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                • A microbrewery is not only about craft beers and lavish food; it’s about a place that can take you to another world that can completely unwind you from the world that you are living in.
                  You must have noticed that when you enter any microbrewery, you are bound to encounter new happy faces that will not only recharge your mood but also form new bonds and friends while sipping your favorite beers. Brew Estate offers a great opportunity to celebrate Oktoberfest in India.

                  If you looking for more than just a microbrewery, then The Brew Estate is there to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. This place very well knows how to capitalize and integrate global festivals to its optimum.

                  Moreover, if you want to know more about the different cultures, the significance of festivals, and the menu associated with it, there can’t be a better place to visit. Just visit their festival themed atmosphere, we bet; you will fall in love with the way they celebrate festivals that will remind you of childhood craze of festivals all over again, celebrate Oktoberfest in India for a whole kind of new experience.

                  The Overwhelming Oktoberfest

                  St. Patricks Day in India

                  Let’s start with the world famous “Oktoberfest” festival that originated in Germany’s “secret capital,” Munich, which is known to be the biggest beer festival that attracts a crowd of millions every year in the month of October. You would be surprised to know that this festival was initially non- alcoholic, however, with the passage of time, beer has become an integral part of the Oktoberfest.

                  The Brew Estate first implemented the Oktoberfest theme in 2018, where they completely galvanized them into the German theme and created an exclusive menu based on the traditional German beer and cuisines.

                  This annual month-long festival kicks-off in the month of September and reaches its end on the first Sunday of October.
                  To make it even more interesting, the microbrewery implements the typical Bavarian dress code, where men typically wear Lederhosen (leather shorts with H-shaped brace) and women wear Dirndl (a close-fitting bodice and full skirt), however, it’s not mandatory to wear these dresses; as it’s just to create an ambiance.

                  The Evergreen St. Patrick’s Day

                  St. Patricks Day in India

                  Let’s introduce you to another beer festival that excites the beer lovers in Chandigarh every year. It’s “St. Patrick’s Day” that has its roots in Ireland. This celebration of Irish culture takes place in the refreshing month of March, from 11th to 17th. The weeklong festival reaches its end with a mega party on 17th, which features scintillating live performances.
                  The festival is decided to one of the most popular saints of Ireland, Saint Patrick, who earned the title of “Apostle of Ireland” for his good deeds. Like any other festival, it consists of St. Patrick’s dedicated menu. This green color theme festival is composed of green colored beer from Kiwi extract, green dress code, and mouth-watering Irish cuisines.
                  This is just a trailer of what The Brew Estate has to offer. This kind of culture of celebration foreign festivals is quite new in India, but if you can attend these festivals over here, even for once, you will remember this for the rest of your life.

                  The post Celebrate Oktoberfest in India with The Brew Estate appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                  By: admin
                  Posted: June 25, 2019, 6:21 am

                • Do you think that every beer is a beer, right? Wrong! Not every beer is created equally. Beers are being brewed for thousands of years, and it is going better day by day. However, currently, craft beers are becoming more popular in comparison with mass-produced beer or bottled beer. But, do you know the real answer behind the increase in demand for craft beer?

                  Beer for summers

                  It is correct that every beer is produced by sharing four major ingredients, hops, grain (malted barley), yeast, and water. The primary difference between the craft beer and industrial beer starts directly from here. Craft beer is all about exclusivity and virtuosity. It is the outcome of a whim of a brewer’s master. This allows the craft beer to rule the world of beer. It is because craft beer makes it possible to play with imagination and originality, which does not exist in the case of mass-produced bottled beer. Reason being their primary objective is just to produce tons of beer daily to maximize their earnings.


                  Here are some of the major differences between craft beer and mass-produced bottled beer:

                  1. Production: Craft beer is prepared by using high-quality ingredients and traditional brewing techniques, which helps to bring a distinct flavor. These beers are produced in small lots at the microbreweries, which makes them more labor-intensive and expensive to produce in comparison with bottled beers. However, bottled beers are produced in large quantities at large commercial brewers. They are primarily constructed to churn out large amounts of beer regularly, which makes their production cost cheaper.
                  2. Ingredients: And not to forget, bottled beer doesn’t use premium ingredients because their priority is massive scale production and cost-effectiveness. They use the cheapest ingredients for the beer, which helps them to produce large quantities at the least price. For this, they use chemically treated water, substandard hops, and inferior six-row barley. Craft brewers feel pleased in using premium ingredients such as hops and high-grade barley to achieve a particular flavor. That is why The Brew Estate, an emerging brewery of India imports premium ingredients directly from the UK, US, and Germany. This helps to get the flavors that are far superior to bottled brands of beer.
                  3. Taste: It is the taste that makes craft beer superior and better than the bottled beer. Craft beer is all about the taste, and brewers prefer to use expensive ingredients that are perfected over the years and handpicked. The form of advertising used by these craft breweries is word-of-mouth, unlike the bottled beer brands who put millions of money on advertising only. It is for sure that you won’t sip any boring watered-down lagers at a craft brewery.
                  4. More Diversity: Craft beer means you can get anything which includes rich dessert flavors, exotic ingredients, and exotic herbs and spices. Craft beer also allows to control the ABVs, if you want to enjoy the beer without getting drunk quickly then ask for the craft beer with lower ABVs. However, if you wish to get a kick from your beer then ask for the craft beer with high ABVs. At The Brew Estate, you can get endless options such as delicious Watermelon, mango, hard apple cider, and more. However, you won’t get this variety in bottled beer.
                  5. Flavor: Tasting a craft beer means you are sipping the carbonated fermented masterpiece, which is the result of hard work and dedication. It is like a phenomenal cornucopia of various flavors. Brewers ensure to produce high quality and superior brew, which can make them proud of and to achieve this, they spend plenty of time in perfecting each and every keg that goes out. Whereas, the bottled beer can taste like stale, dull, or like nothing at all.
                  6. Fermentation: Fermentation is one of the major stages in the elaboration of the beers. It is always the first step in the preparation of the beer. Once this stage finishes, the beer runs out of CO2. The second fermentation is done to obtain a natural gas which is synthesized by the yeast itself. However, the bottled beer is artificially injected with CO2, which is not suitable for the body.
                  7. Flavor and Aroma: If you are not an expert of beer tasting then also you can easily distinguish the glass filled with craft beer and industrial beer. Craft beer comes with extra peculiar colors, rich flavor, and aroma. The consumers treasure the craft beer because of their intense aromas, distinct flavors, detailed taste, and product quality. The benefits of craft beer are not limited; it is also suitable for health. Craft beer is full of nutrients which is not in the case of an industrial beer.

