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Reasons to Celebrate Father’s Day with The Brew Estate

    The BrewEstate
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    By The BrewEstate

    Father’s Day, this day helps us to remember both the significance and the challenges of fatherhood. They don’t get the glow of admiration and intimacy that we give to our mothers. In fact, they have the cultural image of authority, disciplinarian, and breadwinner image. Remember the sentence your mother used to speak while you were growing up – “wait until your father comes home.” Our culture and tradition placed the fathers in a challenging role. They must earn but be present; must be compassionate, but disciplinarian; must be aloof but intimate. Well, it is the real time to cut our dads some slack; don’t worry, The Brew Estate will be with you all the time. Here are the reasons why you should think to celebrate Father’s Day with The Brew Estate with a list of craft beer.

    Opportunity to Introduce your Father to Craft Beer

    Sure, commercial beer is good, but there is immeasurably more to unearth. The Brew Estate provides a wide range of irresistible and detectable Craft Beer. Even when your father is a person of habit and in practice to drink what he knows, he will still get a thrill out of this vast selection. Moreover, The Brew Estate is serving Watermelon Beer to beat the heat, which is the First Time in the Region. Make sure that your father tastes it. If your father wishes to try something livelier or is a seasoned beer lover, watermelon beer is the perfect craft beer to discover something new.

    Best Way to Try Various Craft Beer

    The master brewers of The Brew Estate are from Germany and Belgium. All the ingredients such as Hops, Malt, and Yeast are of the best quality which is imported from the US, UK, and Germany. That means you will help your father to taste a variety of Craft Beer brewed from the best ingredients. The Father’s Day is about being social and enjoy a tasting with almost every kind of beer. Make your father try the Hoppy beers such as IPA, German lagers such as Premium lager, or watermelon beer. Not only this, The Brew Estate has a broad range of liquor which only a few pubs in the region have.

    Best Cuisines and Services

    Father’s Day is all about fun and enjoyment; it is all about making your father feel proud and happy. And, The Brew Estate can make them enjoy the day to the best level. We are dedicated to fine dining and present a globally inspired, multi-cuisine. This will definitely provide your father with an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. The skilled and experienced chef will ensure to flood the taste buds of your father. The Brew Estate is not only limited to Craft Beer, Exotic drinks, delicious cuisines. They also provide the best ambiance that perfectly complements the priceless moments.

    Present your Dad a Moment to Unwind and Relax

    Beer tastes best when drunk chilled. And this stands for both the drink and the drinker. A beautiful place, with the alluring environment, barbecue with few sausages and craft beer is all your father need. Let your dad enjoy a few light beers with fresh witbiers, relaxed lagers, and tasty pale ales.

    India V/S Pakistan

    Let this Father’s Day watch India V/S Pakistan Live on a big screen, with a mug of beer, and delicious cuisines. The match between India and Pakistan always do the wonder, and this will also do on your father.

    Celebrating Father’s Day with The Brew Estate will become one of the most memorable days of your life. Don’t delay, visit the best brewery in the town today!

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    Posted: June 14, 2019, 1:30 pm


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