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Watermelon Beer – Exclusively Made for Summers for Endless Refreshment

    The BrewEstate
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    By The BrewEstate

    The emerging brewery of North India is growing at a high pace. All the credit goes to its exclusive craft beers. The innovativeness and vision of The Brew Estate are helping them to introduce new flavours of beer after a certain period. This is helping them to create a special place in the heart of consumers as the best microbrewery in the region. They are now known for their craft beer with tempting flavours, an array of an innovative, ground-breaking microbrewery, and for providing the best services at affordable rates.

    The Brew Estate greeted the summer by introducing Mango Beer, and this was being poured for the first time in the region. As the temperature is rising abruptly, The Brew Estate again succeeded to think out of the box. To help you to fight the sweating summers, they again crafted a new beer – Watermelon Beer which is again the first time in the region.

    Why Watermelon Beer? 

    Beer and watermelon are two of summer’s most loyal refreshers, and nothing can beat a chilled beer along with few slices of juicy watermelon. And, when both of them are mixed to form a beer, the result is beyond compare. If you are fond of juicy slices of watermelon and beer, this beer is specially crafted for you. Everyone wishes for the happy hour in the summertime and this Watermelon Beer can provide you that happy hour without any trouble.

    Watermelon beer is having 4.5- 5% ABV’s, which means that a couple of mugs will help you to drive pleasure out of it. This drink is subtle in flavour, so even the newbies can enjoy the watermelon beer on a hot, sunny day. This beer is also good for health; it is because The Brew Estate uses fresh and juicy watermelon instead of using artificial flavouring agents.

    It doesn’t make a difference whether you are a newbie or drink beer on a regular basis because watermelon beer is subtle in flavour. This means even the lightest of drinkers can get a kick out of it.


    Why is it Different?

    The brewing process has always used fruits since the introduction of fermentation. However, this practice continued to decline with the passage of time. It was all because of the rising prices of fresh fruit and the complex process involved with it. The other associated problems are need of a large number of workers, messy process, difficult to get the perfect fruits, and yields are generally low because the fruit ends up soaking a good amount of beer. However, The Brew Estate is always ready to overcome the challenges and serve new flavours to the beer lovers.

    If you still not tasted the Watermelon beer then hurry up, immediately visit The Brew Estate now!

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    Posted: June 13, 2019, 12:03 pm


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