                  Microbrewery in India

                  If you wish to experience the real Craft Beer, then reach to The Brew Estate. It is because all the ingredients are directly imported from the UK, US, and Germany. Don’t settle for bottled beer; enhance your craft beer experience. The craft beer by The Brew Estate will definitely surprise you.

                  The post Why Craft Beer in India is Better than Mass-Produced Beer appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                  By: admin
                  Posted: June 19, 2019, 1:17 pm

                • Yes you heard it right, craft beer is one of the healthiest drink in India. Ever been to our The Brew Estate outlet and wondered what the craft in craft beer is? Why is it named as craft beer? Did that beer I had in a bottle last Saturday in the club was a craft beer too? To make you feel better about it, you aren’t alone into all this.

                  Craft beer is a term used for beer produced in small batches without using large and heavy mechanized methods. Since breweries for craft beers are smaller in size, these are usually owned by individual identities.

                  Craft beers are not a much old product in Alco-bev industry. It came into role around 30 to 40 years ago. Many brewers didn’t even name it as craft beer initially. Rather they used terms like ‘Improved Beer’ or ‘Better Beer’. Since craft beer is a variant of conventional beers, ingredients and way of making it changes at some part.

                  The Brew Estate makes you a good craft beer in a variety of tastes and variants. Every outlet produces fresh craft beer in the house. Craft beers, on a recent study, proved to be beneficial for health in many ways, consumed in an optimum quantity. Major benefits involve healthy bones, kidney, and heart.

                  Though there is much more to this.

                  Bone Health

                  Silicon in the soluble form of Orthosilicic acid assumed to be good for bone development and growth. Craft beers contain a good amount of dietary silicon in it. Moderate drinking of beers prevents the risk of thinning of bones, a disease named as Osteoporosis. It enhances connecting tissues of bones and thus avoiding risk of thinning of bones.

                  Kidney Health

                  This major benefit is known to almost every Indian out there. Remember last time you adviced your friend in pain of a kidney stone to drink beer occasionally to melt and prevent occurrence of kidney stones. A study in American Society of Nephrology’s clinical journal mentions that there are 41% lesser chances of stone occurrence in kidney.

                  Heart Health

                  A Study at University of Cambridge mentions that moderate beer consumption results in less chances of angina. Researchers studies 1.93 million adult’s records and came to an output that those who consume beers moderately has lesser possibilities of being prone to heart diseases than non-drinkers.


                  Your digestion is stimulated by secretion of the gastric acids. When you eat, it’s the gastric acid on one part that helps you digesting food. Hop used in Craft Beers give bitter acid that is quite helpful in secretion of gastric acids (Stomach acids).It helps you digesting proteins.

                  The post Why craft beer is one of the healthiest drink in India appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                  By: admin
                  Posted: June 19, 2019, 7:54 am

                • Father’s Day, this day helps us to remember both the significance and the challenges of fatherhood. They don’t get the glow of admiration and intimacy that we give to our mothers. In fact, they have the cultural image of authority, disciplinarian, and breadwinner image. Remember the sentence your mother used to speak while you were growing up – “wait until your father comes home.” Our culture and tradition placed the fathers in a challenging role. They must earn but be present; must be compassionate, but disciplinarian; must be aloof but intimate. Well, it is the real time to cut our dads some slack; don’t worry, The Brew Estate will be with you all the time. Here are the reasons why you should think to celebrate Father’s Day with The Brew Estate with a list of craft beer.

                  Opportunity to Introduce your Father to Craft Beer

                  Sure, commercial beer is good, but there is immeasurably more to unearth. The Brew Estate provides a wide range of irresistible and detectable Craft Beer. Even when your father is a person of habit and in practice to drink what he knows, he will still get a thrill out of this vast selection. Moreover, The Brew Estate is serving Watermelon Beer to beat the heat, which is the First Time in the Region. Make sure that your father tastes it. If your father wishes to try something livelier or is a seasoned beer lover, watermelon beer is the perfect craft beer to discover something new.

                  Best Way to Try Various Craft Beer

                  The master brewers of The Brew Estate are from Germany and Belgium. All the ingredients such as Hops, Malt, and Yeast are of the best quality which is imported from the US, UK, and Germany. That means you will help your father to taste a variety of Craft Beer brewed from the best ingredients. The Father’s Day is about being social and enjoy a tasting with almost every kind of beer. Make your father try the Hoppy beers such as IPA, German lagers such as Premium lager, or watermelon beer. Not only this, The Brew Estate has a broad range of liquor which only a few pubs in the region have.

