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Olivia Ewing Jewelry

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    • When it comes to receiving an engagement ring for an upcoming wedding, don’t leave all of the details to your husband. Make sure you find the right style for your taste. While your wedding only lasts for one day, your marriage, and an engagement ring will last a lifetime. While choosing the perfect ring, you might want to look beyond the usual standard wedding ring. If you want to make a one of a kind choice that is truly everlasting, you might want to look into something that is more unique. Many rings can make a bold statement, but something more unique might just showcase your own personality in a more delicate way. It is no longer necessary to follow the trend of traditional engagement rings; it is now possible to go with nature inspired rings like trendy diamond twig engagement ring. If you are the kind of woman, that loves the outdoors, hiking, bike rides, or just nature in general, you can combine your love for that love with an earthy engagement ring. Get inspired by twigs, leaves and anything else that you love about the world. Put nature around your finger and let it sparkle!

      The diamond twig engagement ring for example, has an organic twig design to fit every nature lover’s fancy. This is the kind of ring that will give a woman with passion for the outdoors, a wow factor and sweep you right off your feet. A twig engagement ring is inspired by the infinity of nature that it represents. Nothing says forever like a twig infinity engagement ring. It is ideal for the bride that loves nature inspired jewelry, and a perfect every day piece. If you are bound to a certain time frame, and do not have the time to go look for the right engagement ring, you can also make your purchase online. This will not only save you time, and make it easier for your to mix and match between your favorites, but you will also save you money opposed to buying your engagement ring from a big named company. Customers can compare prices and options easier, and with new technology can even get a good idea on how the ring looks in great detail before making a purchase. So, it might be just an easier option to switch to online searches. There are some amazing custom designs out there as well that look amazing. Custom made rings have also grown in popularity these days. If you prefer a nature inspired or even a custom made engagement ring that matches to your personality, you should give Olivia Ewing Jewelry’s website a look. You can chose between her gorgeous designs, or custom design your own ring. The twig designs are great for any woman that adores nature and wants something trendy to match her sense of style.

    • The popularity of nature inspired handmade wedding rings has grown incredibly. The younger generations of consumers appear to be less attached to traditional diamond jewelry than their grandparents, or even parents. The concern for sustainability has risen, and eco friendly production is an important value for consumers concerned about helping the world become a better place. For people searching for wedding rings that represent their beliefs, it is now possible to make an eco friendly choice with nature inspired handmade wedding rings. If you, or your partner has a passion for the outdoors, creating a ring with natural elements might be the perfect way to symbolize that affection. If you are the happiest outside, you can incorporate that feeling into the most important piece of jewelry that you will wear every day. A reminder of the times you have spent hiking, biking or any other outdoor activity.

      A band with wrapping vines may remind you of time you spent outdoors together, or a ring with plumeria may symbolize your favorite flower. Nature inspired handmade wedding rings has so many unique benefits. These rings convey a little message at all times, for example, a red rose is a symbol for love. Instead of just wearing a simple diamond wedding ring, this one has a deeper meaning to it. And for the nature lovers that would like to mimic elements from their antique favorite flower, you can turn this inspiration into a one of a kind engagement ring. Allow your wedding ring to tell a story.

      So, when it is time to pop the big question, and you are looking for the one of a kind, eco friendly ring, Olivia Ewing Jewelry can make this really easy for you. She has not only hand created a line of rings, but each piece in her collection lives up to a ‘one of a kind’ value, inspired by the world around us. Definitely a must have for someone who pulls love and inspiration from nature. Her design and commitment to making a difference makes her line extraordinary. How much more genuine, and sentimental would this big question be if it were paired with a ring that was created with time, commitment, and thought, just like your own relationship? The knowledge that a piece she is creating will be looked upon with love for decades and generations to come is the most meaningful part of her work.

      You will be getting a ring that is not only unique, but also deeply tied to nature and everything you love. So whether you are looking for the perfect ring to propose during an awesome hiking trip, or you are looking for unique wedding bands, Olivia Ewing Jewelry will take your engagement ring to the next level. You can also check out her latest updates, and stay connected on Facebook, and Instagram at Olivia Ewing Jewelry.

    • There is almost no jewelry purchase you will ever make that is as important as the rings you and your spouse will wear for the rest of your life. Choosing a wedding band that properly represents your relationship in addition to simply looking good can seem impossible without raising the cost of your ring to unmanageable amounts. The good news here is that it is possible to find an elegant, custom, curved wedding band online without breaking the bank, as long as you know where to look. This article will help you learn what to keep an eye out for.

      The journey of finding a curved wedding band online can get off to a good start right away if you are willing to depart from traditional, multi-national jewelry companies and seek out smaller operations. Trustworthy and skilled independent jewelers are not as rare as you might think. There are passionate artists who have set out on their own to make jewelry that cannot be matched by mass-produced, assembly-line rings.

