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                  • The BrewEstate

                    Anywhere you travel, beer is a fixed. We’ve been sipping some variety of the beer to have grown an essential portion of the human reality, so connecting a beer carnival should be huge on all of our tables.

                    A massive beer festival is an experiential body of people admiring at the brews while having some sincerely satisfying meal, and it shouldn’t be shocking that there is a large number of excellent beer carnivals. Here are some beer festivals that we consider vigorous These are the creams meriting in our list to buy and travel.


                    Sincerely, the biggest and most famous of beer Festivals along with the whole world’s most reasonable, Oktoberfest, held annually in Munich, Germany, brings a whole lot of over 6 million people from all possible corners of the earth seeking Love cold-brew and also never-ending celebratory parties.  Beer comes directly from the breweries — the festival proceeds from late September to the very first weekend in October.

                    Great American Beer Festival

                    Largest beer festival in the USA, the great American Beer Festival is Three Day Beer-lover’s heaven held yearly by the Colorado National Conference Center in Denver 50,000 beer-lovers take part in this beautiful event. People from all around the world can taste over 2000 different American beers along with 1300 overseas beers from across 500 Different breweries. That is an exhibition of the function. The competition takes place in various categories with a hundred beer judges. Rewards are gold, silver, and bronze.

                    Montreal Beer Festival

                    Festival takes place yearly at Bonaventure and contains 637 beers along with 200 distinct breweries in May and June. American craft-beer Is a Lot rarer in the Montreal Beer Fest, but their primary focus is on South American brewed beer in the occasion

                    Teachers in the Montreal Beer college are available from the Festival that provide workshops about exactly what best to custom and odor Beer, even in addition to beefing your general understanding every individual’s Preferred beverage.

                    Oregon Brewer’s Festival

                    Among those enduring beer festivals from the USA, the Oregon Brewer’s Festival finds itself Portland. It brings a crowd of 80,000 craft beer pros to analyze over 20 distinct types of beer created from eighty breweries. Together with daring shares of beer, there’s energetic music, home-brewing displays, and a wide assortment of foods to relish within.

                    National Winter Ales Festival

                    The National Winter Ales Festival is your winter match to the summer Famous British Beer Festival introduced up and also worked to create the stouts and porter beers which are usually only available during the wintertime months. Founded in January each year, the National Winter Ales Festival is another greatest beer festival in Britain and indeed will occur at the Sheridan Suite. Above 300 beers, bottled ales, and ciders are going to be on palms because you behold the wicked Champion Winter Beer of Britain Awards.

                    Cannstatter Volksfest

                    Undoubtedly another greatest beer festival in the world near the invincible Oktoberfest, the Cannstatter Volksfest is three-week lasting festival autumn in the Cannstatter Wasen at Stuttgart, Germany that serves approximately 4.2 million keen visitants annually to take part in the holiday season. It highlights seven large beer tents proficient of maintaining nearly 5,000 people every day, in addition to celebration spots, excursions, and a good deal of beautiful – recipe. Though not a beer fisherman, the Connstatter Volksfest begins especially per week besides the beginning of Oktoberfest, allowing various beer fans to see both in a string.

                    Belgian Beer Weekend

                    Anyone who has boozed a pint of Stella Artois acknowledges that Belgium waffles aren’t tasty as Belgium beer. That particular misunderstanding is responsible why Belgium entertains one of the most heavenly beer festivals in Europe, the Belgium Beer Weekend. Arranged by the Belgium Brewer’s Guild, the Beer Weekend emphasizes over 350 valuable Belgium beers from 51 neighborhood breweries big and small and takes place on the first weekend of each September at the Grand Place in Brussels.

                    Great Australian Beer Spectacular

                    This is the prominent beer festival in the Austral Hemisphere. The Melbourne iteration occurs in May. The Sydney bacchanalia takes place in June, and the Auckland version arrives on June later.

                    The Great Australian Beer serves beer from local brewers to global beer enthusiasts. The fest comes in large carnival castles which provide the whole occasion a touch of playfulness and amazement — there’s a damn Ferris Wheel inside the castle in Melbourne. It’s a great brew and food-fueled event, entirely deserving journey Falling Below.

                    The immense flavor Of The Midwest — Madison, Wisconsin

                    The Midwest and regionally brewed beer are close. It’s like Italy wine. The enormous flavor of the Midwest is a vast place festival that raises the experience of Midwest beers and cuisine to the crowds.

                    If other beer tours are expensive to catch on right now, then this may be your play to get some excellent beer-cation season this vacation. The fest only continues for the whole day, arriving in August. Spare another day to relax off all that beer

                    Pilsner Fest — Plzeň, Czech Republic

                    A crisp drive from Munich, you’ll discover the origin of pilsner. Pilsner Fest occurs in the modest industrial city of Plzeň in first Saturday of October (you can join this with Oktoberfest ). The carnival is focused throughout the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in the middle of the town, with the mob scattering out into the roads and paths.

                    The entire society reaches out to party and Czechs and Germans wave into the city to rejoice the extraordinary that is Pilsner Urquell. Bonus, you can jump to a little and very affordable train to Prague the following forenoon and examine one of Europe’s smart cities.

