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The Reasons Why Hops are MVP of Craft Beer

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By The BrewEstate

With a microbrewery in Ludhiana, we are keen on educating India more about beer. Every now and then when you visited a beer bar or brewery or any of our outlets, you might have read a term everywhere ‘Hops’ or ‘Made from Hops’. Remember? Okay, when you asked them they mentioned you that Beers are made up of hops. That’s it? Nope. There is so much you must know about Hops and why these are used in beers?

What are hops?

Hop is a naturally growing product and so much like cone-shaped flowers. Hop is a flower to Hop plant Humulus lupulus. Majorly, they are used for bittering the beers and to make its life increase. Hops add a fruity and Citric flavor to your beer which would actually be sweet if you don’t have hops in beers. Apart from beers, hops find there use in number of herbal medicine.

But if you think natural is best, and you are going to smoke or bite a hop flower, that would not actually be a good idea because hops consumed in any way other than brewed beer gives you severe pain in stomach or headaches.

How did hop found its place in beer?                      

Can you guess the age of a hop based beer is? You will be amazed to know that first recorded use of hops in beer was in 9th century. Though there are other cited records after centuries of its use which confirms its rising popularity in the era. By 13th century people started cultivating it as a crop in modern-day Belgium and Holland.

Before 9th century, when hops were not in the trend, people used to consume gruit made up of number of bittering ingredients. After passing years, decades and centuries, people found varieties in flavors and tastes and started using variety of hops to make variants of beers.

Where are hops cultivated?

Humulus lupulus is a perennial and herbaceous plant which usually grows and winds clockwise. United States are the major cultivators of hops in the present time where rains are quite less in summer which gives this plant perfect conditions to grow. At the time of picking/plucking of hops, the flowers contain rich moisture content which is needed to eliminate from it for brewing purposes using kilns. Later then, Hops are packed to transfer and export.

Major exporters of hop across the world are Czech Republic, United States, Germany and England and in even in a brewery in Ludhiana!

What is the role of hops in beer?

Hop is the 4th important but not an essential ingredient in beers. First three are, Malt, yeast, and water. Beer majorly bitters the taste of beer which would actually be sweet and dull if you use only the first three ingredients.

During the process of brewing beers, hops can be added at two stages; once during initial stages of boiling water and other at the end of boiling stage. Initial stage addition gives bitterness and the end stage addition works for flavors and aromas to brewed beer. Flavoring is done by the tiny and sticky glands present inside hops named as Lupulins.

Moreover, hops act as a preservative by acting as anti-microbial preserving beer from bacterial spoilage and eventually extends the life of beer. Though this function of hops is not much profound as refrigeration of beer also works in preservation. Even as a new microbrewery in Ludhiana, The Brew Estate has the highest quality of hops.

We hope this much information has made your day a hoppy one, Oops a happy one. So next time you visit any of The Brew Estate outlet, make sure you find how much of a hop-person you are.

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