      Once you have located a couple of independent jewelers online, it’s time to dig in and do a little bit of research. Deciding which jeweler to purchase from generally boils down to trustworthiness, style, and service. Most independent jewelers are going to beat the big names in regards to price.

      Determining whether a jeweler’s online store is trustworthy and secure can be established both by checking the site itself for partnerships with major payment processors like PayPal, VISA, or Apple Pay and by reading third-party reviews for the site. You can often find profiles for businesses on Google that offer users the ability to review their experience with the company and have this information be displayed publicly. Check these reviews, especially the more detailed ones! A customer who took the time to write a detailed review is a customer who has something to share. Checking reviews can also give you a basic idea of the company’s customer service climate.

      Service is incredibly important when making a jewelry purchase. Rings often need to be resized or retouched for various reasons, and working with a jeweler that cares is going to make a big difference when issues like these come up. It is often well worth calling a company and talking to a representative (or, in some cases, the artisans themselves) so that you can get a feel for how the company operates.

      Finally, you need to determine if a jeweler is the right stylistic fit. For finding a curved wedding band online, you will need to find a jeweler that specializes in jewelry that has a more natural, relaxed appearance rather than one who specializes in rigid, austere designs. Understanding an artisan’s personal style comes down to browsing their offerings and looking at pictures of their previous work. Once you find a style that catches your eye, you’re ready to begin work with a fantastic jeweler.

      Ready to find the right fit for you? We’ve got it in our store. is the web store of a fantastic independent jeweler whose passion for jewelry shows in every piece. Come visit us today!

    • When most people think of traditional engagement rings, they gravitate towards the classic diamond. Despite the diamond’s continued popularity, quite a few people these days are bucking the traditional trends and choosing something different. Among the options are sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. Each of those stones gives your engagement ring an entirely new look and character, not to mention color!

      However, there is an option for your engagement ring stone that is closer in look and feel to the diamond while still being completely unique. The stone moissanite is similar in color and style, and can easily be mistaken for diamond, but is an entirely different stone. It you are looking for a diamond alternative, then looking at moissanite rose gold engagement rings could be your best choice.

      Comparing the Origins of Diamond and Moissanite
      Diamonds are formed as carbon is compressed underground for thousands of years. Overtime the carbon solidifies and crystallizes into the shimmering stone many women wear today. Scientists aren’t entirely positive what causes the carbon to turn to diamond, and the mystery is part of the diamond’s allure. Moissanite has a very different beginning.

      Moissanite is formed in outer space. That might sound ridiculous at first, and could be the story behind a stone in a fantasy novel, but in this case it is true. Moissanite is formed within the fragments of meteors that land on earth. These gems were first discovered in 1893 by a French scientist named Henri Moissan. Moissan only found microscopic particles of this stone at the time, but his amazing discovery would mean the stone was named after him.

      When it comes to moissanite, the real thing is incredibly rare, but scientists have been able to recreate the gem in laboratories. This man-made gem matches the properties of the meteor stone and can be found in beautiful rings, including the moissanite rose gold engagement rings from Olivia Ewing Jewelry.

      Reasons Moissanite Is a Great Buy
      Moissanite has a composition that is different from diamonds, but has a very similar look to diamonds. Therefore, jewelry crafted from moissanite will retain the traditional feel of a diamond engagement ring, while offering a few unique features. There are some compelling reasons to consider moissanite over a diamond.

      First, moissanite is created in a laboratory, not mined from the earth. This provides two benefits. First, the wearer can be rest assured that the stone is ethically sourced. There is no connotation of hard labor and unequal pay that trails behind the stunning moissanite crystals. Second, creating the stone has a minimal environmental impact. The eco-friendly nature of a moissanite stone has attracted a lot of new attention recently.

      Moissanite is also an economical choice. These glistening stones cost less than the traditional diamond when placed in engagement rings or other jewelry. The effect, however, is incredibly similar. This might mean an opportunity to choose a bigger stone or design a custom ring. Whereas these options with a diamond ring might break the bank, moissanite offers a chance to be creative with your engagement ring while keeping it cost effective.

      Finding the Perfect Moissanite Rings
      If moissanite is your crystal of choice in an engagement ring, or if you simply want to investigate more about moissanite, then head to Olivia Ewing Jewelry. Some of the most stunning handcrafted jewelry designed by Olivia Ewing is beautiful moissanite rose gold engagement rings.

    • diamond twig engagement ring

      A proposal is the first step in forging the incredible bonds of a lifelong marriage. Every proposal is unique; no two love stories are the same. Maybe he was your high school sweetheart, or maybe she was your colleague in art. Regardless of the humble beginnings of love, if you are ready to take the step closer to marriage, you’ll likely begin by researching a ring. In recent years, there has been a great rise in the popularity of new styles of rings that are challenging the somewhat rigid designs of traditional engagement rings. One of the most beautiful of these is called a diamond twig engagement ring, and it is a truly beautiful option for your beloved fiancée.

