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            • Josh Martin
              a woman with a calculator in hand worried about the cost of the move

              It is no secret that moving can drain your budget faster than you can ever imagine! People usually draft a financial plan before the relocation. However, they often overlook the hidden and uncommon costs which hurt the most. Thus, it is essential to do your research properly and analyse all the possible expenses, so that you can be aware of all the moving costs.

              Hiring professional and trustworthy removalists in Sunshine Coast is quite common when you are planning to move. However, a mistake that most people make is that they entrust all the responsibilities to the removalists and neglect the significance of their involvement in the entire process. Thus they end up paying unnecessary charges.

              Here is a list of some unexpected moving costs that you can easily avoid by thinking smart.

              1. Deduction In The Security Deposit

              Not every tenant is lucky enough to get the entire rental bond back. However, they do not think about this possibility when they live in a rental property. People often do not realise that when they use a drill machine on the wall, neglect the cleaning of the carpets, do not pay the rent on time or skip the utility charges, they give every opportunity to the landlord to deduct a hefty amount from the security deposit. Thus, it is vital that you maintain the rental property as effectively as you can.

              2. Hiring Inexpensive Removalists Can Be A Costly Mistake

              When people look for removal companies on Sunshine Coast, they often opt for cheap removalists to save money and this is where they make their biggest mistake. They do not realise that if a company is giving a lot of discount or is offering a lower price, it means that their removalists are not experienced and skilled.

              And you are most likely to get your expensive furniture, appliances and delicate items damaged by hiring such untrained professionals. Reputed removal companies charge a good amount for a reason. Their teams are experienced and help you reduce the stress of the move.

              They make sure that your belongings are properly packed and safely moved. So, do not hesitate if you have to spend a few hundred dollars to hire the best Sunshine Coast removal company.

              3. Cheap Packing Supplies Can Increase Your Expenses

              If you think that by compromising on the packing supplies you can save money, you are making a big mistake. Even if you have a tight budget, make sure that you are purchasing appropriate and good quality supplies like boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

              These may look basic and small items, but have a great significance in the moving procedure. Do not forget that if the quality of the packing material is good, all the items, especially the expensive and delicate ones, will get better protection.

              4. The Extra Charges For Stairs

              If you have moved to a place which is at the first or second floor and there is no elevator, you are most likely to pay some extra charges for moving your stuff upstairs. Numerous Australian removal companies charge an additional amount for carrying the belongings through a stairwell.

              Also, if the elevator is not working on the particular day of your relocation, be ready to pay an additional amount to the removalists. Thus, visit your new place and make sure the elevator is working properly before finalising your moving checklist and budget.

              5. The Emergency Hotel Stay

              Long distance relocation usually gets finished within a day, but everyone is not that lucky. If things are not appropriately planned, strategies are not executed correctly, or some unfortunate event occurs like a car breakdown or there is some health issue, you might end up staying in a hotel for a night.

              Also, if you reach your destination late at night, you might not like to sleep on the floor and look for a hotel nearby.

              6. Move Cancellation Charges

              You can postpone your relocation plans or wish to go with another moving company, but this move is most likely to cost you some extra money. Every moving company in Australia have a cancellation policy so the amount that will be deducted may vary from one organisation to another.

              Thus, it is crucial for you to do proper research about all the removal companies in Sunshine Coast and fix a specific date for moving. Also, read the terms and conditions before you finalise the company. By doing all this, you might save some unexpected moving cost.


              We all know that the hidden costs and the moving process are connected, so you cannot eliminate the possibility of paying extra, but you can make a better budget plan where you can keep some amount for these types of expenses. In a moving process, there are too many segments where you need to focus.

              Thus, you are most likely to pay some extra money at some point. The charges mentioned above are those costs which people often ignore. So keep these points in mind if you are making a budget for moving.

              The post 6 Unexpected Moving Costs To Consider appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

              By: Ashleigh
              Posted: May 30, 2019, 2:31 am

              • Josh Martin
                Antique clock, telephone & chalice

                When it comes to safe and secure moving, make sure you pack all of your household belongings, especially antiques and valuable collectibles carefully. The precious and expensive items such as vases, glassware, ceramic item, jewellery, etc. need an extra shield of protection during the moving process.

                Since they are delicate and can easily get damaged, ensure that you prepare them for a journey using best materials. You can take help from your friends or even hire the best Sunshine Coast Removalist who can assist you with safe and quality packing.

                In case, you are engaged in DIY packing and want to ensure safe removal, below are the smart tricks that will help you pack your valuable antiques and collectibles like a pro.
                Let’s get started!

                1. Create an Inventory of Antiques

                The challenge of moving a house may annoy you, especially when it comes to relocating expensive antiques and other collectibles safely. Since they are super-delicate, make sure you use best packing techniques and materials that can protect them from damages.

                So, the first step is to create an inventory of all the antique items you are moving to the new residence. It is good to start with the large items, such as dining room tables, an art piece, etc. It recommended hiring Sunshine Coast’s best removalists that can lift your expensive and heavy belongings with superior delicacy.

                If you are packing it yourself, ensure that you take a picture of each item for your records and add it to your moving checklist. After that, measure the sides of each item so that you can arrange custom-made crates for easy relocation.
                In case of smaller antiques like collectives, jewellery and other precious collections, take a photograph of each of them and add it into your inventory list.

                2. Get Official Appraisals

                Before jumping into the packing process, you need to have your highly-priced valuables appraised in order to get compensation for damage (if something goes wrong during the transit). All you need to do is to hire a reliable appraiser via your insurance agent or a bank official to get an appraisal.

                Tip: Don’t forget to photograph your items as a proof that they are in excellent condition before the move.

