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Rand Robison | How a Divorce Can Affect Your Personal Financial Management

    Rand Robison
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    By Rand Robison

    Rand Robison : Divorce can completely tear apart your world. It can leave you heart-broken and lonely and can wreak havoc on your lifestyle, your friendships, and even your budget. The last upheaval can be extremely devastating, as half of the normal monthly income you are used to is gone, leaving you to face a mountain of debt and the potential destruction of your credit. Married life generally means two incomes. And if one spouse is in charge of staying home and caring for the house, the other spouse’s income is generally large enough to compensate for the split in responsibilities. When you get divorced however, everything changes. You are left with one income and all of the responsibilities in the household.

    Rand Robison | Legacy Network Executive in Idaho | Crunchbase

    Adrian Rand Robison is a husband, father, cowboy, rancher, grandfather and great grandfather, born and raised in the wide-open spaces of sou...


    5/5 (1 votes)
    5/5 (1 votes)