                    Qingdao International Beer Festival — Qingdao, China

                    Qingdao is sort of like China’s Munich if you wish. The downtown is base to the huge Tsingtao Brewery and also the birthplace to a month-long beer-fueled bacchanalia that everyone demands to have once in life.

                    Qingdao International Beer Festival persists the majority of August and is driven from various areas across Qingdao with the first celebrations gathered throughout Golden Sands Beach in the Huangdao District. It’s a beer and food free-for-all with beyond 200 beers served from China and the rest of the world. Think of this as a gathering center event that turns into a large Beer carnival every day for almost a month. It’s dense.

                    Blumenau Oktoberfest — Blumenau, Brazil

                    Different container list Beerfest that we all require to crack at least once. Now visualize a beer-loving carnival pressed up with the fun mood of a Brazilian festival, and you’ll acquire a view of how fun this Oktoberfest is. Blumenau Oktoberfest happens in October. The initial and ending day of competitions is an open entrance, and you can accept in for no money each day if you cover yourself in mythical Bavarian Dirndl or Lederhosen. Contrarily, assume to spend six reals or a buck-fifty to enter the fun. Connecting to this fest will proffer you a big reason to see the spectacles of Brazil assuredly.

                    The post Best Beer Festivals in the World appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                    By: admin
                    Posted: April 12, 2019, 11:35 am

                  • Since its inception, the Brew Estate has been ruling the brewery section in Northern India. After opening its successful outlets in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Shimla and Patiala, the Brew Estate has opened its new outlet in the ever happening city, Ludhiana. Hanging out in an open jeep and partying till late in the night is the essence of this city. No matter how many night-outs it has had, the microbrewery culture was being missed in this city, but the arrival of Brew Estate has made the difference.

                    Renowned for its extensive collection of craft beer, lively ambiance, soothing interiors, festival themes like Oktoberfest, St. Patrick’s Day, incomparable hospitality, DJ’s and exotic food, it’s a must visit once you are in the business hub of Punjab. Whether it’s day or night, Brew Estate is one of the most happening places to visit in Ludhiana.

                    Brew Estate’s USP has always been its wide range of authentic brews and the master brewers behind it, straightaway from breweries of Germany and Belgium. Red Ale, Premium Lager, Bavarian Weiss, Belgian Wit. Slobbering yet? Well, this is just a glimpse of what this lively place can offer.

                    And if you feel hungry after having one of our craft beers, the mouth-watering food will make you drool, which includes a wide range of nibblers, healthy din sums and soups, burgers, handmade wood-fired thin crust 13-inch pizzas, and a range of veg and non-veg starters, rice and biryanis, noodles, Indian breads. Apart from our Italian and European cuisines, we always give a spin to the local cuisines, hence, we are here with our version of Punjab’s delicacies, like never before.

                    Brew Estate is not just about beer and food, it’s the vibe of this place that makes it special and a festival of its own. The economic capital of Punjab has witnessed the opening of our biggest outlet in North India with a huge capacity of 400 people, seamlessly integrating both the indoor and outdoor.

                    Well, this is only a part of the fun that The Brew Estate provides. Try not to miss out on Brew Estate even if you don’t drink; as we cater to the sobers too. Come and make this place even more alive with your vibe.

                    The post The leading microbrewery of North India, now in Ludhiana appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                    By: admin
                    Posted: April 1, 2019, 11:53 am

                  • Let’s Cheers To Saint Patrick’s Day

                    The Brew Estate is celebrating from 11th March to 17th March, with a grand party on 17th March, featuring the wholesome DJ Khyber. There’s a specially brewed beer from our Brewmasters and an extensive St. Patrick’s dedicated menu. The Brew Estate is kicking off the spring season with a week-long Saint Patrick’s Day festival from March 11 to March 17. For those who don’t know much about Saint Patrick’s Day, let’s unfold the chapters of his life.

                    Saint Patrick was born as Patrick in 387 AD into a Romano-British Christian family in Scotland. His father, Calpurnious, was a deacon (an order ranking below that of a priest), whereas, his mother, Conchessa, was a relative of St. Martin of Tours. He had two sisters, one of which was the Darerca of Ireland.

                    He was merely 14 years old, when he was captured from his residence by Irish Pirates. After being captured for more than 5 years, he somehow escaped and returned home, where he studied Christianity. Later, Bishop Germanus of Auxerre or St. Germanus, ordained Patrick as a Christian missionary. In 433 AD, he returned to Ireland to spread the Gospel or the Christian message. Moreover, he used shamrock as a symbolic representation for the concept of Trinity and ejected all snakes from Ireland. Since then, he became one of the most popular saints in the world and earned the title of “Apostle of Ireland.”

                    Saint Patrick took his last breath on March 17, 461 AD. In his memory, St. Patrick Day is celebrated worldwide on March 17, not only in churches but also in pubs with green beer; by keeping in mind the theme of Irish Green.

                    The Brew Estate welcomes you to celebrate a week-long St. Patrick’s Day Festival by drinking pints of beer, dressing up green, and much more. Let’s take a look at Brew Estate’s exclusive and mouth watering menu for St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Our new introduction also includes a green colored craft beer made from Kiwi extract.

