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Digital Advertising’s Latest Barriers are Its Greatest Opportunities

    Jeffrey Kamikow
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    By Jeffrey Kamikow

    If you work in digital advertising or marketing, you may have felt embattled over the last few years. Demands for more viewable ads (or the struggle to ensure ads were viewable), the battle against ad blocking, and lately, woes surround GDPR have all weighed heavily on our industry.

    The problems have been very real: We’ve all paid for ads (or had clients pay for ads) that may never have been seen. That’s a huge issue that has a palpable impact on budgets. By the same token, the growth of ad blockers among consumers made our jobs harder. How could we get our messages across – and show results to our executives – if consumers were choosing to block our ads? And GDPR was just a world of headache for everyone, and it’s likely to get worse as the possibility of similar regulations loom over North America.


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    0/5 (0 votes)