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Khemraj Ramchal Jersey City Councilman meets regularly

Khemraj Ramchal Jersey City Councilman meets regularly from September to June, with a one-month winter break. When in session, Council meets as a full body on Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. in Room 400 of Jersey City Hall. 

New Jersey Khemraj Ramchal Role And Duties As Ward B councilman

Khemraj Ramchal Ward B councilman explained the layout of Jersey City municipal government is set out in the New Jersey Home Rule Charter, the city’s “constitution.” The Home Rule Charter establishes…


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5/5 (2 votes)
    Khemraj Ramchal

    Khemraj Ramchal

    Guyana Khemraj Ramchal is home rule charter of Jersey City, New Jersey