                3. Arrange high Quality Packing Materials

                When it comes to moving boxes, wrapping papers and other packing stuff, it is good to opt for high-quality supplies. Look for a company in Sunshine Coast that can offer you best quality of materials such as bubble wraps, packing paper, packing tape, etc. at the most affordable price.
                Make sure you arrange them prior to your packing process if you want to experience hassle-free relocation.

                Tip: Instead of wasting your money on expensive boxes, use second-hand corrugated boxes. You can borrow from your family members or friends who may have recently relocated.

                4. Wrapping is Important

                Packing antique items is one of those tasks that need smart packing tricks. Since most of antiques have pieces and parts, they can easily get dismantled if you want to wrap them for a secure move. That’s why the first layer of packing plays a key role in keeping your item safe and secure. For porous stuff such as antique, books, and artwork, use a non-acidic archival tissue.
                For glassware and wood, make sure you use foam or stretch wrap. Don’t forget to wrap edges and corners of your object.
                Packing experts in Sunshine Coast usually use bubble wrap and packing paper to provide extra protection to the delicate items during the transit.

                Tip: It is good to wrap smaller items such as jewellery and other delicate items in vibrant coloured papers to prevent them from getting lost in the box.

                5. Provide a Protective Shell

                The outermost layer of your packing protects your precious antiques from damages during the transition process. If you are packing your antiques on your own, make sure you buy wooden crates to store all of your antiques during the moving process. It not only provides an extra layer of protection but also gives you peace of mind.

                Tip: Instead of DIY packing, it is ideal to hire a reliable moving company in Sunshine Coast that can provide you with comprehensive and quality packing solutions at competitive prices.

                6. Fill Empty Spaces

                If there is space inside your moving boxes even after putting all your antiques, make sure you fill in their hollow sides with crunched newspapers. Don’t put your items such as vases, ceramic objects and glasses in a box that has space as it could create damage during the lifting or moving process.

                Tip: It is recommended to place antiques in the boxes surrounded by bubble wraps and foam peanuts. It ensures the safety of your valuable items throughout the relocation process.

                7. Label your Boxes

                Don’t forget to label your boxes especially that contain breakable items. You can write ‘Fragile Items’ or ‘Antiques’ on the box with a permanent market. Use the top and two sides of each box for labelling. You want to ensure that your writing will be visible on at least one side of your box. This will also make things organised for you.


                Antiques have both monetary and emotional values, and that’s the reason why it is imperative to give extra care while packing them during the transit. With the assistance of these packing tips and your shortlisted Sunshine Coast Removalists, you will be able to protect your antiques from damages during transit.

                The post How to Pack Antiques and Collectibles? appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

                By: Ashleigh
                Posted: July 5, 2018, 1:36 am

                • Josh Martin
                  Couple looking inside a massive cardboard box at the same time

                  Everyone knows the challenge of moving an entire house from one location to another. When you start preparing your move, you trigger difficulties in accomplishing different phases. From packing household items to lifting heavy furniture, loading delicate pieces to unpacking after a move – every step requires special attention and care.

                  Of course, you can take assistance from affordable Sunshine Coast Removalists, but some processes need DIY tricks to get the job done effectively and efficiently. Unpacking in a new house is one of those chores.

                  Most of the people lost themselves when they see all those packed boxes in a messed situation in their new house. They find it difficult to manage the unpacking process with efficiency, and that’s the reason why unpacking has come up as one of the most annoying processes in the relocation.

                  Fortunately, experts have shared some super-exciting tips and tricks to organise your unpacking after a back-breaking move.

                  Let’s get started!

                  1. Keep a Copy of Inventory List Handy

                  The first thing you need to do is to know what you need to unpack first after moving to your new house in Sunshine Coast. For this, keep an inventory list of your household items handy -that you created before packing your belongings for a move. This will make it easy for you to keep everything organised from the start and also save your precious time and effort.

                  Note: If you have hired a moving company, make sure you ask them to provide you with the custom inventory list while packing you belongings.

                  2. Unpack the ‘Essential’ Items

                  Instead of losing your patience, think wisely and start unpacking with main essential items. Focus on the things or boxes that you will need to keep your house running. It includes first aid box, kitchen appliances, toiletries and other items that you need for your first night in the new house.

                  Boxes should be labelled clearly so that you can find them quickly and easily among all the other boxes. In case, you have small toddlers and pets, make sure you unpack their bed linens and food items as soon as possible.

                  Tip: Reach out highly-credible Removalists in Sunshine Coast to handle your unpacking process with great responsibility. They can help you organise your new house in a matter of a few hours without giving you stress.

                  3. Next is your Kitchen Items

                  Emptying the boxes labelled with ‘kitchen items’ is your next step. Most of the moving professionals unpack the kitchen first and then head towards other rooms. So, it is strongly recommended to arrange the cupboards first and unpack the items you need for cooking such as pots and pans.

                  Get major electronic appliances hooked up along with small equipment such as a toaster or coffee maker. Take one room at a time, and you can organise your kitchen later after unpacking your entire house.

                  4. Head Towards Bedroom(s)

                  Putting beds together and unpacking bed linens is one of the most exciting parts, especially for small kids. They love arranging their beds in new space. So, leverage the advantage of this situation and set your linens for each bedroom to help everyone have a comfortable first-time sleep.

                  Tip: First place your furniture and organise your closet before you unpack your bedroom items. Also, check the valuable items like antiques and collectibles, which you got appraised before your relocation.

                  5. Hire Professional Removals for Heavy Furniture

                  Arranging a sofa, wardrobe, pool table or dining table is one of the most difficult tasks in the unpacking process. If you don’t want to waste your time in re-arranging your furniture, then ask your Removalists in Sunshine Coast to assist you in organising your bedrooms, dining room and living room as per the given floor plan.