                  Best Cuisines and Services

                  Father’s Day is all about fun and enjoyment; it is all about making your father feel proud and happy. And, The Brew Estate can make them enjoy the day to the best level. We are dedicated to fine dining and present a globally inspired, multi-cuisine. This will definitely provide your father with an overwhelming feeling of pleasure. The skilled and experienced chef will ensure to flood the taste buds of your father. The Brew Estate is not only limited to Craft Beer, Exotic drinks, delicious cuisines. They also provide the best ambiance that perfectly complements the priceless moments.

                  Present your Dad a Moment to Unwind and Relax

                  Beer tastes best when drunk chilled. And this stands for both the drink and the drinker. A beautiful place, with the alluring environment, barbecue with few sausages and craft beer is all your father need. Let your dad enjoy a few light beers with fresh witbiers, relaxed lagers, and tasty pale ales.

                  India V/S Pakistan

                  Let this Father’s Day watch India V/S Pakistan Live on a big screen, with a mug of beer, and delicious cuisines. The match between India and Pakistan always do the wonder, and this will also do on your father.

                  Celebrating Father’s Day with The Brew Estate will become one of the most memorable days of your life. Don’t delay, visit the best brewery in the town today!

                  The post Reasons to Celebrate Father’s Day with The Brew Estate appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                  By: admin
                  Posted: June 14, 2019, 1:30 pm

                • The emerging brewery of North India is growing at a high pace. All the credit goes to its exclusive craft beers. The innovativeness and vision of The Brew Estate are helping them to introduce new flavours of beer after a certain period. This is helping them to create a special place in the heart of consumers as the best microbrewery in the region. They are now known for their craft beer with tempting flavours, an array of an innovative, ground-breaking microbrewery, and for providing the best services at affordable rates.

                  The Brew Estate greeted the summer by introducing Mango Beer, and this was being poured for the first time in the region. As the temperature is rising abruptly, The Brew Estate again succeeded to think out of the box. To help you to fight the sweating summers, they again crafted a new beer – Watermelon Beer which is again the first time in the region.

                  Why Watermelon Beer? 

                  Beer and watermelon are two of summer’s most loyal refreshers, and nothing can beat a chilled beer along with few slices of juicy watermelon. And, when both of them are mixed to form a beer, the result is beyond compare. If you are fond of juicy slices of watermelon and beer, this beer is specially crafted for you. Everyone wishes for the happy hour in the summertime and this Watermelon Beer can provide you that happy hour without any trouble.

                  Watermelon beer is having 4.5- 5% ABV’s, which means that a couple of mugs will help you to drive pleasure out of it. This drink is subtle in flavour, so even the newbies can enjoy the watermelon beer on a hot, sunny day. This beer is also good for health; it is because The Brew Estate uses fresh and juicy watermelon instead of using artificial flavouring agents.

                  It doesn’t make a difference whether you are a newbie or drink beer on a regular basis because watermelon beer is subtle in flavour. This means even the lightest of drinkers can get a kick out of it.


                  Why is it Different?

                  The brewing process has always used fruits since the introduction of fermentation. However, this practice continued to decline with the passage of time. It was all because of the rising prices of fresh fruit and the complex process involved with it. The other associated problems are need of a large number of workers, messy process, difficult to get the perfect fruits, and yields are generally low because the fruit ends up soaking a good amount of beer. However, The Brew Estate is always ready to overcome the challenges and serve new flavours to the beer lovers.

                  If you still not tasted the Watermelon beer then hurry up, immediately visit The Brew Estate now!

                  The post Watermelon Beer – Exclusively Made for Summers for Endless Refreshment appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                  By: admin
                  Posted: June 13, 2019, 12:03 pm

                • Beer, and Art Festival coming to the Tricity this June

                  In the monotonous city life, which mainly includes eating, sleeping, job. Art festivals are a refreshing way to generate a certain amount of fluctuations in the excitement levels. Why wouldn’t it? As the art festivals allow us to inherent values of different cultures in an engaging and entertaining way. What about viewing art while holding a glass of freshly brewed craft beer. Well, beer and art sound like a mismatch, but it isn’t. The whole process of making craft beer is an art itself. For any craft brewer, beer is art, whether it’s brewing beer, testing, tasting, serving, and marketing it, the brewer applies art to every stage of the process. And, who can understand the meaning of art better than The Brew Estate, who is making strides with their artistry in craft beer.

                  World Art Festival in Tricity

                  The Brew Estate has already taken off as one of the many hotspots in the tri-city, but now, it will draw in more visitors to an art festival combining poetry, storytelling, comedy, paintings, dance, shopping and music. For an art lover looking to witness all the concoction of different art forms, there is no better way to explore it than to attend the World Art Festival at the Brew Estate. This is the first event of its kind in the tri-city where artists from various fields are coming together to celebrate the carnival of art, which is organized by the TBE junction and Plapp.

                  Purpose of World Art Festival

                  The festival features over 50 artist, 50 art stalls, and interactive art experiences. The primary objective of this World Art Festival is to promote awareness regarding creative activity all around the world, unite all the sections of society and display them about the importance of art in our lives. Moreover, this event is also a medium to admire the talent of artistic souls. The program also gives emphasis on exploring the hidden and unacknowledged talents in the stream of art. So, don’t miss this once in a lifetime event as such events often act as a platform for the new talents too, and who knows, you may witness a future star over here. It is a carnival of being in contact with you via art.

                  Who should attend the World Art Festival?

