around this Valentine’s season.

    BrewEstate Valentine Special Menu

    If Brew Estate wouldn’t be about hospitality, what would it be like?

    Maybe, a sunny morning in the foggy winters without a warm mug of coffee is an apt description.
    Every occasion brings a new spark and so in-here, we are always brewing new concepts.
    Team Brew Estate makes it public its sizzling menu curated as a token of love, around valentine season, along with a new – fangled bar menu. We have come up with four  new craft beers.
    When love is spreading its wings up high, We are giving it a constant support to linger on, over and over again.

    BrewEstate Valentine Beer Menu

    Celebrate with our new beer!

    Celebrate it over our Saison beer for every present you gift, Be it chocolate, Rose, or teddy.
    Cheers with the Raspberry cider for every commitment of yours, whether it is a proposal, or just a simple promise to abide, even for the simplest gesture to express out love, in the form of hug, or kiss.
    celebrate those sweet memories, with the newest : honey wheat.

    BrewEstate Valentine Special Dessert

    Introducing a thorough menu for the valentines

    The new menu includes Penne Rose- Pink sauce pasta with cheese garlic bread, Green Apple fruity salad with berries, Irani chicken chuncks served with tangy roseberry sauce on the bed of rice, Italian cheesy Risotto, Strawberry tart filled with sweet kesari rabri, Pink ruby chocolate filled with strawberry marmalade, Mascopony mus in crispy macaroons, Lovers Pizza – Heart Shaped pizza with garden fresh vegetables/sausages n salami.

    A few new additions of appealing dishes have also been made to the menu.
    The belly tickles, as the want for food calls out.


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    Posted: February 5, 2019, 12:13 pm


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    0/5 (0 votes)