                  Tip: Large items that need assembling first should be completed once you know where they will be placed in your new house.

                  6. Unpacking Bathroom Items

                  This is also one of the most important chores so make sure you unpack the box that incorporates all the items belong to a bathroom.

                  7. Laundry and Garage Spaces should be Unpacked Last

                  Keep the storage spaces empty until you are done with unpacking your entire house. Since most garage items are not essential, you can organise it later whenever you get time. Try to unpack and arrange the tools such as storage boxes, extra shelving to utilise the space to the fullest.

                  Once you have unpacked your main essentials, you can take some time to know your new space in a better way. Know everything about your house, and a new neighbourhood.


                  Unpacking boxes after a move can be overwhelming, but the tips mentioned above in this blog post will make your job a bit easier. You can also hire a Removalists Company in Sunshine Coast that offers a range of moving, packing and unpacking solutions within your estimated budget.

                  The post Tips for Unpacking After a Move appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

                  By: Ashleigh
                  Posted: August 28, 2018, 2:45 am

                • A girl packing her household items

                  Amidst the excitements and frustrations of moving, many people might not realise—and what all the reliable removalists in Sunshine Coast will tell you—is that moving generates a ton of waste. Think about it; when we move, all the things we don’t want or don’t need any longer are left behind.

                  These unwanted things may include paper trash, plastic bags and containers, broken furniture, and dead electronics, all of which need to be disposed of properly to prevent pollution. Still, many of us leave the surroundings choked with these pollutants when we move. It may not be in direct violation of your lease to leave piles of trash sitting around waiting, but it directly affects the quality of the environment.

                  It’s even sadder when you realise that an eco-friendly move is often cheaper as it heavily relies on reusing and recycling materials. So, if your lease is almost up and you’re thinking of ways to move with the least adverse environmental impact, these tips should put you on the right track.

                  1. Make Use of the Containers You Already Have Before Buying Others

                  Duffel bags, suitcases, backpacks, old boxes, and large plastic bins are all ideal for packing a number of things. If you already have them in abundance, skip the part in your moving checklist where you buy new boxes.

                  Using more disposable containers when moving means you have more to dispose of by the time you finish unpacking at your new home. To prepare yourself for a move, save up all the boxes you get, perhaps from ordering things online, as they can be handy when you need additional space to pack.

                  Tip: You can also rent durable and customised boxes from your Sunshine Coast Removalist for a small fee and save yourself from all the hassle of collecting old boxes and the environment from a ton of waste.

                  2. Use Environmental-Friendly Packing Materials

                  The packing material you use doesn’t have to be a plastic bubble wrap all the time. Hard as it may be to pass up the opportunity to pop some bubbles willingly, this widely available packing material is harmful to the environment.

                  Some old clothes and blankets are great packing materials that will save your belongings from getting damaged and your budget from rising. Using these will make your work easier once you get to your new home since they do not require unique disposal methods to destroy.

                  3. Sell Off or Donate What You Don’t Want

                  While a garage sale will help you get a bit of money while you clean up the unwanted stuff, not every bit of unwanted junk in your house will fetch a premium price in Sunshine Coast. For that reason, you should be ready to donate your stuff, which includes not just clothes, but also the electronics and furniture you don’t want anymore. This way, fewer items are left behind as trash.

                  4. If You Must Get Additional Packing Material, Get Used Boxes

                  Sometimes you have more stuff than space. Still, this is no excuse to go buying new unrecyclable boxes. Instead, set your eyes on used ones, especially the corrugated kind, as these are much easier to recycle.

                  Reach out to your neighbours, friends, family, and workmates to see if they have any to spare—your wallet will thank you. Should you ever need to move again, several people in Sunshine Coast will be willing to lend you their old moving boxes.

                  5. Recycle Old Paint If Re-Painting Is Necessary

                  If some rooms need retouching, you’re better to try looking for old cans of paint in the attic than buying new ones. Save some money by reusing this old paint, which is also a way of disposing of it off safely since paint can be quite toxic to the environment.

                  6. Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

                  All your efforts to stay green can be made moot by one irresponsible moving company, so take your time when picking out a company to help you move. There are some eco-conscious moving companies like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast who take care of the environment while moving your possessions safely.

                  Eco-conscious moving companies often come prepared with plastic tote bags that can be of great help if you’re running out of packing space. Some use biodiesel to power their trucks, which results in reducing the carbon footprint.

                  Others help their clients dispose of things like plastics in addition to providing eco-friendly packaging on request. In the end, the moving company you choose should reflect your dedication to keeping the environment pollutant-free.

                  Wrapping Up

                  Use these tips have an eco-friendly move and reduce waste. An experienced and reliable removalist like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast will help you to manage your move efficiently and safely along with saving the environment from further depletion.

                  The post Tips To Be Eco-Friendly and Reduce Waste When Moving appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

                  By: Ashleigh
                  Posted: August 20, 2018, 3:06 am

                  • Josh Martin
                    A custom made pool table

                    Moving is the most complicated and exhausting life event. Most of the items we transport are either fragile or bulky- but the pool table is both. Those planning to take their favourite sports equipment to a new location may need extra assistance and certain precautions.

                    Disassembling and reassembling of a pool table is not a simple DIY project. The removalists in Sunshine Coast have the specific expertise and workforce to dismantle all the parts of the table, transport and install it with the utmost care to maintain the original structure of the table.

                    Here are some tips from the experts to move a pool table:

                    Gather the Tools

                    You are going to need a lot of tools if you plan to tear down the table all by yourself and thus it should be included in your moving checklist. The list includes a flat head screwdriver, staple puller, safety goggles, socket wrench, and a power drill.

