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            • ShounBach

              Know all helpful 12 steps to take before divorce, at shounbach we have attorneys with extensive experience who can provide you with vigorous representation and defense.

              Twelve Steps To Take Before Getting a Divorce
            • As the one of the largest family law firms in Virginia, ShounBach’s attorneys have a wide range of experience, as well as solid training. If you have questions concerning property division, the division of assets and debts, or equitable distribution, contact an attorney at ShounBach.

              Property Division
            • Northern Virginia Family Law Attorneys Helping the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Community with Family Law. Call Our Team Today At (703) 988-7627 To Put Relentless Virginia Family Law Attorneys On Your Side.

              LGBT Couples and Family Law
              • ShounBach

                If you are experiencing marital problems with your spouse and are searching for a solution that doesn’t involve divorce, then separation may be right for you. The process of becoming separated can be complex, and it is wise to enlist the help of a Northern Virginia divorce lawyer before you begin. Virginia does not have a formal “legal separation” as other states do. Virginia laws do not require you and your spouse to obtain a signed, legal document that identifies you as being legally separated.

                • ShounBach

                  Northern Virginia Spousal Support Attorney
                  Spousal support, also known as alimony or spousal maintenance, is a series of payments (typically monthly) that one spouse or former spouse makes to the other. These payments can be made during the separation period, as temporary support, as well as after a divorce order is entered. The decisions about what the support amount should be and how long it will last can be made by agreement of the parties or by a judge.

                  Spousal Support
                • Protecting Your Parenting Time Rights in Northern Virginia
                  When parents decide to separate, whether in the context of a divorce or not, determining parenting time is one of the most challenging issues that may arise. Parents are usually in the best position to establish the most appropriate parenting time arrangement for their children. When parents disagree, however, they may seek a parenting time determination by the Virginia courts, and this determination will need to be enforced.

                  Visitation Parenting Time
                  • ShounBach

                    If you live in Northern Virginia and are searching for a divorce or family law attorney, then contact us at ShounBach. With over 40 years of experience, and as one of the largest family law firms in the area, we are uniquely positioned to serve you. Our team of attorneys each has specific areas of knowledge and skill and, no matter what legal situation you are dealing with, we can provide representation from a divorce attorney that has the skills and experience you need.

                    Areas Served
                  • Divorce special needs can be challenging under any circumstance. Divorce involving a spouse or child with special needs to consider can make it even more stressful. However, with careful planning families can limit future complications for a family member with special needs.

                    Divorce Involving a Spouse or Child With Special Needs by Kathryn Taylor
                  • Since same sex marriages became legal nationwide thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court in 2014, same-sex couples now face many of the same legal issues as more traditional families, with some exceptions. Before a Fairfax, Virginia, couple gets married, especially if one party already has children or owns a business or substantial assets, it would be a good idea to talk to a family law attorney about how to avoid legal issues before they arise.

                    Common Family Law Issues for Same-Sex Couples
                  • Under Virginia law, spousal support may be modified upon a material change in circumstances that warrants modification. The Virginia Code does not define the phrase “material change in circumstances,” but courts have determined that a material change may be anything that affects the need of the party receiving support or the ability of the other party to pay support. Additionally, support may be terminated if either party dies, or if the party receiving support remarries or cohabits with another person in a relationship analogous to marriage for a period of one year, unless termination would be “unconscionable.” In addition, parties may deviate from the law by agreement. For example, they can agree that spousal support would not be modifiable or terminable, or set certain conditions regarding modification or termination of support. Due to complicated requirements for such deviations to be enforceable, it is important to consult with an attorney before entering into an agreement.

                    Spousal Support Modification and Termination
                    • ShounBach

                      Couples getting divorced want to try to put their past behind them and start a new life. The start of that new life can be when the divorce is finalized. If there are no problems, a Virginia divorce may take from at least three months from the time the divorce complaint is filed until it’s granted, if there aren’t a lot of disputed issues or the couple has no children and few assets. If there are contested issues (spousal support, child support, child custody, splitting up of assets), a divorce could take much longer, potentially more than a year after there are grounds for divorce. 

                      When Will My Divorce Be Finalized? 
                    • If you and your spouse want an amicable, non-confrontational divorce his or her lack of an attorney may not be a problem. As long as you’re getting good advice and are fully informed of the law and how certain decisions may impact your future life, not having an attorney is your spouse’s problem, as long as he has had an opportunity to seek counsel. Your attorney can’t represent your spouse too, any cannot give your spouse any legal advice.  

                      What Happens if My Spouse Doesn’t Hire a Divorce Lawyer? 
                      • ShounBach

                        ShounBach is pleased to announce that the following attorneys have again been included in the 2018 Super Lawyers® List; Albert BoninSusan ButlerRoberta Henault and Molly Garrett. We have two Associates listed on the Super Lawyers® Rising Star list: Divani Nadaraja and Hayden Lee. This is the first time that Hayden has appeared on the list. Super Lawyers® is a rating service of outstanding lawyers.

                        The attorneys are selected through a process of independent research, peer nominations and peer evaluations. ShounBach is honored to receive recognition for these attorneys who offer quality legal representation and their commitment to their clients. For more information on all of our attorneys please visit the Attorney Profile page.

                        2018 Super Lawyers List
                      • The only explicit basis for preventing a child’s testimony exists when a child is determined to be incompetent to testify. Though much of it arises from cases involving children testifying in criminal cases, Virginia law clear establishes the method by which the trial court should determine competency.  To establish a child’s competency, “the child must have sufficient mental capacity to observe the data about which it has testified and record it in mind, and thereafter understand questions put to it and be able to intelligent answers. 

                        Virginia Family Law Quarterly – Calling a Child to Testify at Trial
                      • ShounBach would like to congratulate the following lawyers named to 2019 The Best Lawyers in America list:

                        • Albert M. Bonin – Family Law
                        • Susan M. Butler – Family Law, Family Law Mediation
                        • Molly M. Garrett – Family Law
                        • Carrie M. Patterson – Family Law
                        • Hope F. Rosen – Family Law
                        5 ShounBach lawyers named to 2019 Best Lawyers® list

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