                    • Red Ale Irish Mac-n-Cheese Balls (St. Patrick’s Day special Mac- n-cheese with a new flavor of our in house Kiwi beer)
                    • Baileys Cheese Cake with Cheddar Cheese Cookies (Philadelphia’s Cream Cheese with the twist of Baileys and the perfect combination of Cheddar Cheese Cookies)


                    • Irish Veg Fritters (Mozzarella cheese stuffed veg fritters serve with saucerkrant)

                    • Reuben Egg Rolls (Reuben style sandwich rolls with smoked chicken and egg inside)

                    • Shepherd’s Pie (A blend of lamb meat and Irish vegetables with a crust or topping of mashed potatoes)

                    • Apple Tarts with Maple Custard (Cinnamon flavored green apple tarts with maple custard and dry berries)

                    You wouldn’t want to miss the St. Patrick’s Day at the Brew Estate, the four leaved clovers are said to bring showers of luck.

                    The post Celebrating St. Patrick’s week at the Brew Estate appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                    By: admin
                    Posted: March 13, 2019, 5:41 am

                    • The BrewEstate
                      The BrewEstate published a blog post We Love You Back

                      Arundeep Singla – the MD of The Brew Estate, counts on the philosophy of kindness. He aspires to reach out to a huge chunk of society as he contributes and spreads out his share of success, complimented with a thousand different emotions! Children around, have always had a soft corner with him. With the customers’ constant support, during the journey so far. This valentine season, Mr. Arundeep Singla mentions on donating 1% of Brew Estate sales’ to the unprivileged sector.

                      Mr. Arundeep Singla- MD, The Brew Estate

                      #WeLoveYouBack is not just a trend, it is a message, and philosophy the team as a whole abides to.
                      This Valentine’s, love is being shared like a radar, to every region, every corner, every person.
                      Other than this, we have curated a fresh and spicy menu crafted this valentine, to make your moment a memorable one! This is an expression of gratitude.

                      “Our motto is to cook with passion, brew with precision and serve with love. We have abided by our motto that’s why we are en-route rapid expansion. We extensively worked on bringing the best beers and food to our customers. Customer satisfaction and service is the most important aspect to Brew Estate, and will always be our focus.” – Mr. Arundeep Singla.

                      The post We Love You Back appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                      By: admin
                      Posted: February 11, 2019, 9:45 am

                    • We Love You Back” is already trending around and creating a hype.
                      Here’s a little sneak peek, about it – This February’19, we are spreading the sheer emotions of joy, happiness, and even success across the unprivileged sector and NGOs, during which we will be donating a certain percentage of our success to the mentioned section of society.
                      As the quote says: “In necessary things, unity; in doubtful things, liberty; in all things, charity.
                      That’s how, in the most literal terms “We Love You Back” came into existence around this Valentine’s season.

                      BrewEstate Valentine Special Menu

                      If Brew Estate wouldn’t be about hospitality, what would it be like?

                      Maybe, a sunny morning in the foggy winters without a warm mug of coffee is an apt description.
                      Every occasion brings a new spark and so in-here, we are always brewing new concepts.
                      Team Brew Estate makes it public its sizzling menu curated as a token of love, around valentine season, along with a new – fangled bar menu. We have come up with four  new craft beers.
                      When love is spreading its wings up high, We are giving it a constant support to linger on, over and over again.

                      BrewEstate Valentine Beer Menu

                      Celebrate with our new beer!

                      Celebrate it over our Saison beer for every present you gift, Be it chocolate, Rose, or teddy.
                      Cheers with the Raspberry cider for every commitment of yours, whether it is a proposal, or just a simple promise to abide, even for the simplest gesture to express out love, in the form of hug, or kiss.
                      celebrate those sweet memories, with the newest : honey wheat.

                      BrewEstate Valentine Special Dessert

                      Introducing a thorough menu for the valentines

                      The new menu includes Penne Rose- Pink sauce pasta with cheese garlic bread, Green Apple fruity salad with berries, Irani chicken chuncks served with tangy roseberry sauce on the bed of rice, Italian cheesy Risotto, Strawberry tart filled with sweet kesari rabri, Pink ruby chocolate filled with strawberry marmalade, Mascopony mus in crispy macaroons, Lovers Pizza – Heart Shaped pizza with garden fresh vegetables/sausages n salami.

                      A few new additions of appealing dishes have also been made to the menu.
                      The belly tickles, as the want for food calls out.


                      The post This Season of love, BrewEstate Celebrates Valentines in a Unique Way! appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                      By: admin
                      Posted: February 5, 2019, 12:13 pm

                      • The BrewEstate

                        We decided to give our Pizzas the best taste you can find in Italy. There are many factors that make a pizza amazing like thin crusts, the right amount of cheese and the fusion of toppings.

                        These Pizzas can be made quickly, yay for the less waiting time. If you hate soggy and blackened pizzas, these are best suited for you. These have a distinctive taste because of the smoky flavour and crunchy taste that gets ingrained in the Pizza.