                    Sounds exhausting? This is where removalists do a lot more than merely offer the workforce to move your pool table. Consider hiring the best removalists in Sunshine Coast who can help you throughout the process.

                    Taking it Apart

                    The last thing you want to do is rummaging through bits and parts of the pool table through every box and crate in your new house in Sunshine Coast. Label and store everything categorically in one place for easy reassembling.

                    Disassembling the table down into smaller, more manageable parts will allow the movers to cart the table off in pieces with more ease. This step is crucial as a pool table is quite heavy, and the average weight is between 500-1000 pounds. Start with removing the staples, screws or bolts to unfasten the side pockets. You will need a screwdriver at this point to remove the side pockets.

                    Please make use of socket wrench to unscrew the bolts from the underside of the rails and slide them out. If the tracks are connected, there can be a need of some extra hands. Flip the rails together before disconnecting and wrap them securely.

                    Detach the Felt and Slate

                    First thing first, the felt will be either glued or stapled. If the glue is used, make sure to pull the felt backwards with extreme precaution gently. It is easier than it sounds, but it requires steady hands and lots of patience. A small tear in the felt will make it unusable and force you to re-cloth the slate with the new lining.

                    Removing the staples one by one takes time and can be a hectic job to do. That’s why you should enlist a removal company with experience in moving a pool table. Be careful when folding and wrapping the removed felt lining to avoid wrinkles.

                    Now comes the most substantial and hardest part of disassembling the pool table- removing the slate. The table consists of one, two, or even three slates joined together with beeswax and screwed into the table’s frame. Scrape the wax off before removing all the slate screws using a power drill to prevent damage.

                    You are going to need some extra help to take the slate off. Each slate could weigh a few hundred pounds apiece. Any damage to the slate can severely affect how the pool table is going to functions when reassembled. Wrap the slate with materials that can absorb the jolts during transit and prevent any dent. Along with the felt lining, the slate is also one of the most vital pieces. After removing the pockets, rails, felt and slate; unscrew the bolts attaching the legs to the frame.

                    Protecting the Merchandise

                    To prevent harm during the transit, be sure to protect each piece of the pool table by wrapping them appropriately with packing materials like moving blankets or bubble wrap and then securing with packing tape. Any chips, scratches, dents and marks can cause the table to come unbalanced and ruin future games. Don’t forget to check your cue sticks, balls and rack!

                    Load, Unload and Reassemble

                    For this part of the moving process, you are going to need some reliable and experienced workforce from the removal company if you wish to save some time of the move. Carefully load the parts of the pool table in the truck with some help. You can take the support of a professional team of removalists in Sunshine Coast to execute the entire job.

                    When you reach your destination, start by unloading the frame first. Make sure to work your way backward through steps to reassemble the pool table. Don’t forget your balls, cue sticks and rack!


                    Moving a pool table is like transporting antique or valuable objects. It requires patience, skills and knowledge. Consider using an expert mover to assist and take care of the entire transit process. Hiring the services of an experienced removalist like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast will help you to save time and have a stress free relocation experience.

                    The post How to Move a Pool Table in 5 Simple Steps appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

                    By: Ashleigh
                    Posted: October 5, 2018, 8:11 am

                  • Couple sitting together on a carpeted floor while surrounded by furniture & cardboard boxes

                    Relocating a house is undoubtedly one of the stressful processes. From finding a new house to planning an entire moving process, arranging packing boxes and supplies to hiring professional and cheap removalists in Sunshine Coast, there are lots of things to do and remember when moving.

                    While these are some of the moving basics that can’t be ignored, you will also need to ensure that you are informing the right people about your new address. Preparing for a change of address is one of those tasks that can’t be skipped or overlooked while moving.

                    It is good to notify about the new address earlier rather than later – this could save you from problems like missed utility bills, service lapses, etc. If you are not sure when you inform about the change of address, have a look at this blog post.

                    Here is the change of address checklist that will help you know when to start and who to notify while moving a house or an office.

                    1. The Post Office

                    Whether you are moving next to the street within Sunshine Coast or a new city, the Post Office should be at the top of your checklist when it comes to notifying a new address. You can set up a new forwarding address online for a specific start date so that mail will be delivered to your new place.

                    It is better to do this a week before your final move. Since this is a tricky process, ensure that you avoid any backlogs of your emails.

                    2. Inform your gas and electric service provider

                    Gas and electric are those services that are needed from the very first day in a new residence. So, make sure you notify as soon as you get to know about your new address and the date that you will be relocating.

                    While transferring your electricity service in Sunshine Coast, ensure that you discontinue your service at your current place at the end of your moving day. Also, ask them to re-start the service at the new place either in the morning of your move in or before getting dark in the evening.

                    3. Tax Companies

                    It is important to notify your state tax agency and the federal revenue agency about the change of your address. There will be an online form provided by the IRS where you can update your new address.

                    If you want to notify your state tax agency, then you need to visit the state’s government website (for example if it you are in Sunshine Coast, you need to go to the Queensland’s government site) and look for directions. The process is time-saving and straightforward as you can do this online.

                    4. Internet and Phone

                    There is no denying the fact that the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. That’s the reason why it is imperative to set up the internet and phone services before moving to a new house.

                    You can do this by calling your phone and internet service providers and notify them about the new address of your house. As early as you inform, as soon as you get your internet and phone service.

                    5. Home or Renter’s Insurance Provider

                    Don’t forget to inform about the change of your address to your home or renters’ insurance company. There are many landlords, renter’s insurance companies and management agencies who will ask for proof of transfer before your moving day. So, take care of this in the early stages and notify about your new address to both your home and renter’ insurance agency.

