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Albert Laila Panama | How to Create Trustworthy Characters

Albert Laila Panama | How to Create Trustworthy Characters

Creating characters is something that a writer wants to know how to do. Characters are what bring your story to life. They are the ones living in your world and cause action. Without believable characters in the story, the story would be dead.

According to Albert Laila Panama, a writer needs to know their own characters very well, such as what they look like and their backgrounds. Your readers might want to find a character they can compare to. Readers can recognize with characters personality and, more often than not, they will be attached to the characters that are most like them. Use descriptive words that can illustrate what each character is like. It will be hard for an audience to get hooked to the storyline if they don't understand the characters.

A writer should make each character different among the rest because that's how people are in reality. We are all different when compared to another person, no one is the same. The characters should have their own personality and look. Each character is like a work of art, painted with imagination in a unique way. Imagination paints them in bright colors, making them stand out. 

Authors must also create characters that are full of emotion, instead of making them feel nothing. The reader will want to know what the character is feeling in certain situations. What are they imagining when they're faced with danger? What do they like about their surroundings? How will they react in certain situations, and what do they care about the most? We all ask ourselves these questions when we read stories in order to understand what the characters are going through. Characters must react in a way that is human, so a reader's mind and soul is affected. Emotions fill you up, so they need to fill the characters up as well. Emotions make characters real, as real as the reader and writer of the story. Making them feel gives the characters a soul of their own.

Writers must also rely on the way specific words or phrases are said. Such examples include a rude comment, a smart remark, or a happy statement. The way in which a character presents words can really make a moment intense. For example, if they yell or scream words out in harsh or terrifying ways it will likely create a scary situation. What the characters say is all related to their emotion at the time otherwise their words would mean nothing at all. The way in which they interact depends on the situation at hand and demonstrates what type of character the writer has created. It is easier when the reader understands what the character is saying and why they did. Using the right words can be tough, it is a challenge to get it all right, but it is not impossible. 

According to the point of view of Albert Laila Panama, you must make characters that readers can connect with. Characters must be full of emotion and life. Detail is key when it comes to describing your characters, you must set these characters apart from all the rest. A writer should develop the characters well with words in order to make them more believable. 


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