                  First of all, there are very few art festivals takes place in the tricity, and rarely at such a large scale. Whether you are a blooming talent or a veteran, if you possess the artistic talent in your arsenal, you want a better platform to showcase it.

                  This multi-art festival will captivate you with hypnotizing music to engaging storytelling, live band performance, and live workshops. It doesn’t end here as you can also devour a bar of hand-crafted chocolate, witness the making of the Gond Art Paintings, laugher ride with the best in the business, and capture your imaginations with the DreamCatchers.

                  So, if you are all heart for art, The Brew Estate has the perfect list of art festival events for you to attend this June. From being mesmerized by a sensational dance performance to decoding the artist’s message in a painting, this art festival will offer you a stack of entertainment loaded events to watch out for. Mark your calendar and reserve your day for these festivals from 7-9 June at SCO 351, sector 9, Panchkula, 11:30 onwards. Visit The Brew Estate, the best restaurant in Panchkula, for an amazing experience.

                  The post Beer, and Art Festival coming to the Tricity this June appeared first on The Brew Estate.



                  By: admin
                  Posted: June 1, 2019, 2:22 pm



                • The Economic capital of Punjab, Ludhiana has started witnessing the culture of microbreweries over the past few years. It would be fair to say that the commercial city is experiencing a brewing renaissance of its own. More and more bars and pubs are being opened in the city, out of which some breweries, with their innovative menu and facilities, are trying their level best to ignite the craze of craft beer to its patrons. The competition is getting tougher, and your favourite breweries in the city are coming out with new flavours, which will make it even tougher for you to decide, where to go. Don’t worry! We are here to provide the right solution for your confusion. There are many places trying to be termed as the best restaurant in Ludhiana.

                  If you are beer lover and is tired of going to the same place and don’t feel like taking your family along with you, then you should try out The Brew Estate, where you will not only get a complete family feel, but would also be able to enjoy the best craft beers in the town. We bet! The fresh & frothy range of craft beers will bound to make you visit this place again.

                  With so many successful outlets across North India, The Brew Estate is the most beloved, for its authentic microbrewery and kitchen that serves freshly brewed craft beers along with sumptuous delicacies. Their staggering interior has always been their USP, and the Ludhiana outlet is no exception. The Brew Estate Ludhiana is loaded with high ceilings, wooden furniture, scintillating lighting, stylish ambience, and an in-house microbrewery plant and machinery, making it one of the best places to head for a pint of fresh craft beer. You just have to turn the pages of their crisp menu and you’ll find everything from light and mild flavours to strong brews. This happening restaurant cum brewery remains occupied with beer lovers, especially on the weekends, where families, couples and buddies gather to be part of amazing music, delicious food, and happy ambiance that inevitably that sets the place alive. If there is one word that would rightly describe this place, it has to be electrifying. So next time when you just want to be with your family to unwind, you know where to go.

                  The post Best Restaurant In Ludhiana – The Brew Estate appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                  By: admin
                  Posted: May 24, 2019, 7:56 am

                  • The BrewEstate

                    We all have favourite drinks and famous people are no exception, but the thing is that they make it a trend-setter.  We bring to you the favorite drinks that your favourite celebrities like the most. Having all the luxuries in the world, they have access to the most extravagant drinks on the shelf that we can only daydream about. So, without wasting a single sip, let’s unfold the go-to drinks of your favourite celebrities. While you can spot celebrities at The Brew Estate, even our newly opened microbrewery in Ludhiana. Let’s talk about the big guns here.

                    Vincent van Gogh

                    Eminent penniless and earless Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh was a heavy drinker of Absinthe. He wrote numerous letters to his brother Theo, where he mentioned about his alcoholism and his absinthism. As a result of its addiction, he suffered from brutal stomach issues and a “marked deterioration of the nervous system.”

                    Ludwig van Beethoven

                    One of the most immortal names in the history of music, this prolific German composer produced numerous symphonies, sonatas, etc. His calm and relaxing music can make anyone feel pleasant, however, on the contrary, he was quite unpleasant as far as social life is concerned and was vulnerable to mood swings and paranoia. There was not even a single day when he was seen at a tavern; drinking his favourite, wine.

                    Benjamin Franklin

                    Benjamin Franklin was the Founding Father of the United States who signed the documents that freed America from Britain. The utterer of the famous quote “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and the sophisticated diplomat used to have Madeira, a fortified wine made on the Portuguese Madeira Islands.

                    Jozef Stalin

                    An immortal name in the history of the Soviet Union, he is considered as the second most gruesome dictator after Adolf Hitler. The mass murderer was responsible for the death of more than 38 million people. The ruthless leader, on the contrary, was a party lover and used to throw massive drinking parties every night, where he used to enjoy the sips of vodka and wine.

                    Winston Churchill

                    Winston Churchill, the two-time Conservative Prime Minister of Britain was not only a leader but also a statesman, writer, orator who is credited for Britain’s win in the World War II. He stopped the ferocious Nazis but never stopped drinking. Moreover, he was really fond of whiskey and there is proof to it. On a 1954 flight, while having an interview with The Telegraph, he ordered Grapefruit, Sugar Bowl, Glass orange squash, and Whisky soda.

                    Marilyn Monroe

                    The blonde bombshell timeless beauty was probably the most iconic actress of all time. Who can forget her signature pose when her white dress was blown upwards on the New York sidewalk.  Her charm was so mesmerizing and captivating that a drunker could’ve easily forgotten to drink. However, she herself was quite fond of Champagne and “Dom Perignon” was her favorite.

