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          • A great trip is not only about the excitements, things to do, place to visit, delicious dining, and a comfortable stay, it must be safe in order to mitigate all possible risks and make it a fulfilling experience. Know that travels are no more Sunday picnic when you can view the safety of the team and belongings lightly. Whether you are with a team or alone, have these safety tips on top of your agenda when you stay in hotels in Ollantaytambo.

            When you arrive
            • Never move away from your luggage. If you walk ahead of your luggage in the lobby area, there are chances that it is snatched. Especially when the lobby is busy, the thieves might take advantage of the too many distractions over there.

            • Choose the room that is not on the ground floor as it is often an easy target for the burglars. Many safety experts say the best option is to choose between third and sixth floors where the rooms are high enough to avoid easy break-ins and also low enough to be accessed by the fire engine ladders.

            When you check-in
            • In most professionally managed hotels, the staff members are trained not to give the room numbers or names of those staying there. However, if there is any compromise by announcing it aloud, then ask for another room. You will never know who is listening to it and the room number can be a matter of personal security.

            • Never set your credit card on the check-in counter. The sophisticated thieves today can easily capture the numbers using a powerful camera. When the card is handed back to you ensure it is your card and not someone else. Often it could also be a bogus card.

            • Get two business cards with the name and address of the hotel. Place one near the phone in your room to access the address and location of the hotel in case of calling for help during emergency. Have another card with you in the purse or pocket to get back to the hotel if you encounter chances to get lost.

            While staying in the room
            • If you enter the room accompanied by a valet, block the door open and as you check the room. Inspect the closet, shower and behind the curtains before releasing the valet and shutting the door.

            • Ensure the lock functions properly. Check whether the door has a deadbolt. Keep the doors under locked condition when you are inside the room.

            • Using a door wedge to enhance the security of the door is a good idea especially when you are at sleep or enjoying a shower. There are some chances that crooks are appointed by the hotel. They might wait to listen to the shower sound to see you off inside the bath and use the spare keys to access the room and steal your belongings.

            • Have the flashlight or headlamp near your bed. When there is an alarm or when the electricity goes out, you can take the help of the light to navigate the unfamiliar building.

            • When you move out leaving back some of your belongings, it is good to store them in the safety locker provided by the hotel. Every hotel is accountable for the loss of your things when stored in the hotel safe even if they do not assume the responsibility to safeguard the things stored in the guestroom safes and your respective staying rooms. Always ask for receipts of the items stored.

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