                        Wood fired brick ovens aren’t a new thing, they have existed long back ago. These ovens are used primarily in Italy; therefore, these result in an authentic flavour. Brick oven beats a conventional oven any day.

                        Four reasons why you should opt for wood fire oven pizzas

                        Toppings will taste better: The cheese never tasted better, it doesn’t burn out and gets an added smoky flavour. The toppings will be crispier than on the regular pizzas. On the top of that the vitamins and nutrients in the vegetables are held due to the quick cooking time. The process of the wood fire oven makes the toppings evenly cooked.

                        A crust you’ll fall for: It takes a few minutes to cook the pizza, that’s why the outside of the pizza becomes crispy very quickly. The moisture is locked in the dough. Overall this results in a soft and chewy crust, the pizza doesn’t become soggy.

                        High cooking temperature: Heat circulates at the top and the surface is relatively colder, this is because the heat from the wood fire gets spread around the oven and is lastly absorbed by the interior brick walls. These temperatures have to be maintained by keeping a small fire burning continuously, it can really get hot inside at 570 to 660 degrees Fahrenheit. This cooking process results in an ideal environment for making the best pizza.

                        Unique Flavour: The flavours produced by this oven aren’t produced normally because the cooking is fast paced as opposed to the slow cooking in the kitchen. The flavour of ingredients is enhanced due to quick cooking time but beware that the flavour of the olive oil and dough will get subdued.

                        These ovens are economical and efficient, a lot of pizzas can be cooked at a single time and it’s not only limited to pizza, you can cook many other things inside there. It is also a very impressive commodity to own.

                        Try out pizzas made in wood-fired ovens at the Brew Estate. These have ingredients that are unique with an interesting fusion. The thin crust and the right amount of cheese makes it balanced and delicious at the same time.

                        The post Why Pizzas made in Wood Fire Oven taste amazing? appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                        By: admin
                        Posted: September 7, 2018, 6:20 am

                        • The BrewEstate

                          Bao is a type of filled bun or bread-like dumpling in Chinese cuisine. There are many variants in fillings (meat or vegetarian) and preparations (usually steamed). In its bun-like aspect it is very similar to the traditional Chinese Mantou.

                          Mantou has a pretty badass history.

                          According to Chinese legend, mantou was invented by an army general named Zhuge Liang when he had to lead his army across a dangerous river. The people on the other side ordered Liang to sever the heads of 50 of his men, if he wished to safely cross. Not particularly fond of that idea, Liang created a pretty clever ruse: He prepared large steamed buns and floated them across the river in place of human heads.

                          6 reasons why you absolutely must eat a bao as soon as possible.

                          1. Mantou, the bread used for baos, is an impeccable mixture of softness and sweetness.

                          Mantou is usually made by steaming the yeast instead of baking it. This results in an extremely fluffy and soft texture. One of the key ingredients of the dough is sugar, so when you bite into it, you get a wonderful hint of sweetness.

                          2. Baos make for a great breakfast.

                          These sandwiches are a popular Chinese street food because they are portable and, unlike dumplings, which are designed to be eaten with your hands. And since they are served as part of dim sum, a brunch like Chinese meal devoted to small steamed and fried dishes, they are known to be a popular breakfast food.

                          3. Pork Belly Bao, The Cha Siu Bao – The Chinese version of the pulled pork sandwich. 

                          Often served as dim sum in boxes at Chinese markets, the cha siu bao is a Cantonese version of the popular barbeque sandwich. The fluffy bun is filled with tender, slow-roasted sweet pork which could be marinated in a mixture of hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil.

                          4. Manapua: A Hawaiian delight.

                          Manapua is a mix of the two Hawaiian words “mea ono” which means “cake or pastry” and “pua’a” which means “pork,” is essentially the same thing as the Chinese cha siu bao, but has a bigger bun.

                          5. Black Sesame Chicken Bao: Sesame chicken (also called Chinese sesame seed chicken) is a dish commonly found in Chinese restaurants throughout the United States. The dish is similar to General Tso’s chicken but the taste of the Chinese-based chicken is sweet rather than spicy

                          6. The Pau: Malaysian adoption of a Bao.

                          Due to an extensive history of Chinese immigrants in Malaysia, the Malaysians created their own variant of the bao. These buns are usually filled with curries made out of potato, chicken or beef and resemble a curry puff more, than a traditional bao.

                          Through experimentation and keeping our customers in mind, we have mixed and matched Bao to what feels like pure Chinese made for Indians. The softness, flavor and healthiness are the best-selling points of the Bao.

                          The post Bao, the underrated Chinese Delicacy appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                          By: admin
                          Posted: September 10, 2018, 5:06 am

                          • The BrewEstate

                            The brewery world is quite big and there are many options to choose from. The lack of knowledge may devoid you of the best beer you can ever have. Funky sour ales, classic lagers, IPAs and their children and grandchildren, the list is big.

                            The beer crafting business is serious, and it has gone to the depth of unrecognizable taste, innovative aroma and taste is actually amazing. Here you can know about certain flavours before you try testing all of them one by one.

                            The kind of yeast used for fermentation has the most influence on a beer. A beer can be classified into a lager or ale.

                            Lagers: The yeast in Lager tends to settle down at the bottom, due to this the fermentation process takes more time at a longer temperature.