                    The post Celebrities And Their Favorite Drinks appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                    By: admin
                    Posted: May 23, 2019, 10:00 am

                    • The BrewEstate

                      Although different Indian state governments have been taking steps to curb drinking, India still expects high growth in consumption levels of alcohol to an average rate of 8.9% annually. Out of all the alcohol options available in the country, beer has been emerging as the dark house and it’s expected to grow more rapidly. Moreover, this is the best time for microbreweries in India as extinct flavors are being reinvented and new styles of beers are being brewed.  Delivering brewed beer at affordable rates, an array of innovative groundbreaking microbrewery startups have come up with innovative flavors, events and marketing strategies to drive customer traffic to breweries.

                      Out of all the emerging microbreweries in India, The Brew Estate is the dark horse which has out beaten all.  In the microbrewery business since 2015, this is one of the most popular breweries in the country, especially in the northern part of India. In such a short span of time, they’ve gained enough accolades and appreciation to register their emergence in the microbrewery sector of India. In fact, no brewery in North India pushes more or thinks outside so many boxes. A class apart, their craft beer always sticks with you long after the hangover is gone.

                      This ever-expanding brewing company began with the founder, Arundeep Singla, who had a passion for craft brewing. In 2010, he founded, Rock & Storm Distilleries, and started the operations with the installation of its first manufacturing plant in the Sangrur district of Punjab, the idea of which came after his experiences and learning during his post-graduate in professional accounting from Australia. Dynamic, daring and a go-getter—these words are revolving around the concept of the microbrewery culture and translating it into The Brew Estate, the first Microbrewery of Chandigarh. In those days, brewing small-batch beer involved challenges, mainly because of the scale of the industry at the time. Ever since its inception in December 2015 at Sector 26, Chandigarh, the brewery has seen tremendous growth. Its army of new modern outlets is loaded with hi-tech innovations, new seating areas, and décor; evolving every day to cater to new tastes with fresh ingredients and innovative flavors with modern cooking techniques. The brewery is known for takings risks by experimenting with different flavors to produce flavorful, unfiltered, quality, and small-batch craft beers, which made them the undisputed leader in the brewery sector.

                      With the growth that The Brew Estate has shown in just a few years, it has surpassed the microbrewery mark to become one of the most popular breweries in the country. However, their modesty continues as they credit their success to obliging staff and loyal customers.



                      The post Emerging Microbrewery in India appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                      By: admin
                      Posted: May 20, 2019, 7:08 am

                      • The BrewEstate

                        With a microbrewery in Ludhiana, we are keen on educating India more about beer. Every now and then when you visited a beer bar or brewery or any of our outlets, you might have read a term everywhere ‘Hops’ or ‘Made from Hops’. Remember? Okay, when you asked them they mentioned you that Beers are made up of hops. That’s it? Nope. There is so much you must know about Hops and why these are used in beers?

                        What are hops?

                        Hop is a naturally growing product and so much like cone-shaped flowers. Hop is a flower to Hop plant Humulus lupulus. Majorly, they are used for bittering the beers and to make its life increase. Hops add a fruity and Citric flavor to your beer which would actually be sweet if you don’t have hops in beers. Apart from beers, hops find there use in number of herbal medicine.

                        But if you think natural is best, and you are going to smoke or bite a hop flower, that would not actually be a good idea because hops consumed in any way other than brewed beer gives you severe pain in stomach or headaches.

                        How did hop found its place in beer?                      

                        Can you guess the age of a hop based beer is? You will be amazed to know that first recorded use of hops in beer was in 9th century. Though there are other cited records after centuries of its use which confirms its rising popularity in the era. By 13th century people started cultivating it as a crop in modern-day Belgium and Holland.

                        Before 9th century, when hops were not in the trend, people used to consume gruit made up of number of bittering ingredients. After passing years, decades and centuries, people found varieties in flavors and tastes and started using variety of hops to make variants of beers.

                        Where are hops cultivated?

                        Humulus lupulus is a perennial and herbaceous plant which usually grows and winds clockwise. United States are the major cultivators of hops in the present time where rains are quite less in summer which gives this plant perfect conditions to grow. At the time of picking/plucking of hops, the flowers contain rich moisture content which is needed to eliminate from it for brewing purposes using kilns. Later then, Hops are packed to transfer and export.

                        Major exporters of hop across the world are Czech Republic, United States, Germany and England and in even in a brewery in Ludhiana!

                        What is the role of hops in beer?

                        Hop is the 4th important but not an essential ingredient in beers. First three are, Malt, yeast, and water. Beer majorly bitters the taste of beer which would actually be sweet and dull if you use only the first three ingredients.

                        During the process of brewing beers, hops can be added at two stages; once during initial stages of boiling water and other at the end of boiling stage. Initial stage addition gives bitterness and the end stage addition works for flavors and aromas to brewed beer. Flavoring is done by the tiny and sticky glands present inside hops named as Lupulins.

                        Moreover, hops act as a preservative by acting as anti-microbial preserving beer from bacterial spoilage and eventually extends the life of beer. Though this function of hops is not much profound as refrigeration of beer also works in preservation. Even as a new microbrewery in Ludhiana, The Brew Estate has the highest quality of hops.

                        We hope this much information has made your day a hoppy one, Oops a happy one. So next time you visit any of The Brew Estate outlet, make sure you find how much of a hop-person you are.