                    Make sure you ask your policy provider about the belongings that are covered during the transition process. If not, you may need to buy moving insurance from a reliable company. A quality removalist in Sunshine Coast will make it easy for you to concentrate on these crucial tasks while he takes charge of all your packing, unpacking and other moving duties.

                    6. Your Bank and Credit Card Agency

                    This is also an important task. Call your bank and credit card companies and inform them about the change of your address. You can also look for the same online. Also, remember about your credit cards and loyalty programs that you may have with particular stores.

                    7. Newspapers and Magazines Services

                    If you have signed up for any newspaper or magazine subscription services, then change your address as soon as possible. Mail them or call to their customer service centre about the new address.

                    8. Insurance Companies (Health, Life, Car etc)

                    Inform the companies that offer you insurance services related to health, car, life, dental, etc. You can do this prior to your moving day.


                    Changing the address during a move is an imperative task. It is important for you to update your billing address so that you will get all the services in your new residence without hassles.

                    Notify your bank, electricity, water, and internet service providers as soon as you hire experienced Sunshine Coast Removalists for your move.

                    The post Change of Address Checklist: Who to Notify When Moving? appeared first on Better Removalist Sunshine Coast.

                    By: Ashleigh
                    Posted: November 23, 2018, 5:41 am

                  • A guy and a girl carrying cardboard boxes

                    Moving interstate could be stressful. A moving checklist is indispensable in keeping the process of interstate removal stress-free and more rewarding. Working on a well-defined checklist will allow you to move systematically and ensure that you don’t get stuck in the last minute.

                    It is imperative to hire the most reliable removalists on Sunshine Coast who will apprise you of the tricks and tips for a successful interstate transfer and make sure you don’t miss a thing. They come with a foolproof plan on how to make the relocation process more straightforward for you and tailor a package as per your requirements.

                    The following comprehensive list of tasks will work wonders in achieving an interstate transfer conveniently.

                    One month before moving

                    1. Choose the right removalist company

                    Browse through the websites of the most prominent removalists on Sunshine Coast. This will give you a fair idea about the pricing trends prevalent on the market. Request for free quotes, compare them and choose a quality moving company for your move. Having an estimate of the moving budget is paramount in moving without breaking the bank.

                    Additionally, ask for the list of services that they render like insurance, loading, packing and unpacking services and so on. You are going to trust their staff with your valuables, so it is advised to do a complete background check on them and know what their previous clients say about their services.

                    A good removal company will come equipped with the best packaging material, proven techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and trained and courteous workforce. Once you’re sure about the company you are going to place your trust in, get your package customised according to your preferences.

                    Make a note of the precious or fragile items to be transferred and familiarise the removalists in advance. In case you are planning to move on your own, arrange the appropriate boxes, packing material (PVC tape, bubble wrap, markers, packing paper etc.) ahead of time.

                    2. Release the surplus

                    Get rid of the stuff you no longer need. Skim through the neglected zones of your house and spot the things you have not been using for a long time. Most likely, you won’t put them to use in the future as well. De-clutter and purge the unnecessary. Arrange a garage sale, a donation drive or a gifting scheme.

                    Tossing off the excess will save you time and effort invested in packing, transporting and unpacking. Moving with a minimum will also warrant that your necessary items are packed accurately, and there is no damage during transit.

                    3. Settle the outstanding bills and inform the utility providers

                    Before leaving your present location, it is imperative to notify the current utility providers in Sunshine Coast about how long you will be utilising their services. Pay the outstanding bills or else consider an auto-pay as you may need the utilities to run on the removal day as well.

                    4. Plan a visit to the new area

                    If departing with family and kids, visit the new city and explore the places to visit in Sunshine Coast, education and work options for you and the spouse in the city. Also, get acquainted with the new neighbourhood – the hospitals, supermarkets, gas station etc. Notify the new Electoral Office; update the new address on your driving license and car registration.

                    Two weeks before moving

                    Stick to the moving checklist religiously as the day of travel approaches.

                    1. Purge the pantry

                    Plan to consume the existing pantry items within the remaining time. Begin by utilising all the food stocked in the freezer. Watch for any inflammable liquids like paint chemicals, thinners, bleach or aerosols and dispose of them safely.

                    2. Arrange the documents

                    Plan to carry important papers, documents, reports and jewellery securely. Consider returning the borrowed items, pause the house services like gardeners, house cleaners and hire a babysitter for the moving day, in case you have an infant or a toddler.

                    Contact a reliable off-shore storage facility if you are unable to migrate all the belongings at once and need to store them for some time.

                    3. Prepare a bag of essentials

                    A survival kit is paramount in keeping you organised through the removal – containing basic snacks, tea, coffee, medications, a first aid kit, spare light globes, personal items, scissors, essential documents, keys, etc.

                    A day before the removal

                    1. Keep the removalists informed

                    Familiarise the removalists with the floor plan and the other moving instructions along with details of the new destination. Keep connected by sharing your contact number.

                    2. Un-cord the appliances

                    Take pictures of the wirework and the electrical apparatus to facilitate reassembly. Tie up the appliance cords and keep them at one place. Similarly, keep the screws and nuts in one bag so that you don’t have to struggle to look for them during reinstallation.

                    Back up the computers and secure the files. Charge your mobile phones and laptops in advance.

                    3. Relax and unwind and prepare yourself for the next day

                    Keeping composed goes a long way in maintaining order during the move. So, take time to sit back and energise yourself for the challenging day ahead.

                    On the day of removal

                    Arrange the boxes in order of priority. Set the essential cartons like the kitchen boxes on top.Examine the items as they load in the vehicle. Once you are done with the loading, perform a final tour around the house and read the meters, turn off the power switches, lock the doors and windows, check the house keys and car keys. Review the garage, attic, storage one last time.