                            Ales: Ales are made through top fermentation; the yeast gets fermented at a warmer temperature and settles on the top of the beer. Ales have a higher tolerance to alcohol.

                            Beers start out as young kids (Ales and Lagers). They evolve to pale ales, Indian pale ales (IPAs), porters, stouts, wheat and Belgian styles.

                            Lagers can be further classified into pale Pilsners, the darker American lagers and the German Helles. Let’s dive deep into it.


                            The first a newbie beer drinker probably encounters is Lager. As explained above, Lagers are made with bottom fermenting yeast that has little love for alcohol. These taste light and malty. Lagers make the best beer addicting catalyst for a new beer drinker.
                            These aren’t the boldest of flavours. Although, it is the best place to start as beer and flavour grows on you.


                            These are in the Lager category and have roots from the Czech Republic. Looking for a crisp taste? Here you go! For the people who love a little bitterness and dark textures.

                            Stout Beer

                            Stout beer is dark. The flavour varies, Ireland produces sweet stouts while England ones have a comparatively low bitterness. Do you know Ireland’s Guinness? It’s a popular stout beer.

                            Don’t get fooled by the dark colour, these are not that hard to drink. You could match the bitterness to a sweetened espresso.

                            The American stouts truly have an American spirit- strong, highly roasted, bitter and hoppy, similar to coffee or dark chocolate.

                            Wheat beer

                            The malt ingredient in wheat beer is extracted from wheat. It’s perfect for summer, you must add a fruit alongside like orange or lemon. Some wheat beers have funky and tangy flavours, these fall under Belgian style brews; the USA originated brews have a flavour similar to bread.

                            Indian Pale Ales

                            The most popular IPAs are British, West Coast and New England IPAs. These are versatile, like your outstanding friend. These extract characteristics from hops and herbals, which give citrus or fruity flavours. You shouldn’t expect consistency from an IPA, get ready to be surprised. The flavour depends upon the variety of hops used: Citrus, strong and bitter, the flavour swings.

                            Pale Ale

                            As the name suggests, these are weaker than IPAs because of the lower alcohol content. If you want a beer you can easily gulp down, here’s your pick. These are malty, medium bodied and easy to drink.


                            Porters can trace their roots to the United Kingdom. Because Porters come off same ingredients (dark roasted malts and chocolates) as Stouts, therefore these too have dark colour. If you like chocolates, go for porters; if you like chocolate, go for stouts.

                            Belgian beer

                            Belgian beer stretches across the pale ales, dark ales, fruity beers and sour ales. Belgium has a heritage of beer culture and it is spilled all over the US. You can easily get tipsy after having a few. These carry a fruity, spicy and sweet flavour with high alcohol content and low bitterness.

                            Sour beer

                            For the bold people, who like to drift away from tradition. These are sour, yes, sour. You can beat beer into flavours like one can beat metal into sheets. Flanders ale, fruity Flanders ale, and lemony Berliner Weisse beer. Addition of fruits like cherry, raspberry or peach, make unique beers unlike any flavour available.

                            The post The Brew Estate’s quick guide to Beer appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                            By: admin
                            Posted: September 14, 2018, 10:16 am

                          • Microgreens and organic food are besties. Food enthusiasts love microgreens for salad dressings and garnishing.

                            A tiny matured plant

                            Many confuse microgreens with sprouts, but these are poles apart, not even on the same side. As the sprouts are grown in water, the microgreens are grown in the same old soil. A microgreen is a kid plant, the leaves are tiny and the roots up to 10 centimetres.

                            What benefits do the Microgreens provide?

                            • These are interesting blend of flavours; their nutritious value is off charts.
                            • Growing microgreens isn’t rocket science, it doesn’t even come close to class 8th science. These microgreens could be procured or homegrown, we make sure that these are pesticides free and fresh. They are used quickly after harvesting.
                            • If everything goes right, these come out to be cost effective and easy maintainable and are really healthy if consumed right away.
                            • These are aesthetically appealing, you can have them potted and eat whenever you like.

                            Versatile enough to be any miniature version of a plant

                            If it’s something that grows, there can be microgreen developed for it. For instance, popular microgreens are Radish white, Amaranth red, Pak Choi, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli, Onion, Beetroot etc. The fun thing about Microgreens is that they may have totally different taste from their bigger counterpart, but much more added nutrition. These are put in shakes, smoothies and of course as a salad dressing.

                            Plant some in your home

                            • As you harvest them by your own. The ideal scenario looks like this: You grow them, they look pretty and after they grow enough, you trim and eat them.
                            • Pick a pot, a container, a deep lid. It has to be 10 cm deep. Add soil. Add manure for a better effect.
                            • Sprinkle the packaged seeds pack over the layer of soil. Cover it one more layer of soil.
                            • The seeds will grow in 3 days, then start exposing the plant to sunlight (3-5 hours) and a little water and air exposure. It will start growing after some time.
                            After you’re done admiring and getting lost in the process, you’ll notice the colourful plant that you have grown with your dedication. Now take the scissors, cut the tall part above the soil and use it however you like. We use it to enhance the flavours in our dishes. These provide that extra kick to our food which is very essential to us.