      A diamond twig engagement ring is a spectacularly unique ring style. The band is formed by casting an actual twig of your chosen tree in a covering of precious metal. This method produces a very natural, unrefined appearance while still communicating the grace of precious metals. Twig rings can be cast in quite a number of precious metals, meaning color and composition is flexible.

      Twig rings have a slim appearance that hearkens to the natural beauty of the forest, and the simple grace of the natural world. With a ring that is minimalistic and distilled in design, it is easy to focus the ring around communicating meaning. These attractive engagement rings can be customized to communicate a love of nature, or an appreciation for the simple characteristics of love. A change in the type of metal, for example, that your twig ring will be cast in can indicate a subtle message through design; gold is warm, inviting, and regal while platinum is graceful, calm, and serene. White gold, silver, and even different thicknesses and forms of gold can all communicate something unique in the form of a ring. A ring, remember, is ultimately a symbol of something much more important: the love you share with your partner.

      As is indicated in the name, a diamond twig engagement ring specifically combines the twig ring slim design with a carefully crafted cradle of branches in which to insert a diamond. In addition to the powerful imagery combining natural diamonds with real harvested twigs, the appearance is striking and unforgettable. Traditional ring insets are often designed to appear geometric and angular; twig rings go the opposite direction, creating an inset that settles gently around the cut of the diamond, as if the diamond had sprouted from the twig itself.

      To further expand on this design, many twig ring designers offer uncut diamonds as an inset option. A twig ring with an uncut diamond doubles down on the spirit of naturality that is already present in the twig ring design. The inset, instead of clashing with the geometric perfection of a cut diamond, instead wraps around the diamond’s natural shape, communicating a deep appreciation for our world’s ability to shape beauty without use of harsh machinery, calculated mathematics, and controlled design.

      Choosing a diamond twig engagement ring is a unique way to begin the formal profession of lifelong love that is marriage. With such a ring, you can communicate an appreciation for your partner’s natural, internal and external beauty, while simultaneously letting your partner have a ring that is truly worthy of showing off. The twig ring is eye-catching, unique, and rare to see. In a world of traditional engagement rings, choosing something so natural and carefully crafted is a minor form of revolutionary expression.

      Want help designing or selecting a unique and natural ring for your fiancée? Call us right away at 1-800-386-0103!

    • affordable engagement rings for women

      As if the process of choosing an aesthetically beautiful engagement ring for your fiancée wasn’t complicated enough, locating and selecting affordable engagement rings for women seems to be harder and harder. As brick-and-mortar stores continue to shrink their local inventory, online ring shopping is becoming more and more popular, especially because of how quickly you can browse multiple stores’ offerings. What many shoppers don’t realize is that shopping online also makes finding affordable engagement rings for women much easier! Without further ado, here is a guide that will help you choose a ring for your beloved wife-to-be:

      1. Think Carefully about Metal Type
      No precious metal is truly inexpensive, especially with consideration of the fact that lasting jewelry requires higher grades of metal. However, choosing a metal type wisely can still be a great way of making your jewelry affordable. For example, in recent years, platinum has become a popular metal for all kinds of jewelry. Believe it or not, though, platinum is actually considerably more expensive than gold in general. A platinum ring of the same style and size as a gold one will be noticeably more expensive. So if you are looking for the cool white sheen of platinum, but don’t want to pay the enormous cost, consider white gold. White gold is more expensive than yellow gold, but not nearly as expensive as platinum. Choosing a metal type wisely based on your stylistic desires makes a big difference!

      2. Get the Size Right the First Time
      While many jewelers offer a free resizing initially for engagement rings, there is still often a cost associated with shipping the ring back to the seller. For resizes after the initial purchase, the cost can be shocking. The price is especially high for rings with multiple gems, thicker bands, or higher-grade metals.Try to make sure you get the size right in the first place, and your overall cost of ring will be much more reasonable.

      3. Use Jeweler Competition to Your Advantage
      Different online jewelers are going to have varying prices, even among their offerings of affordable engagement rings for women. Use their competition for your business to your advantage. Jewelers want you to buy from them, and many will be willing to price match or negotiate prices if a competitor has a better price on a similar design. If there is a jeweler you greatly prefer, or a specific design that is offered by one jeweler but not another, you might be able to open up discussions with their sales representatives about coming to a better price that fits your personal needs.

      4. Finance Carefully
      An underappreciated portion of ring costs is the financing often involved. The simple truth of buying engagement rings is that most people don't have thousands of dollars in cash on hand for a ring. Because of that fact, most people will enter into some type of financing engagement with their jeweler of choice. Be sure to consider carefully what financing you choose, though, because additional costs add up quickly with high interest rates. Even a few percentage points in interest rate can mean the difference of hundreds of dollars over a year of payments. Be thorough with your research and don’t sign anything until you are confident in the agreement.

      Following these four tips will make sure you can feel confident that you are getting the most affordable ring you can without sacrificing the quality your fiancée deserves.

      Want peace of mind in your selection? Come see our inventory and email us right away at!

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