                    Once the relocation is accomplished, the next step is to settle in the new situation. Provide clear instructions to your removalist in Sunshine Coast about the placement plan of your belongings and furniture. Check the stuff and notify within time if anything is found damaged or missing.

                    With their vast experience in rendering removal services, Better Removalist Sunshine Coast offers high-quality and efficient packing and removing solutions. They care for the sentiments associated with your possessions and make the moving process a piece of cake for you.

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                    By: Ashleigh
                    Posted: October 18, 2018, 5:00 am

                  • crystal glass and delicate china cup and saucer kept on the table

                    China and crystal glassware are the much-loved household items which are also very delicate. They need extra caution from your side when packing them to move into a new place. Not only are they expensive but also have an emotional association with the owner.

                    Whether it is the champagne glasses from your first marriage anniversary or the vintage china plates, you try your level best to save your valuable stuff from breaking or getting damaged during the moving process. That’s why whenever you are moving such valuable items, it is always advisable to hire reliable professionals for removals in Sunshine Coast.

                    From packing, loading and transporting to unloading and unpacking, they are specialised in handling fragile items perfectly. However, we should not forget that this isn’t always possible. In such a scenario, you will have to pack and move the crystal, china glassware, and other fragile items on your own.

                    In this post, you will learn about some of the most useful materials, directions and tips that will help you to pack your expensive china and crystal glassware properly. Let’s have a look.

                    What You Need To Do Before Packing?

                    Before the packing, first, you need to make a note of your entire inventory – all of your valuable china and crystal glassware and dinnerware. You can do that by writing down what exactly you have or taking photographs. This step should be on the top of your moving checklist as it will be a great help during the unpacking of your delicate items at your new place.

                    Also, you need to invest in the right moving supplies because it will provide safety to your fragile items during the move. So make sure, you invest in the right things. You should purchase cellular dividers, premium quality corrugated boxes for your glassware, cushioning material, foam pouch inserts, packing tape, packing paper or newspaper, a sharpie marker and use various items for padding like blankets or pillows.

                    If you hire a removals company in Sunshine Coast, the professionals will take care of all the packing materials. However, if you are packing everything on your own, you will have to purchase them.

                    Effective Tips for Packing Your Items

                    Gather corrugated moving boxes. Ensure that all the boxes you are using are sturdy enough to tolerate the pressure of the entire moving procedure and safely reach your new house in Sunshine Coast. Separate the boxes into two parts for plates and glassware.

                    Place the cardboard dividers or partitions inside the boxes where you want to put the delicate glassware. Once inserted properly, these partitions will separate the delicate crystal glasses from each other to protect them all.

                    When you are packing the glassware such as wine glasses, highball glasses, flutes, mugs and coupes, make sure they have a protective cushion. And for that, you need to wrap all the items with a protective layer like a bubbled cushion or foam pouch. You can also stuff packing paper inside the opening of the glassware for the extra protection.

                    Now you need to provide an extra protective cushion. Once you’ve inserted the pieces of glassware inside the box, stuff the surrounding space with an additional cushion to prevent items from getting damaged during the travelling.

                    When you are packing fine china items like porcelain plates and bowls, wrap every piece individually in either packing paper, newspaper or multiple layers of bubbled cushion. Secure the packing using tape.

                    You should give preference to the larger items. Place the larger and heavier china plates and dishware right at the bottom of the box. Otherwise, these heavy china plates and dishware will crush the small items.

                    Pack the lightweight items like flatware, saucers, teacups, etc. at last. Once packed inside the box appropriately, you should stuff all space with extra paddings like blankets or packing paper. If you hire removalists in Sunshine Coast, they will bring along all the material and provide a damage-free removal.

                    After Packing The Delicate Items

                    Once you are done with the packing of all the products appropriately, if you have enough time, place a piece of paper inside all the boxes with a list of its contents. It will make things easy for you after the move. You need to make sure that you have packed your belongings perfectly.

                    Pick up the boxes one by one and gently shake it to check. If you notice the items are moving inside and making a sound, stuff the area with more padding for extra protection. This will help everything stay in place and protect the items. Use packing tape to secure the packing of the boxes.

                    Make sure that all openings are properly closed and taped up to prevent the fragile items from coming out of the boxes during the travelling. Packing the china and crystal glassware is a time consuming process and needs special skills. That’s why people look for professional removalists in Sunshine Coast as they have experienced professionals to tackle the removal related challenges.


                    Packing China and crystal glassware perfectly and moving it is not that simple. These items are very delicate and their packing requires skills, experience and a lot of patience. It may take some time, but you can do it. However, if you are running out of time and want all your items to be safe, you should contact a company like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast to solve your problem.

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                    Posted: March 11, 2019, 1:34 am

                  • happy couple calculating linear foot with measuring tape

                    Moving across the country is not a child’s play. There is a lot that goes into moving to a new place with all your belongings intact and safe. Since it is an expensive errand, most people rely on freight trailers to ship their stuff. However, when you are relocating with the help of a freight trailer, you will have to get acquainted with a few technical terms used by the removal companies.

                    The linear foot is one such frequently used measurement tool which is employed by the professionals to determine the cost of your Sunshine Coast removals. It is essential to know about this measurement scale as it helps in calculating the quantity of cargo that can be loaded on the trailer and the price you will have to pay for it.

                    Packing efficiently and loading resourcefully makes a considerable difference in proficiently using the allotted space on the trailer and consequently the cost of the transport. The linear foot measures the linear length so it can’t be converted into square feet. The highly skilled and experienced removalists in Sunshine Coast can help you with this measurement.