                            The post Why microgreens are an essential addition to our food. appeared first on The Brew Estate.

                            By: admin
                            Posted: September 17, 2018, 9:52 am

                            • The BrewEstate

                              As autumn is around the corner, it’s time to have some preparations done for the festivals coming in October.Oktoberfest is one such festival that is celebrated in October. The festival is held annually in Munich, Germany,and spans just over two weeks. It begins in September and ends on the first Sunday of October. The Brew Estate is also hosting this famous festival in the Punjab. We are the largest microbrewery offering you traditional beers and food items of Germany. For this particular Oktoberfest, we have updated our menu with the famous beer of Germany.

                              1. Apple-Honey Cyser (Mead)

                              Cyser is basically a fusion brewed with fresh apple and wild floral honey. This beer is bright and crisp. The apple is both distinctive and well-incorporated into honey. It is slightly clear and pale to medium gold in color. It contains bit high amount of alcohol.

                              2. Marzenbier

                              Marzen beer is a German amber lager that originally brewed in Bavaria. It is amber to reddish brown in color. It is full-bodied and malty, with a bready aroma and light, and brisk hop bitterness. This beer is a tasty bump of juicy melanoidin-rich, toasted malty sweetness, creamy but lean mouthfeel, and spiciness.

                              3. Barrel Oak lager

                              The lager is a mild beer with the malty body with oak wood and malty-rich aromatics. It is light golden in color. Its roasted oak wood flavor makes it a real pleasure to drink.

                              4. Munich Weissbier

                              It is a white beer which originates in Munich, Germany. The glass of traditional Munich Weissbier is half beer and half foam. Its color ranges from pale straw to deep gold. Its rich malt flavor and underlying fruitiness have a masterful hop balance.

                              What is Oktoberfest?

                              Oktoberfest which started in 1810, initially took place in October but considering the better weather and a more enjoyable time for festival-goers, it was moved earlier in the season. But the name of the festival remains the same no matter what month it’s in. It is basically the biggest folk festival which is attended by millions of people from around the world who flock to Munich, Bavaria, Germany to eat traditional food, listen to old music, wear traditional Bavarian Garb and of course quaff the famous Oktoberfest/Marzen beer.

                              Why is it celebrated?

                              The Oktoberfest initially began as a wedding celebrationwhen Bavaria’s Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. All the burghers of Munich were invited to attend the wedding with multiple days of drinking, feasting, kettle drums, music and horse races. This year will mark the 185th Oktoberfest.

                              How is it celebrated?

                              Oktoberfest is more than 200 years old tradition. It is mainly associated with beer but the traditions of the festival go beyond that. The festival officially starts when the mayor taps the first keg, declaring “O’ Zapft is!” or “It’s Tapped!” in English. Traditionally, the first person to get the beer is Minister-President of the State of Bavaria. The opening ceremony of the festival is marked by a colorful parade of carriages, floats, and people in a variety of costumes winding its way through the streets of Munich. There are total 14 tents in the Oktoberfest area each with a band in the middle playing the traditional German songs.In 200 years, Oktoberfest has only been cancelled 24 times. The causes were mostly due to the war and cholera epidemics.

                              What is the dress code?

                              Many Bavarians and foreigners celebrate Oktoberfest in the Bavarian traditional dress.Men usually wear Lederhosen (leather pant and hat) and women wear Dirndl (dress with full skirt, apron, and tight bodice). Wearing those outfits is not compulsory of course, but the locals always appreciate if visitors make the effort.

                              What to eat and drink?

                              Originally, Oktoberfest was non- alcoholic but now beer is the king of the Oktoberfest. Earlier, beer was only served outside the fairgrounds, but it didn’t take long to incorporate kegs into the celebration.Oktoberfest is, above all, a celebration of Bavarian traditions,and it is said that if the beer is not from Munich, it’s not Oktoberfest,so the only beer you’ll find during the festival is brewed within the city limits ofMunich.

                              The Oktoberfest offers some fantastic traditional food like Wiesn-Hendl, Brezen, Steckerl Fish, Ochsenbraterei, and many more. You also get traditional cakes, gingerbread or pastries there.

                              A legit an excuse to drink beer on weekdays, Oktoberfest 2018 is here.

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                              • The BrewEstate

                                If beer is the soul of Oktoberfest then pretzel is the heart of the festival. You can’t have Oktoberfest without Pretzels. The Bavarian pretzel has humble and prayerful origins. Italian monks made the first pretzels from leftover bread-dough scraps and the twisted knot of the traditional pretzel shape is meant to symbolize the arms folded in prayer.

                                Bretzen (pretzels) are the most popular salty snack food at the annual Munich Oktoberfest where Brotfrauen (bread ladies) carry super-sized pretzels in huge baskets from table to table.

                                These salty snacks accompany to the ubiquitous beer and popular cheese spread called Obatzder. The Bavarian pretzels are made under the strict guidelines of German Purity Law, using only natural ingredients, and contain no preservatives, flavorings or color additives. Under this law, pretzels are briefly dipped into a liquid made from baking soda or other alkaline food-grade substances which gives the outside crunchy texture. The golden, soft and little chewy pretzels are pretty amazing as they are gluten-free.

