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A beer made for Summer – our Mango Beer is amazingly refreshing

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By The BrewEstate

You must be looking for a new drink that you can sip to beat the heat this scorching summer. Well, nothing beats the heat better than a glass of a chill mango beverage. The mushy, juicy fruit is a well-liked addition for brewers looking to enhance the fruitiness of our already fruity beers. What if The Brew Estate will offer you a mango version of beer? Surprised! Well, any flavor is possible at The Brew Estate. Why we chose mango? Well, it’s the most popular tropical fruit that, when incorporated into any recipe, provides an outcome in the form of golden-colored beer full of aromatic gradation that has a soft and sweet flavor with a tinge of bitterness. We have extracted our fruity beers after a series of trails to present you our latest “Mango Beer. “

The Mango Beer at The Brew Estate is a perfect fermentation of fresh mangoes with a subtle sweetness and dry finish. It’s easy drinking and balanced with a refreshing hint of mango. The natural Alphonso Mango flavour inside the craft beer has a thick body in taste with 4-5% alcohol. Moreover, it has a well-balanced aroma of hops and crispy Carbonation and flavors of a typical Alphonso mango with low bitterness, heavy body and medium Malty flavors, which is easy to drink and is light on the palate.

The Challenges of Making a fruity Beer

Fruits have always been used in brewing likely since the introduction of fermentation, but with the passage of time, its production faded away due to the escalating expenditure of fresh fruit and the processing they involve. With the craft brewing rejuvenation in India, brewers and fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel to the conventional form of beer. Back in the day, this beer was only brewed abroad – but by public demand, we brew it year round now.

The difficulties of using natural fruit are plentiful as brewing with real fruits have several drawbacks for the makers—it’s chaotic, need a lot of workers, hard to time with growers, and yields are often low as the fruit soaks up a lot of beer. However, we are always ready with new challenges involving the introduction of new flavors. And this time around, we made sure that the fruit itself is of high-quality from the get-go.

How it’s different  from the rest

Taking the Alphonso mangoes right from Maharashtra without any treatment was our biggest challenge as the majority of brewers gets worried when trying to avoid wild yeasts and has led many to boil mangoes before adding to the beer. This kind of brewing method may reduce risk of wild yeasts, but can also burn off delicate flavors and aromas. Mangoes that are tarter can be complemented from the acidic flavors that wild yeasts develop, as they tend to sharpen and brighten flavors. Most of the brewers play safe and follow this method by making additions of ingredients like citric acid to emulate that found in fruit. But, we always believe that if we are planning to make a fruit beer, it becomes more round and full flavored when we add fruit in all stages of the brewing process. Our mango beer is brewed with the extracts of mangoes at different stages of the brewing process; boil, bright tank (where freshly fermented beer rests to clarify) and a final post primary fermentation in barrels.

Now that we have done all the hard work from processing to rigorous trails, it’s your turn to taste the end product. For something like never before, try our mango beer, bursting with lots of fresh mango flavor and aroma, finishing crisp and refreshing.

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Posted: May 20, 2019, 7:27 am


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