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Beer, and Art Festival coming to the Tricity this June

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By The BrewEstate
Beer, and Art Festival coming to the Tricity this June

In the monotonous city life, which mainly includes eating, sleeping, job. Art festivals are a refreshing way to generate a certain amount of fluctuations in the excitement levels. Why wouldn’t it? As the art festivals allow us to inherent values of different cultures in an engaging and entertaining way. What about viewing art while holding a glass of freshly brewed craft beer. Well, beer and art sound like a mismatch, but it isn’t. The whole process of making craft beer is an art itself. For any craft brewer, beer is art, whether it’s brewing beer, testing, tasting, serving, and marketing it, the brewer applies art to every stage of the process. And, who can understand the meaning of art better than The Brew Estate, who is making strides with their artistry in craft beer.

World Art Festival in Tricity

The Brew Estate has already taken off as one of the many hotspots in the tri-city, but now, it will draw in more visitors to an art festival combining poetry, storytelling, comedy, paintings, dance, shopping and music. For an art lover looking to witness all the concoction of different art forms, there is no better way to explore it than to attend the World Art Festival at the Brew Estate. This is the first event of its kind in the tri-city where artists from various fields are coming together to celebrate the carnival of art, which is organized by the TBE junction and Plapp.

Purpose of World Art Festival

The festival features over 50 artist, 50 art stalls, and interactive art experiences. The primary objective of this World Art Festival is to promote awareness regarding creative activity all around the world, unite all the sections of society and display them about the importance of art in our lives. Moreover, this event is also a medium to admire the talent of artistic souls. The program also gives emphasis on exploring the hidden and unacknowledged talents in the stream of art. So, don’t miss this once in a lifetime event as such events often act as a platform for the new talents too, and who knows, you may witness a future star over here. It is a carnival of being in contact with you via art.

Who should attend the World Art Festival?

First of all, there are very few art festivals takes place in the tricity, and rarely at such a large scale. Whether you are a blooming talent or a veteran, if you possess the artistic talent in your arsenal, you want a better platform to showcase it.

This multi-art festival will captivate you with hypnotizing music to engaging storytelling, live band performance, and live workshops. It doesn’t end here as you can also devour a bar of hand-crafted chocolate, witness the making of the Gond Art Paintings, laugher ride with the best in the business, and capture your imaginations with the DreamCatchers.

So, if you are all heart for art, The Brew Estate has the perfect list of art festival events for you to attend this June. From being mesmerized by a sensational dance performance to decoding the artist’s message in a painting, this art festival will offer you a stack of entertainment loaded events to watch out for. Mark your calendar and reserve your day for these festivals from 7-9 June at SCO 351, sector 9, Panchkula, 11:30 onwards. Visit The Brew Estate, the best restaurant in Panchkula, for an amazing experience.

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