                    These professionals will help you understand how to move your cargo cost-effectively and in the best way possible. To know more about the linear feet and its significance while moving, read further.

                    What Is A Linear Foot?

                    A linear foot (also known as lineal foot) is a measurement of 12-inch length. As the term linear represents a straight line, it can be considered as the straight line measurement. It is different from other measuring scales because here width and height do not hold any importance.

                    For instance, if you have an area of flooring that is 6 feet long and 20 inches wide, then the linear feet will be 6. Again, if you select an area that is 12 inches wide and 6 feet long, the linear feet will be still 6.

                    How Is It Different From Other Measurements?

                    There are several methods of measurement, such as cubic feet and cubic square feet that require width, height and linear distance to determine the size. But when you are calculating how much space you will require in a moving truck, you need to remember that the width and height will not change.

                    So, all you need to measure is the linear (or straight-line) length. Sunshine Coast removalists are aware of this cost-effective way of transporting your belongings and thus offer budget-friendly freight removals that make moving hassle-free.

                    Why Is It Important?

                    Linear footage is vital because it determines the cost of the move. A moving company usually calculates the price by calculating the total number of linear feet that the household goods take up in the trailer. This helps you control the cost of the move and pay only for the space you use in the truck.

                    Calculating Linear Feet For Your Belongings

                    If you want to know how much space your belongings will take, make sure you ask the removals company in Sunshine Coast for a comparison guide. Numerous moving companies provide their customers with a useful measuring guide.

                    You can use this guide to convert the residence size or number of your rooms into the number of linear feet required. For instance, one bedroom apartment is equal to 6 linear feet space of the moving vehicle, while one bedroom house is equal to 8 linear feet, and so on.

                    The estimate of space gives the customers a good idea of how much they need to spend on the space they will require in the moving vehicle. Professional removalists in Sunshine Coast can help you to understand this calculation so that you can get the required space in the minimum cost.

                    What Is The Benefit Of Paying By The Linear Foot?

                    The benefit of paying by the linear foot is that when you rent a moving container or moving truck, you have to pay for the entire truck or the container. You rent the whole vehicle regardless of the fact whether you are using the entire space inside the vehicle or not.

                    However, when it comes to moving across the country using a freight trailer, you only pay for the space that you utilise in the moving vehicle. The trusted removals company in Sunshine Coast offer the opportunity to pay by the linear foot instead of paying for the entire vehicle.

                    This allows you to make significant savings on your long distance move and you do not have to worry about the safety of your stuff during the travel. So hire a professional removalist company in Sunshine Coast to make a move within your budget.

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                  • A happy kid in his cardboard box castle

                    Once you are done with unpacking, you start thinking about the boxes scattered around your new home. People purchase many boxes to move, but when the job is done, they face the dilemma of whether to sell them or use them. The problem is that there are way too many boxes and you cannot use all of them.

                    Throwing them away will be undoubtedly the quickest way to get rid of them, but it will be a total wastage for you, and it will not be an environment-friendly step. And you don’t want to do that! Getting boxes on rental basis from your professional removalist in Sunshine Coast can solve this problem, but what if you have purchased them?

                    In this post, we will help you find out some easy way to get rid of the boxes after your move. Let’s explore the ideas one by one.

                    1. Keep it for the future move

                    It is perhaps the most logical view to keep the boxes until your next move. But that makes sense only if you are planning to move out within a year or so. Otherwise, the quality of the boxes will not remain the same.

                    If you want to avoid such a situation, contact the best removalists in Sunshine Coast and get customised boxes on a rental basis to keep your belonging safe. They collect back the boxes after your move and thus help you reduce waste and have an eco-friendly move.

                    2. Keep it for storage and other purposes

                    After unpacking, you may find a few things in your new house in Sunshine Coast that you would not be using anytime soon. So it is essential to keep them safe. Go for the boxes with minimum wear-and-tear. A couple of sturdy and clean boxes can store all of your belongings safely. You can use them to protect your floor during a paint job, changing the car oil and so on.

                    3. Keep it for DIY kids’ projects

                    There are also different ways to use your boxes to entertain your kids. Make cardboard castles using different materials and let them enjoy.

                    You can also make playhouse or dollhouse for them. Various videos are available on the internet that shows different ways to create a design and build an alien robot or a knight outfit for your kids. Apart from kids, you can also use the boxes as pet beds.

                    4. Donate to charity

                    If you don’t want to use the boxes and even not interested in selling them, giving away to charity in Sunshine Coast is perhaps the best option. Look for local schools, libraries, food banks, community centres, churches and other nonprofit organisations in Sunshine Coast.

                    They often look for things like boxes for different purposes. If you want to make some contribution towards the society, you may need to invest some time and make efforts to make a few phone calls. Also contact your neighbours, friends and relatives to find such organisations.

                    5. Sell the used boxes

                    You can use a few boxes as per your requirement, but what about the rest? Try to sell them to the companies that specialise in buying and vending boxes. Noticeboards in local shops, advertisement in newspapers and magazines, social media groups are ideal places to contact the buyers.

                    But this can be a hectic procedure, and you might not get the amount you are looking for. So, it is advisable to get the boxes on rent. Contact removalists in Sunshine Coast who offer customised boxes at a nominal charge and collect them back once you are done with your moving process. This is the quickest and the easiest solution to get rid of packing boxes after a move.

                    6. Give away to friends or neighbours

                    If any of your friend or relative in Sunshine Coast planning for a move, offer them the boxes at free of cost. You can create a post on your preferred social media network so that they can quickly get back to you. The excellent way to get rid of the boxes fast is to offer them to your neighbours.

                    In case you have moved to an apartment building, contact the property manager and inform them that you have sturdy and clean boxes you are willing to give for absolutely free. This will not only help you to get rid of the boxes but also improve your social presence.