                                Pretzels made of pliable and smooth dough, while seemingly intimidating with their twisting and their multiple steps, are actually super easy bread.

                                The pretzel is the theme for a number of festivals in Germany. Here are some facts about Pretzels:

                                • There is a great importance of pretzels in the Oktoberfest.
                                • Because of its religious roots, the pretzel has long been considered a good luck symbol.
                                • German children wear pretzels around their necks on New Year’s Day.
                                • In wedding ceremonies, newlyweds make a wish and break a pretzel.
                                • On May 1st, love-struck boys paint a pretzel on the doors of their loved ones

                                Pair your pretzel with a beer, whether it is blond, dark, light or bold, all beers at Munich Oktoberfest are wholesome and delicious.Make your Oktoberfest experience more exciting with the pleasant cracker-like flavor, a crisp, brittle texture and a brown glossy surface color of pretzels.

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                              • There are many healthy salads in our menu with the best and most delicious fruit flavours to add a bit of freshness to your meal. One of our best-known salad is Quinoa Fruit Salad that will definitely make your taste buds dance.
                                For this particular quinoa fruit salad, we mix quinoa seeds with lettuce and apple. We garnish it with sour cream to give a perfect ending to this colourful healthy quinoa salad. Quinoa Salad is one of the best suited options for the fruit fanatics who snack on various fruits throughout the day. This fruit salad is light, refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.

                                6 health benefits of Quinoa salad

                                1. VERY NUTRITIOUS

                                Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein and considered to be one of the world’s most popular healthy foods.This salad is a must try for the vegans and fitness freaks as it carries all the essential nutrients required to lead a healthy life.

                                2. HIGH IN FIBRE

                                An important benefit of Quinoa is its high fibre content that is much higher than many grains. It contains 17-27 grams of fibre per cup which is very high. It benefits the health of people with its high fibre value.

                                3. GLUTEN-FREE

                                Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and carries many health benefits. Adding quinoa to your diet can increase the nutrient and antioxidant value of your diet when you are avoiding gluten.

                                4. VERY HIGH IN PROTEIN

                                It contains all the nine essential amino acids and referred to as a complete protein. Quinoa is an excellent plant-based protein source for vegetarians and it has both more and better protein than most grains.

                                5. HIGH IN IMPORTANT MINERALS

                                Quinoa is very high in minerals particularly in magnesium, zinc, iron, and potassium.

                                6. VERY HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS

                                Quinoa is very high in antioxidants and is believed to help fight ageing and many health diseases. Sprouting increases its antioxidant level even further.

                                The high value of minerals and nutrients in Quinoa improves the metabolic health. It is high in protein which can increase metabolism as well as reduce appetite significantly. It also reduces your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. These properties of Quinoa help in weight loss and improved health.

                                Quinoa is good in taste and goes well with many fruits. It is one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet.

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                              • Brew Estate comes up with 8 flavors of its very own craft beer in house at Elante, Chandigarh. Yes, it reads just like this, and how it feels? Somewhat like a halogen balloon. In the growing world, even getting close to a micro-brewery with a fiveflavors of craft beer is a great deal, getting 8 such craft beer, each unique in itself is indeed a deal breaker!

                                Here’s a sneak peek!

                                1.Belgium Wheat: Belgium Wheat Beer – a top fermented beer, also known as “Witbier”. It gets its name and origin from Germany, and is brewed in Belgium style. One sip through it and it tastes like all the emotions put in one- tangy, fruity, spicy, but in all – REFRESHING!  It appears cloudy in color due to the high content of wheat. Served with Orange garnish makes it a subtle Belgian style.

                                2. Munich Weizenbier: It is the second type of wheat beer, also a top fermented beer. It is brewed in two proportions – wheat and malted barley. It originates from Bavaria. It is pale or cloudy in color just like witbier (wheat beer), but has varying tastes with respect to yeast formation like banana, bubblegum or vanilla.

                                3. Premium Lager: It is a German beer, with a tincture of caramel flavor and a crispy taste but slightly on the bitter end. Premium Lagers are bottom fermented beer, generally having a Gold or Bronze color to it. One can easily confuse Premium Lager with Pale Lager or Pilsner, so here’s where Premium Lager can differentiate itself with the fact being free from adjuncts and having a soft carbonation.

                                4. Red Ale: It originates from Europe; the brewed Red Ale is special in its own kind, with a finish of red hues, and roasted malts, bold hop and a dry but authentic touch-up. It swings through tastes like butterscotch, caramelized, or a sweeter essence.

                                5. IPA: IPA – It stands for India Pale Ale, as its name suggests, it falls into the category of Pale Ale and is freshly brewed from the pale malt. Its gets its name from the history when the demand of export toIndia of pale ale became profound in England and eventually shared its history with other countries as well. It is known for its aroma, it is citrus, floral, fruitful as well as earthy, and bitter in taste.

                                6. Wheat wine: It is a product from the category of Strong ales.As the name reads, people conclude it as a derivative of grapes but the fact being, it is not a grape derivative. It instead is 50 percentile wheat malt, and it tastes somewhat like on a sweeter side with candy flavors and bready finish.

