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How to Turn a Good Promotional Bag into a Great One

    Neo Martin
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    By Neo Martin

    When it comes to the market of promotional products, nothing has seen the hike better than the tech promotional items. And it’s not at all a surprise as people of all ages, including kids, adults and elders, all are attached to one gadget or the other, the most common being the smart phones. The demand of consumers for various accessories pertaining to these devices is increasing day by day. Well, in such a scenario, it is the right time to invest in the tech promotional products and give your marketing strategy as well as brand recognition and loyalty a new height.

    There is no freckle of doubt in the fact that everybody loves receiving free gifts; it is almost impossible to find an individual who would decline a free gift, especially a promotional product. But here’s a fact that is an eye opener for many of us: assuming that you would give anything with no usability to the receiver and they would happily take it just because it’s free is simply suicidal for your business. And that is why, the market experts have time and again told the companies to invest in the promotional products that come with functionality and usability. Something like custom tote bags for corporates.

    Now, even while investing in the bags or cases, it is important to ensure the quality of the bag. Understand the fact that the product you have selected would bear the name of your company and your logo and you don’t want to associate with the products that are of low quality. When it comes to the promotional bags, you can order them in bulk there are certain aspects that you need to take care of. Some of them are explained below:


    Material of the Bag

    The fabric of any bag is the first thing that anybody notices. Fabrics can be floppy or stiff, weak or strong, thick or thin. When you try to skimp on the fabric, the result would be a weak bag. Whenever you decide to go for a bag as a promotional product, make sure you go for heavy weight material that can withstand heavy loads as well.  Ensure the fabric of the  personalised bag is stiff so that it can easily stand up while loading and unloading that makes things easier for the customers.

    Accurate Size

    Usually, the promotional bags come in a variety of sizes and can be customized accordingly. While targeting different customer segment, understand that one size doesn’t fit all. If you are looking forward to reap the benefits of an ideal promotional product, customize the size of the bag according to the needs of the receivers. According to the various sizes, these promotional bags can be easily categorized as

    • Grocery bags
    • Tradeshow bags
    • Hardware bags
    • Insulated bags

    In the nutshell, when you pay due attention to these specifications, you land up with the ideal promotional products. And the variety that comes under this category is so wide, which includes custom backpacks, duffel bags, gym bags, etc. that one can easily target a huge audience without spending much.

    Bags & Cases

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