                        The post The Reasons Why Hops are MVP of Craft Beer appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                        By: admin
                        Posted: May 20, 2019, 6:18 am

                      • You must be looking for a new drink that you can sip to beat the heat this scorching summer. Well, nothing beats the heat better than a glass of a chill mango beverage. The mushy, juicy fruit is a well-liked addition for brewers looking to enhance the fruitiness of our already fruity beers. What if The Brew Estate will offer you a mango version of beer? Surprised! Well, any flavor is possible at The Brew Estate. Why we chose mango? Well, it’s the most popular tropical fruit that, when incorporated into any recipe, provides an outcome in the form of golden-colored beer full of aromatic gradation that has a soft and sweet flavor with a tinge of bitterness. We have extracted our fruity beers after a series of trails to present you our latest “Mango Beer. “

                        The Mango Beer at The Brew Estate is a perfect fermentation of fresh mangoes with a subtle sweetness and dry finish. It’s easy drinking and balanced with a refreshing hint of mango. The natural Alphonso Mango flavour inside the craft beer has a thick body in taste with 4-5% alcohol. Moreover, it has a well-balanced aroma of hops and crispy Carbonation and flavors of a typical Alphonso mango with low bitterness, heavy body and medium Malty flavors, which is easy to drink and is light on the palate.

                        The Challenges of Making a fruity Beer

                        Fruits have always been used in brewing likely since the introduction of fermentation, but with the passage of time, its production faded away due to the escalating expenditure of fresh fruit and the processing they involve. With the craft brewing rejuvenation in India, brewers and fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel to the conventional form of beer. Back in the day, this beer was only brewed abroad – but by public demand, we brew it year round now.

                        The difficulties of using natural fruit are plentiful as brewing with real fruits have several drawbacks for the makers—it’s chaotic, need a lot of workers, hard to time with growers, and yields are often low as the fruit soaks up a lot of beer. However, we are always ready with new challenges involving the introduction of new flavors. And this time around, we made sure that the fruit itself is of high-quality from the get-go.

                        How it’s different  from the rest

                        Taking the Alphonso mangoes right from Maharashtra without any treatment was our biggest challenge as the majority of brewers gets worried when trying to avoid wild yeasts and has led many to boil mangoes before adding to the beer. This kind of brewing method may reduce risk of wild yeasts, but can also burn off delicate flavors and aromas. Mangoes that are tarter can be complemented from the acidic flavors that wild yeasts develop, as they tend to sharpen and brighten flavors. Most of the brewers play safe and follow this method by making additions of ingredients like citric acid to emulate that found in fruit. But, we always believe that if we are planning to make a fruit beer, it becomes more round and full flavored when we add fruit in all stages of the brewing process. Our mango beer is brewed with the extracts of mangoes at different stages of the brewing process; boil, bright tank (where freshly fermented beer rests to clarify) and a final post primary fermentation in barrels.

                        Now that we have done all the hard work from processing to rigorous trails, it’s your turn to taste the end product. For something like never before, try our mango beer, bursting with lots of fresh mango flavor and aroma, finishing crisp and refreshing.

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                        • The BrewEstate

                          So, you are an avid beer lover and want to try the premium version of it, i.e., craft beer. Obviously, you have good taste. So, don’t hesitate trying craft beer as you have every reason in the world to try it. Let’s unfold the reasons why you should drink craft beer.

                          If you have been searching for a new and surprising taste, aroma and texture, then you search ends with the craft beer. Moreover, it tastes way better than the regular beer; mainly because craft brewers put their heart and soul with only one aim to improve the quality of their beer instead of focusing on stuff like marketing campaigns. The craft beer is typically prepared in a small brewery, with that extra enchantment. The beer giants in the market; mainly focus on extracting ingredients out of their beer to produce watery beer, which is obviously not the purest one. And who would want to have a beer that is deliberately being made watery by eliminating the key ingredients? The essence of beer should not be dented and it should be made in the traditional manner. Always go for taste and hence opt for craft beer! Still not convinced, then let the facts how you, why it’s better than the rest.

                          Quantity of Alcohol

                          The craft beer comes in different varieties and the amount of craft beer and what separates it from the rest is the proportion of alcohol added in it. In craft beers, the percentage of alcohol ranges from 5-10% ABV (alcohol by volume), which in some cases reaches up to 15% and above.

                          Superior Ingredients

                          Being the supreme quality of the beer, the ingredients required in its making are also of the utmost quality. The organic ingredients of most craft beers include malt, yeast, hops, and water. Apart from these key ingredients, craft beer may also include other ingredients like peaches or cloves to make a unique flavor. Moreover, the breweries, time after time think out of the box to surprise their customers with new flavors.


                          The reason why the lovers of the craft beer are ready to spend extra money on it rather than having the regular beer is because of its taste, flavor, options, and last but not least, the concentration of alcohol. The magical outcome of perfectly tuned ingredients and luscious taste gives it the priority over other beers.

                          Food Combinations

                          Although wine has made a mark for its exclusive pairing with food items, craft beer is giving it a tough fight as it also offers to pair with food items. As there is a huge variety in craft beer, so is that the number of food pairings with it, which makes it interesting for food lovers.

                          Good For Health… Good For Soul

                          You might have been familiar with the benefits of drinking wine, but according to various researches, the craft beer doesn’t lag behind it at all. It’s rich in protein, vitamin B and antioxidants.

                          Retailers’ Paradise

                          Craft beer has been a slow starter as far as reaching out to the beer lovers is concerned. However, its biggest strength, its quality, and exclusivity have largely contributed to its expansion in the market. Due to its astonishing popularity and increasing loyal customers, it’s making the job easier for the retailers as more and more craft beer is reaching the stores as a result of its high demand, which extends its following.

                          The bottom line is, the quality and flavor options of the craft beer is a class apart, making it more popular than other options. So, if you haven’t had a pint of craft beer yet, then it’s high time to taste its magically rejuvenating flavors. Believe it or not, it will be an eye-opener, if you have been searching for something new to tantalize your taste buds.