                                7. Hard apple cidar: It tastes like a wine, but with higher alcoholic content. “Hard Apple Cider” – It is a collaboration of apple juice and honey in its fermented form. It is a light beverage, often fruity but crisp in taste.

                                8. Porter: Porter is also one of a brownmalt by-product, originating from London. The name ‘Porter’ came into existence due to its wide popularity leading to import and export in porter for travelling goods to places. It comes in varying tastes namely – chocolate, caramel, toffee and bittersweet.


                                Note: The beers are subject to availability.





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                              • With Christmas around the corner, The Brew Estate is launching an assortment of 6 different craft beers for Christmas, spread in its various chains. Brewmasters at The Brew Estate make their craft beers using eccentric beer ingredients. At times they use organic Ginger root or raspberry pulps or other Fruit pulps as adjuncts.

                                Here’s what Santa has to offer this Christmas!

                                1. Jager Strong Beer:

                                Jager strong beer or Jagermeister – German for “hunt master”, is a prominent fruit- flavoured drink, originating from Germany. Jager Strong beer is blended with an imported Jager syrup. It tastes like herbs and spices, along with the flavour of Jager syrup as well. It has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) content of 8% and will be available in the Panchkula chain around Christmas.

                                2. Winter Ale:

                                Winter Ale is less of a style of beer, and more of a wholesome brewing tradition. It is served with a tinge of Ginger to it. It has a spicy aroma and makes a perfect winter drink to let your soul entwined to. It is best paired with fish, chips, burger, sour and sweet chicken. It will be served in the Brew Estate sector 26 Chandigarh during the Christmas week.

                                3. Apple Hard cider:

                                Apple Hard Cider has an alcohol by volume (ABV) content of 6%. It is made using fruit pulp of green apple as an adjunction. Apple Hard Cider has an aroma and flavour of the fruit Apple. Apple Hard Cider will be available in the 26- Chandigarh and Patiala chain around the Christmas Eve.

                                4. Raspberry Hard Cider:

                                Raspberry Hard Cider is an occasional drink, coming up this Christmas season in Panchkula and Shimla, Brew Estate. Raspberry Hard Cider is blended with the pulp of pure organic Raspberry fruit. It has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) content of 6% and is best served with chicken, pork or salmon.

                                5. Saison Beer:

                                Saison is a beer style referred to as the dying style of the authentic pale Ale beer. It is a carbonated beer, with spicy and high fruitiness flavour. It comes in diverse colours like Copper, Golden, Dark Brown or Amber Gold. It has an ABV (Alcohol By Volume) content of 6.5% and makes the best combination with Cheese Pizza, Sandwich or Pasta. Saison Beer will be served in the Elante – Chandigarh.

                                6. Brown Porter:

                                Brown Porter made up of fuggle hops, is made with the flavour of Malt along with high roastiness. Brown Porter has an Alcohol by Volume content of 8% and makes the perfect combination with grilled steak, burger and chicken. It will be served in Elante branch of The Brew Estate, around Christmas.

                                The Brew Estate – one of the pub in Chandigarh presents these variants of craft beer, this Christmas season, only for a limited period.

                                The craft beer mentioned above are subject to availability.

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                                  The BrewEstate published a blog post The origin of Biryani

                                  Biryani is universally accepted by the world and everyone. It’s rice with different ingredients, a mixture of unpredictable flavours. The Biryani is one of the most famous dishes in India.
                                  The main ingredients of Biryani are Indian spices, rice, meat (chicken, goat, beef, prawn or fish), vegetables, maybe eggs.

                                  Biryani is derived from Persian language, otherwise a Hindustani word. It is said to be originated from Birinj—a Persian word for rice. Beriyan means to roast something.

                                  The origin of Biryani is uncertain. In North India, biryani is popular in Delhi and Lucknow, known as Mughlai cuisine and Awadhi cuisine. In the south, rice is prominently eaten and many dishes originated from Telangana(mostly Hyderabad), Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.

                                  In the Safavid dynasty in Persia, a rice dish called Berian Pilao was made with Lamb, Chicken which was marinated overnight with dahi, spices, dahi, dried fruits and later cooked in an oven. It was then served with steamed rice. It is often believed that the dish originated in Persia, and it entered India with Mughals.

                                  A Mughal text—Ain i Akbari makes no difference among Biryanis and Pilaf(Pulao).

                                  The difference between Pulao and Biryani

                                  Opinions differ, it is said they aren’t different from each other at all. According to some people, Pulao tends to be plainer than biryani and consists of meat/vegetables cooked with rice. Biryani tends to have more gravy than your normal Pulao. The main difference is that Biryani has two layers of rice with a layer of meat. Whereas Pulao is not layered.


                                  With regions, the ingredients differ. The main ingredient is chicken, goat, beef and lamb. Corn sometimes is used depending on the season. Navratan variety is the premium one, ingredients such as cashews, kismis and fruits too like apple and pineapples.

                                  Biryani is now popular as ever and available extensively in the whole of India. It is most prominently found in places like the best family restaurant in Chandigarh, even the best bar and best cafes in India.

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