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Celebrating St. Patrick’s week at the Brew Estate

Let’s Cheers To Saint Patrick’s Day

The Brew Estate is celebrating from 11th March to 17th March, with a grand party on 17th March, featuring the wholesome DJ Khyber. There’s a specially brewed beer from our Brewmasters and an extensive St. Patrick’s dedicated menu. The Brew Estate is kicking off the spring season with a week-long Saint Patrick’s Day festival from March 11 to March 17. For those who don’t know much about Saint Patrick’s Day, let’s unfold the chapters of his life.

Saint Patrick was born as Patrick in 387 AD into a Romano-British Christian family in Scotland. His father, Calpurnious, was a deacon (an order ranking below that of a priest), whereas, his mother, Conchessa, was a relative of St. Martin of Tours. He had two sisters, one of which was the Darerca of Ireland.

He was merely 14 years old, when he was captured from his residence by Irish Pirates. After being captured for more than 5 years, he somehow escaped and returned home, where he studied Christianity. Later, Bishop Germanus of Auxerre or St. Germanus, ordained Patrick as a Christian missionary. In 433 AD, he returned to Ireland to spread the Gospel or the Christian message. Moreover, he used shamrock as a symbolic representation for the concept of Trinity and ejected all snakes from Ireland. Since then, he became one of the most popular saints in the world and earned the title of “Apostle of Ireland.”

Saint Patrick took his last breath on March 17, 461 AD. In his memory, St. Patrick Day is celebrated worldwide on March 17, not only in churches but also in pubs with green beer; by keeping in mind the theme of Irish Green.

The Brew Estate welcomes you to celebrate a week-long St. Patrick’s Day Festival by drinking pints of beer, dressing up green, and much more. Let’s take a look at Brew Estate’s exclusive and mouth watering menu for St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Our new introduction also includes a green colored craft beer made from Kiwi extract.

  • Red Ale Irish Mac-n-Cheese Balls (St. Patrick’s Day special Mac- n-cheese with a new flavor of our in house Kiwi beer)
  • Baileys Cheese Cake with Cheddar Cheese Cookies (Philadelphia’s Cream Cheese with the twist of Baileys and the perfect combination of Cheddar Cheese Cookies)


  • Irish Veg Fritters (Mozzarella cheese stuffed veg fritters serve with saucerkrant)

  • Reuben Egg Rolls (Reuben style sandwich rolls with smoked chicken and egg inside)

  • Shepherd’s Pie (A blend of lamb meat and Irish vegetables with a crust or topping of mashed potatoes)

  • Apple Tarts with Maple Custard (Cinnamon flavored green apple tarts with maple custard and dry berries)

You wouldn’t want to miss the St. Patrick’s Day at the Brew Estate, the four leaved clovers are said to bring showers of luck.

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Posted: March 13, 2019, 5:41 am


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