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                          • The BrewEstate

                            Anywhere you travel, beer is a fixed. We’ve been sipping some variety of the beer to have grown an essential portion of the human reality, so connecting a beer carnival should be huge on all of our tables.

                            A massive beer festival is an experiential body of people admiring at the brews while having some sincerely satisfying meal, and it shouldn’t be shocking that there is a large number of excellent beer carnivals. Here are some beer festivals that we consider vigorous These are the creams meriting in our list to buy and travel.


                            Sincerely, the biggest and most famous of beer Festivals along with the whole world’s most reasonable, Oktoberfest, held annually in Munich, Germany, brings a whole lot of over 6 million people from all possible corners of the earth seeking Love cold-brew and also never-ending celebratory parties.  Beer comes directly from the breweries — the festival proceeds from late September to the very first weekend in October.

                            Great American Beer Festival

                            Largest beer festival in the USA, the great American Beer Festival is Three Day Beer-lover’s heaven held yearly by the Colorado National Conference Center in Denver 50,000 beer-lovers take part in this beautiful event. People from all around the world can taste over 2000 different American beers along with 1300 overseas beers from across 500 Different breweries. That is an exhibition of the function. The competition takes place in various categories with a hundred beer judges. Rewards are gold, silver, and bronze.

                            Montreal Beer Festival

                            Festival takes place yearly at Bonaventure and contains 637 beers along with 200 distinct breweries in May and June. American craft-beer Is a Lot rarer in the Montreal Beer Fest, but their primary focus is on South American brewed beer in the occasion

                            Teachers in the Montreal Beer college are available from the Festival that provide workshops about exactly what best to custom and odor Beer, even in addition to beefing your general understanding every individual’s Preferred beverage.

                            Oregon Brewer’s Festival

                            Among those enduring beer festivals from the USA, the Oregon Brewer’s Festival finds itself Portland. It brings a crowd of 80,000 craft beer pros to analyze over 20 distinct types of beer created from eighty breweries. Together with daring shares of beer, there’s energetic music, home-brewing displays, and a wide assortment of foods to relish within.

                            National Winter Ales Festival

                            The National Winter Ales Festival is your winter match to the summer Famous British Beer Festival introduced up and also worked to create the stouts and porter beers which are usually only available during the wintertime months. Founded in January each year, the National Winter Ales Festival is another greatest beer festival in Britain and indeed will occur at the Sheridan Suite. Above 300 beers, bottled ales, and ciders are going to be on palms because you behold the wicked Champion Winter Beer of Britain Awards.

                            Cannstatter Volksfest

                            Undoubtedly another greatest beer festival in the world near the invincible Oktoberfest, the Cannstatter Volksfest is three-week lasting festival autumn in the Cannstatter Wasen at Stuttgart, Germany that serves approximately 4.2 million keen visitants annually to take part in the holiday season. It highlights seven large beer tents proficient of maintaining nearly 5,000 people every day, in addition to celebration spots, excursions, and a good deal of beautiful – recipe. Though not a beer fisherman, the Connstatter Volksfest begins especially per week besides the beginning of Oktoberfest, allowing various beer fans to see both in a string.

                            Belgian Beer Weekend

                            Anyone who has boozed a pint of Stella Artois acknowledges that Belgium waffles aren’t tasty as Belgium beer. That particular misunderstanding is responsible why Belgium entertains one of the most heavenly beer festivals in Europe, the Belgium Beer Weekend. Arranged by the Belgium Brewer’s Guild, the Beer Weekend emphasizes over 350 valuable Belgium beers from 51 neighborhood breweries big and small and takes place on the first weekend of each September at the Grand Place in Brussels.

                            Great Australian Beer Spectacular

                            This is the prominent beer festival in the Austral Hemisphere. The Melbourne iteration occurs in May. The Sydney bacchanalia takes place in June, and the Auckland version arrives on June later.

                            The Great Australian Beer serves beer from local brewers to global beer enthusiasts. The fest comes in large carnival castles which provide the whole occasion a touch of playfulness and amazement — there’s a damn Ferris Wheel inside the castle in Melbourne. It’s a great brew and food-fueled event, entirely deserving journey Falling Below.

                            The immense flavor Of The Midwest — Madison, Wisconsin

                            The Midwest and regionally brewed beer are close. It’s like Italy wine. The enormous flavor of the Midwest is a vast place festival that raises the experience of Midwest beers and cuisine to the crowds.

                            If other beer tours are expensive to catch on right now, then this may be your play to get some excellent beer-cation season this vacation. The fest only continues for the whole day, arriving in August. Spare another day to relax off all that beer

                            Pilsner Fest — Plzeň, Czech Republic

                            A crisp drive from Munich, you’ll discover the origin of pilsner. Pilsner Fest occurs in the modest industrial city of Plzeň in first Saturday of October (you can join this with Oktoberfest ). The carnival is focused throughout the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in the middle of the town, with the mob scattering out into the roads and paths.

                            The entire society reaches out to party and Czechs and Germans wave into the city to rejoice the extraordinary that is Pilsner Urquell. Bonus, you can jump to a little and very affordable train to Prague the following forenoon and examine one of Europe’s smart cities.

                            Qingdao International Beer Festival — Qingdao, China

                            Qingdao is sort of like China’s Munich if you wish. The downtown is base to the huge Tsingtao Brewery and also the birthplace to a month-long beer-fueled bacchanalia that everyone demands to have once in life.