                    The ways as mentioned above are the best things to do with your empty boxes after your move. There are many more creative ways to get rid of your empty boxes, but all those ways need your time and efforts. Keeping in mind that you are at a new place and need to focus on how to get back with your regular life, it won’t be easy for you to give you time.

                    So, it is always advisable to contact a reliable removals company like Better Removalists Sunshine Coast and use their customised boxes. Keep it simple and stay away from unnecessary stress.

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                    By: Ashleigh
                    Posted: December 10, 2018, 5:27 am

                    • Josh Martin
                      worried woman sitting on the floor with packed boxes kept on side

                      Moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful events as it involves both physical and mental strain. It is the process where you prepare yourself for the new start in an unfamiliar place– you are saying goodbye to the old friends and neighbour.

                      On the other side, you have the responsibility to pack and gather all the belongings and moving boxes for a hassle-free move. Apart from this, you also have to look for reliable Sunshine Coast Removalists who can make your moving process a bit easier.

                      With so many tasks to perform, it becomes quite challenging to cope with the stress of moving household belongings to the new place. Though it is easy to organise an entire event, make sure you have the right strategies to cope with the stress and anxiety involved in the packing and moving process.

                      Here are some useful ways to reduce moving stress that will help you whenever you relocate your house or office.

                      1. Take out enough time for preparation

                      The stress of relocating a house can be reduced when you take out enough time for preparation. More specifically, a hassle-free move involves a great planning, well-organised tasks and calm & composed approach. When you are sure to allot time to getting everything done before the final day, it will automatically make the entire process easy for you.

                      It is good to make a schedule of your packing process so that you can easily manage everything without any mess. For example, if you have one bedroom apartment, you will need 2-3 days to pack up the belongings. Similarly, keep four days for a two bedroom home and seven days for a three bedroom apartment.

                      Make sure you research  and use a professional removals company in Sunshine Coast three to two weeks prior to your final moving day. The more you leave to the last moment, the more you get into the baffling situation.

                      2. De-cluttering

                      No matter how well you prepared yourself for a move, clutter is something that will give you stress. Instead of losing patience, it is good to purge out the junk that is clogging your home. This will provide you with a sense of relief and makes it super easy to pack your belongings for a move.

                      It is good to clear the clutter by categorising things you no longer need into three piles: Sell, Throw and Donate. You can also organise a garage sale to convert those items you no longer need into cash. If something is worth donating, then find a local charity near your society and donate them.

                      It could be anything, your old clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc. Ensure you declutter your house two weeks prior to your move. This will stabilise the things for you in a better way.

                      3. Hold a positive approach

                      Believe it or not! Your mindset is directly related to your emotions. That’s the reason why we find moving one of the burdensome experiences. Of course, there are multiple tasks to perform, but you can manage it if you prepare everything with a calm and composed approach.

                      Instead of looking at the negative aspects, embrace the positive mindset to ensure you have stress-free relocation experience. Moving is an opportunity to begin a new life in a new place. It is the best time to purge old and unnecessary items.

                      It is a chance to declutter your house and sell useless stuff to earn those extra dollars. When you change your approach, you can see a complete transformation in your moving process. You will feel lighter, happier and stress-free!

                      4. Arrange packing supplies and moving boxes

                      Nothing can be better than arranging high-quality packing supplies and moving boxes for the safe packing of your valuable belongings. You can search the local market of Sunshine Coast to find the best quality of packing materials including packing tape, bubble wrap, heavy-duty plastic bags, and mattress cover to engage in a safe and secure packing process. This will reduce a lot of stress out of your shoulders.

                      For packing boxes, you can ask your friends for extra boxes from their previous relocation. You can also visit the local grocery store and retail outlets to accumulate a stack of used boxes that are in good condition.

                      5. Planning can be helpful

                      You must have a strategic plan before starting a packing process. It is good to move from room-to-room while packing your household belongings. This will not only release pressure from your head but also save your precious time.

                      You can pack everything in high-quality boxes and make sure you protect your expensive and fragile items from damages during the packing and moving process. Also, pack a bag to store the items that you will need to immediately access including first aid box, snacks, toothbrush and toothpaste, water, toiletries, etc.

                      Make sure you label all the boxes with relevant names so that you can unload and unpack the boxes with ease into your new house. If you don’t have enough time for packing or you want quality packing materials, then look for trusted removalists in Sunshine Coast who can give you the best packing experience.

                      6. Stick to the Schedules and deadlines

                      What makes you more anxious and stressed while moving a house? It is crossing the deadlines. If you have planned something, then stick to the schedule. If you cross your deadline, you would have to end up paying double rent or mortgages for no reason, and this will increase your stress level.

                      That’s why it is recommended to create mini-deadlines so that you can complete the assigned task before time. Commit yourself and work according to the moving checklist. This will save you from lingering in a stressful situation during the relocation.

                      7. Hire trained removalists

                      Hiring professional and trained Sunshine Coast removalists is one of the best ways to relieve the moving stress. Hand over your packing and relocation tasks to a professional removal company who can give you safe and sound moving experience with peace of mind.

                      Choose a company which specialise in the local and interstate move. Professional removalists always ensure that you will get the safest and most affordable service within a given timeframe.


                      Moving can be a very stressful process, especially if you are doing it for the first time. If you really want to cope with moving stress, then follow the tips mentioned above in this blog post. For better outcomes, hire highly-trained and experienced removals company in Sunshine Coast. They will take care of your belongings until you reach the final destination.

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                              You should avoid unwanted things may include paper trash, plastic bags and containers, broken furniture, and dead electronics, all of which need to be disposed of appropriately to prevent pollution.
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