The Brew Estate Introduces Lychee Craft Beer – First Time in Region

How many different beers have you tried till now? Wait, we are not asking about the mass-produced beer. Honestly, the majority of people will answer one or two while very few will answer more than this. If you think that craft beer doesn’t have variety, then you should definitely visit The Brew Estate – the emerging microbrewery of India. It is because their master brewers are from Germany and Belgium, which gives them a leading edge to serve craft beer with unique taste and flavour. Moreover, craft beer served by them is beyond comparison because all the ingredients are imported directly from the UK, US, and Germany.

Brewing Something Special for You

The Brew Estate – the leading brewery of India greeted the summer with Mango Beer, and when the temperature started rising, they cheered the summers with Watermelon Beer. Now they are preparing to give a sweet and juicy farewell to the summer with a new craft beer.

Brewing Lychee Craft Beer

Lychee Beer – Taste a New Ale

The Brew Estate has laid the foundations for Lychee Beer, which is the first time in the region. The master brewer of India’s emerging microbrewery has conducted various Lychee Beer test brews to get the sensational taste.

Lychee Beer

The Lychee Beer by The Brew Estate is a mouth-watering blended ale which consists of sweet subtle Lychee fruit character that comes directly through the palate and nose. You and your friends will undoubtedly enjoy a fruity, light aroma of exotic Lychee. This Lychee Beer will stimulate all the senses with its sparkles, a mild and fresh aroma. This beer is highly refreshing and the best way to compliment a hot day. You can enjoy it with your family and friends. You can enhance the experience while having the Lychee Beer with BBQ cuisines. Remember that this beer will certainly make your evening out of the box.

Crisp Blend and Sweet Notes of Lychee

Lychee Beer by The Brew Estate consists of yellow to light golden colour with 4.5% to 5.5% ABV. The white and clear frothy head enhances the experience. To get the perfect Lychee Beer, The Brew Estate, an emerging microbrewery of India, used the best quality ingredients. Hops are from the US, UK, and Germany, yeast from Belgium, and Malt from Germany. If you are a newbie or wish to drink responsibly, then Lychee Beer will be the perfect craft beer to go with.

Sweet Notes Of Lychee Beer

Don’t think more, save the date 8th July 2019 because the pouring of the Lychee Beer will start from this day. Share this with your squad and family so that they can also taste the Lychee Beer and other varieties of Craft Beer.

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