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Selecting The Right Web Host

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    By Luft

    For example this allows you and a friend to share the same server, but each of you wouldn’t have access to the other person’s files or information. The hosting company provides each of you with a separate log in account. You have access to your own domain names and files but nothing else.

    If you go this route then make sure you test out their customer service department. See how long it takes for a support ticket or question to be answered. Can you call them or do they have an online support chat system?

    Unfortunately hosting services come with a multitude of options and features. Sometimes trying to decipher these can be frustrating. To narrow down your choices you want to compare various hosting services. This way you can clearly see what options you are getting with each.

    Virtual web hosting is normally taken on by large companies and corporations. Many hosting companies themselves are on a virtual web hosting plan. This is how they offer the service to you as a customer!

    Customer service is another crucial element. If something goes wrong you want to know that your hosting service will fix it quickly. Having access to a ticket support system or online customer service support should be among your top priorities.

    If you need to use PHP scripts and web applications then a dedicated hosting account is the best way to go. On top of this you have more flexibility of what you can do with your account. If you suddenly start to get hundreds of thousands of visitors each day your dedicated server can handle this increase in traffic. On a shared account you may find yourself being shut down!

    Well Pop simply stands for Post Office Protocol. This is an application which is used by email clients to retrieve their mail. The number 3 stands for the version number. Pop3 is the current model which is used by services like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail.

    A good SEO hosting company will have the ability to host your domains across multiple IP addresses and across multiple locations. When selecting a company use one that offers plenty of class options on each account. This way if you add more domains you won’t have to pay for additional IP addresses.

    Using a dedicated server means that your site is more secure. The other advantage to this type of hosting is that your website will load more quickly. Unless of course you install software that slows your site

    Servers can often have the same numbers in them especially in the Class C area. If you have too many of these it looks suspicious to the search engines. The SEO hosting company will sell you IP addresses with different Class C numbers.

    If you truly want peace of mind over your website and want to wake up each day knowing that your site is there, then a paid hosting service is your answer. For any information that you want hosted on the web on a temporary basis then by all means use free hosting for as long as necessary.

    Free hosting can suddenly disappear for hours or even days on end! Is this something that you are prepared for? Plus if you haven’t backed up your content you can lose everything. This could be valuable photos of family memories or important business documents.

    Another great feature of cPanel is that you can track and monitor your visitor traffic. Knowing where you visitors are coming from is great. In addition you can find statistics on what pages they visit and which keywords are used to find your site. For a serious business owner this is vital information!

    Hosting reliability should be a key concern when choosing any type of hosting account. You want to be certain that your website is always up and running. Of course even the best hosting companies can have downtime. But you want to use a hosting provider which offers the least amount of downtime as possible.

    With dedicated hosting you are the only person on that particular server. So you don’t have to worry about what other clients are doing on their websites. In essence you are renting your own personal space!

    A virtual service uses two methods for hosting. Name hosting and IP based hosting. Name based is more commonly used and the cheaper of the two. When a protocol is served it must supply the name at some point.

    Once you start adding content to your website it is important to backup your files. This way if anything does happen to your site you can easily restore it. Backups can be done from within cPanel and you should get into the habit of performing a backup regularly.

    As well as thinking about what features you want for your site you need to think about how much work you are prepared to do if things go wrong! Does the hosting company offer free support or will they charge you extra to go into your account and fix something?

    pages load quickly is important. So is having the capability to allow people to download gifts or products from your site. You don’t want to run into issues because you suddenly get too many visitors to your site!

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    5/5 (2 votes)
    5/5 (2 votes)