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Will My Ex Come Back?

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After going through a relationship break up, getting back together may not be easy. Trying to forgive and forget issues that may have led to your break up will be hard. So, what is it you can do to help bring your boyfriend or girlfriend back to you?


The simplest state is if your break up was over something slight. Just saying your sorry could be all it takes to fix things. If your boyfriend or girl listens to your apology and accepts, chances are you can start right where you left off. Not much time is lost and things will be back to normal.


When you are trying to get your ex back under more difficult times, it is important not to rush things. If you appear desperate to get them back it will only make it worse for you. Your ex most likely will try to avoid you if you keep pushing the issue on them.


Leave your ex alone for at least a couple weeks till both of you have had a chance to calm down. Breaking up can make people angry and frustrated and this is no condition to be in when trying to get back together.


When you have calmed down and can think rationally, give your ex a call and ask if they would be willing to meet with you. If they agree then this is your first step forward.


When you meet keep the conversation light. Talk about the good times and avoid discussing the bad things between you that led to your break up. If you're meeting goes well ask if they will go to dinner with you at a later date.


If your dinner date goes well, then go ahead and tell them how you feel about getting back together. They may tell you they feel the same way or they may say it's not something they considered at this time but will think about it. Do not push the issue on them; give them space to think it over for a while.


You can feel good that you at least gave them something to think about for now. Give them a few days and call them just for some small talk. Do not bring it up, let them guide the conversation.


If you do not get an answer back right away be patient, if you start to look desperate your plan will not work to your advantage. Plan another outing with your ex but keep it simple. Just ask if they would like to tag along with you to an amusement park or some neutral location.


Do not act like this is a date, just have fun and do not talk about getting back together. The more you spend time together in a relaxed environment, they can see how you have improved and you can make a positive impression of yourself.


The processes of getting your ex back may take a while but if you do it right you have the chance of starting your relationship over again. Remember be patient and don't rush it.


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Joan Rivers is an Author at I help couples succeed at their relationship by assisting them get on the same page and deeply understand each other, repair hurts, create intimacy, stay connected, share passion, and tap into their synergy. Specializing on breakups and separation, Mending Broken Relationships.



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