                            Qingdao International Beer Festival persists the majority of August and is driven from various areas across Qingdao with the first celebrations gathered throughout Golden Sands Beach in the Huangdao District. It’s a beer and food free-for-all with beyond 200 beers served from China and the rest of the world. Think of this as a gathering center event that turns into a large Beer carnival every day for almost a month. It’s dense.

                            Blumenau Oktoberfest — Blumenau, Brazil

                            Different container list Beerfest that we all require to crack at least once. Now visualize a beer-loving carnival pressed up with the fun mood of a Brazilian festival, and you’ll acquire a view of how fun this Oktoberfest is. Blumenau Oktoberfest happens in October. The initial and ending day of competitions is an open entrance, and you can accept in for no money each day if you cover yourself in mythical Bavarian Dirndl or Lederhosen. Contrarily, assume to spend six reals or a buck-fifty to enter the fun. Connecting to this fest will proffer you a big reason to see the spectacles of Brazil assuredly.

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                          • Since its inception, the Brew Estate has been ruling the brewery section in Northern India. After opening its successful outlets in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Shimla and Patiala, the Brew Estate has opened its new outlet in the ever happening city, Ludhiana. Hanging out in an open jeep and partying till late in the night is the essence of this city. No matter how many night-outs it has had, the microbrewery culture was being missed in this city, but the arrival of Brew Estate has made the difference.

                            Renowned for its extensive collection of craft beer, lively ambiance, soothing interiors, festival themes like Oktoberfest, St. Patrick’s Day, incomparable hospitality, DJ’s and exotic food, it’s a must visit once you are in the business hub of Punjab. Whether it’s day or night, Brew Estate is one of the most happening places to visit in Ludhiana.

                            Brew Estate’s USP has always been its wide range of authentic brews and the master brewers behind it, straightaway from breweries of Germany and Belgium. Red Ale, Premium Lager, Bavarian Weiss, Belgian Wit. Slobbering yet? Well, this is just a glimpse of what this lively place can offer.

                            And if you feel hungry after having one of our craft beers, the mouth-watering food will make you drool, which includes a wide range of nibblers, healthy din sums and soups, burgers, handmade wood-fired thin crust 13-inch pizzas, and a range of veg and non-veg starters, rice and biryanis, noodles, Indian breads. Apart from our Italian and European cuisines, we always give a spin to the local cuisines, hence, we are here with our version of Punjab’s delicacies, like never before.

                            Brew Estate is not just about beer and food, it’s the vibe of this place that makes it special and a festival of its own. The economic capital of Punjab has witnessed the opening of our biggest outlet in North India with a huge capacity of 400 people, seamlessly integrating both the indoor and outdoor.

                            Well, this is only a part of the fun that The Brew Estate provides. Try not to miss out on Brew Estate even if you don’t drink; as we cater to the sobers too. Come and make this place even more alive with your vibe.

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                          • Let’s Cheers To Saint Patrick’s Day

                            The Brew Estate is celebrating from 11th March to 17th March, with a grand party on 17th March, featuring the wholesome DJ Khyber. There’s a specially brewed beer from our Brewmasters and an extensive St. Patrick’s dedicated menu. The Brew Estate is kicking off the spring season with a week-long Saint Patrick’s Day festival from March 11 to March 17. For those who don’t know much about Saint Patrick’s Day, let’s unfold the chapters of his life.

                            Saint Patrick was born as Patrick in 387 AD into a Romano-British Christian family in Scotland. His father, Calpurnious, was a deacon (an order ranking below that of a priest), whereas, his mother, Conchessa, was a relative of St. Martin of Tours. He had two sisters, one of which was the Darerca of Ireland.

                            He was merely 14 years old, when he was captured from his residence by Irish Pirates. After being captured for more than 5 years, he somehow escaped and returned home, where he studied Christianity. Later, Bishop Germanus of Auxerre or St. Germanus, ordained Patrick as a Christian missionary. In 433 AD, he returned to Ireland to spread the Gospel or the Christian message. Moreover, he used shamrock as a symbolic representation for the concept of Trinity and ejected all snakes from Ireland. Since then, he became one of the most popular saints in the world and earned the title of “Apostle of Ireland.”

                            Saint Patrick took his last breath on March 17, 461 AD. In his memory, St. Patrick Day is celebrated worldwide on March 17, not only in churches but also in pubs with green beer; by keeping in mind the theme of Irish Green.

                            The Brew Estate welcomes you to celebrate a week-long St. Patrick’s Day Festival by drinking pints of beer, dressing up green, and much more. Let’s take a look at Brew Estate’s exclusive and mouth watering menu for St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Our new introduction also includes a green colored craft beer made from Kiwi extract.

                            • Red Ale Irish Mac-n-Cheese Balls (St. Patrick’s Day special Mac- n-cheese with a new flavor of our in house Kiwi beer)
                            • Baileys Cheese Cake with Cheddar Cheese Cookies (Philadelphia’s Cream Cheese with the twist of Baileys and the perfect combination of Cheddar Cheese Cookies)


                            • Irish Veg Fritters (Mozzarella cheese stuffed veg fritters serve with saucerkrant)

                            • Reuben Egg Rolls (Reuben style sandwich rolls with smoked chicken and egg inside)

                            • Shepherd’s Pie (A blend of lamb meat and Irish vegetables with a crust or topping of mashed potatoes)

                            • Apple Tarts with Maple Custard (Cinnamon flavored green apple tarts with maple custard and dry berries)

                            You wouldn’t want to miss the St. Patrick’s Day at the Brew Estate, the four leaved clovers are said to bring showers of luck.

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