The Largest Microbrewery Chain in North India

As the global microbrewery market is brewing up as a flourishing industry, countries like Australia, US, UK, and Belgium are continuing to dominate the market. Beer is one of the most alcoholic beverages in the world. However, there are some countries like India, which are now marking their presence in the field of the microbrewery market. This credit goes to The Brew Estate as it emerged as the biggest chain of the microbrewery in North India. With having a chain of 7 outlets, The Brew Estate is ruling the major regions like Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana.

If you are wondering that what makes North India’s largest microbrewery chain unique, the answer lies in their passion, innovation, quality, ingredients, and consistency for craft brewing. There are plenty of microbreweries mushrooming in India; however, The Brew Estate is not having any competition for the position of North India’s largest microbrewery chain.

Emerging Microbrewery - The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate chain is aware of the fact that the best ingredient brews the best craft beer. That’s why all the ingredients are specially imported from countries like Belgium, the UK, US, and Germany. These ingredients help to get the perfect beer every time, which helps the consumers to have faith in them.

North India’s largest microbrewery chain – The Brew Estate has a vibrant and thriving microbrewery ambience along with a wide variety of craft beer. From stouts and traditional ales to unusual and innovative brews, The Brew Estate always have something that will complement your taste and preference. There you can enjoy an array of seasonal beer such as mango beer, kiwi beer, watermelon beer, lychee beer, and more which are rarely available in India.

Emerging Microbrewery - The Brew Estate

You can also go for the IPA, Belgian Wit, Bavarian Weiss, Premium Lager, Red Ale, and more. That means you can easily grab a beer that is a light and mild flavour to the bold brews. This will definitely surprise you that The Brew Estate – an emerging microbrewery of India has successfully served more than 80 kinds of craft beer till now and they are working on more. Not only this, but you can also feast upon their global multi-cuisine food delicacies.

The trend of a microbrewery in India is new, and a vast population isn’t aware of this. Most of them go for mass-produced bottled beer. However, according to The Brew Estate, once they get a taste of authentic craft beer, it will be tough for them to go back to drinking the same “mass-produced bottled beer”.

Finest Microbrewery - The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate is looking to spread its wings, and very soon it will be increasing its empire in the cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and more. If you are also planning to visit Chandigarh, Punjab, or Haryana, make sure to visit The Brew Estate and have a chug.

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