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Tim Fogliano | Psychiatrist

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    • Mood Swings! A terrible feeling that spoils your whole day or a week. It makes you anxious for something that sometimes doesn’t even exist. Most people deal with it on a regular basis. So what to do when it knocks your door? Is there any way or solution to deal with it? Yes, of course.


      Let’s explore a few best tips and tricks to avoid mood swings with Tim Fogliano.


      1) Spend Some Time with Yourself

      Sometimes it is good to be alone. It gives you the power to channelize your thoughts and emotions. Take out some time and sit alone. Try to figure out problems that puzzle you or make you anxious. With a stress-free mind, consider each and every point. If you keep your mind free and relax, you can easily solve your mood swings problems. Once you know the root cause of your problem, you will be able to deal with your mood swings in a better way, said by Tim Fogliano.

      2) Avoid Taking Caffeine to Control Mood Swings

      You may not know, but caffeine actually triggers your mood and lead to mood swings. Even it increases blood pressure and anxiety as well if you consume it in excess. So it is advisable to avoid the consumption of caffeine in excess. In case caffeine doesn’t affect your mood swings, it surely will affect your nervous system.

      3) Eat the Right Food

      Choosing unhealthy foods and skipping meals due to hectic work schedule disturb our emotions and lead to mood swings. Also, if you skip food or eat less than required, it may decrease your blood sugar level, and panic start overlapping. So, it is necessary for you to eat healthy food every two hours.

      4) Control Stress to Manage Mood Swings

      No doubt, stress is an uninvited guest. It comes in our lives and triggers our emotions. When stress triggers your mood, you should know how to control it. And you can do this by choosing meditation. According to Tim Fogliano, meditation not only helps you in controlling stress but also relax your mind so you can find a solution.  If meditation is not your thing, you can explore many other options to avoid triggers.

      5) Sleeping Habits

      Sleeping habits play a crucial role in our everyday life. Due to lack of sleep, people often become irritated and start making an issue of every little thing. Eventually, it disturbs your peace of mind and not only affect your mind but your body as well. So, instead of spending too much time on a cell phone or watching TV, choose sleep over everything. If you want to keep your mind and body healthy, you should sleep for at least 8 to 9 hours.


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        Tim Fogliano | Psychiatrist

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